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You make a very good point about Seymour. Thank you.

I think it's entirely possible that the Flan Azul beckoned Seymour. But I highly doubt Seymour beckoned Sin. Reason being, it's very dubious whether or not a "beckoned" incarnate spirit can beckon as well. Going from the behavior of Maelu's mother in -Will-, and to an unclear extent Tidus, those who have been beckoned do not seem to possess a full independent will of their own; they are a constant, interchanging reflection of the person's thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of whoever beckoned them. Maelu's mother spoke and behave exactly how the daughter wanted (or expected) her to be, and the mother's spirit (although not entirely solid, because Yuna and Kurgum could tell) retained enough semblance of consciousness where she resisted Maelu's father's attempts to reject her presence. Compared to a young girl's will to beckon, Yuna's beckoning must be ten times stronger, so naturally Tidus would be harder to pinpoint as a spirit. Although I'm starting to suspect her feelings for Tidus are deteriorating (or maybe because of physical distance?), because he's definitely a lot weaker after a year.

Anyway, my initial point was, Seymour couldn't have beckoned Sin due to his own (possible) beckoned status; plus, I honestly don't think he has that ambition anymore. Unlike the Via Infinito bosses who refused to rest in the Farplane (Yo Mika, Kinoc, Jyscal, Zaon, and Yunalesca; some of them were sent!), Seymour was curiously absent from the events of FFX-2. You'd think that if he still wished to end Spira through a mass genocide of misplaced sympathy, he'd make himself known. I believe that, despite the fact he fought to win, Seymour didn't suffer an unclean defeat by Yuna's hand. Not only did she finally Send him, he didn't forcibly reemerge from the Farplane like his father. I think winding up in the Farplane stripped him of his regret and hatred. There's a wonderful Seymour/Yuna one-shot that explores that concept.

Perhaps to us, Summoning is unnatural. It's an ancient art that "tames" or weaponizes magical beasts to fight for us. It's too much power for any one person capable of even channeling such mystical beings, using your own body and life force to anchor them. However, I actually believe there's a positive, self-sacrificing aspect to them (that does not include literally killing the Summoner). It's entirely possible that many a millennia before the start of advanced civilizations, the Fayth were willing advocates of maintaining the world order - that once they become spirits infused within statue, they had shrines built for them (until maybe later where the volunteers were dwindling and the rising power of humanity began to use those who were "a crime against nature" such as children of inbreeding between different races to provide Fayth for the world). Perhaps Carbuncle had always stood as the spirit presiding over Macalania Woods, until Shiva's reign over the land buried him beneath a prison of ice. Maybe Quazecotl dwells deep within the waters of the Thunder Plains, which could be the reason why that entire region suffers from never-ending thunder storms. Maybe that temple YRP found atop the highest peak of Mt. Gagazet used to serve as Leviathan's home (wouldn't it be really cool if Leviathan's spirit used to be a wise, old Hypello?). And maybe the 'voice of the mountain' the Ronso often refer to could be Fenrir communicating with them.

Sure, there's the unfortunate implication that living beings used to serve the Fayth, worshipping them and channeling out their will unto the planet out of sense of innate obligation. And then humans rose to further their intelligent, seeking purpose for themselves, eventually inventing man-made technology and opening new path ways for alternate living (that does show they can function in a world without them). This gradual, slow change through the generations drew people away from traditional worship. I believe the Summoning art had been exclusive to the Guado, or ancestors of the Guado, because of what their initial roles are - gatekeepers of the Farplane, masters of pyrefly manipulation. Aside from a minority of humans, Guados are the only ones sensitive to pyreflies (which serves as the basis for all magic and phenomenon). And I also don't believe those statues that the Fayth reside in are made up of any normal stone. Normally I would have thought the souls used to become Fayth transform into the stone, until I remembered seeing the souls vacate their statues. So maybe the Ronso were masons who provided the material and sculpted the statues for the Guado to use. What if the stone they used had been soaked in mountain water seeped with stardust from the constant meteor showers that rained over the highest peak (that temple, perhaps?), which could explain why the pyreflies, or a person's soul, is able to stay anchored in such a statue. After all, pyreflies are attracted to other pyreflies and water. Pyreflies are shown to traverse the universe as rivers of energy similar to the Lifestream in FFVII (thanks to Seymour's recording), so it wouldn't be all too strange if some portions of that energy condensed and fell from the streams to become "shooting stars."

I don't know. I'm just mass speculating at this point.  8)

It seems like the Spiran Council's whole stance on the beckoning epidemic is 'the dead should be allowed to rest.' That even casts a dark light on Yuna's act of intercepting Kurgum's duties as something entirely intrusive, if not a violation of some sacred philosophy. No wonder the Yevoner hunters think the Yevoners' stance on living are profane (not that I'm justifying them or anything).

I always wondered whether or not Unsents were capable of Summoning (I mean, do you need to be alive to sustain that unique mental connection? Or is the soul a base requirement?), and then I noticed Belgemine and Ginnem were able to summon their The Magus Sisters and Yojimbo respectively. It's odd that Seymour (and to a certain extent Yunalesca) chose not to summon, unless they couldn't?

Also, while going through Fiend Tales in FFX-2, I learned that a fiend's capable of beckoning a loved one in the Farplane. And if this counts as a hint for future characters, a Flan Azul (a Guado in his past life) had been loyal to Seymour Guado once and still retains that loyalty. In the end of his tale, he still believes Seymour may still exist in the living realm and departed to look for him. There's so much we don't know about the nature of things, especially when it comes to unique exceptions of already common knowledge.

I mean, if we're getting all these different methods of Summoning, what had been the original method and for what purpose? I have a theory Summoning may have been an ancient art that originated from the Guado until humans (or Bevelle) stole their secrets and redeveloped the magic for their own purposes. Knowing Bevelle, it monopolized the secrets of Summoning until Yevon and his daughter fled, thus inevitably causing it to spread and alter once more. The Myst village in FFIV had the Summoning art restricted to their settlement until an imposter King sought to eradicate their people for fear of future threat, and that makes me wonder if something similar happened in FFX many years before Yevon's time.

Okay. I only saw a piece of that whole picture when reading the novel, but this? This is amazing. I can't wait to refer to this properly in my rewrite of the novel. So much UNTAPPED POTENTIAL!!!

Well, Tidus is an incarnate spirit. He's like an unsent, but he still exists in Spira because of someone else will. On the contrary, unsents still exist in Spira because of their own will. There's also a huge difference in what we could call "physical integrity". An Unsent will only go into the Farplane if he's willing to do so (or if a summoner performs a sending against its will). An incarnate spirit is very fragile, if the person learns about his condition, he will disappear.

I like that! Incarnate spirit... It has a nice ring to it, instead of just calling them "beckoned" spirits. And physical integrity, too! I was struggling for the longest time how to differentiate the unique processes Unsents go through, especially with the emergence of a new "state of being." You have amazing terminology! :D

After some consideration, I think I will keep to the original idea of just restoring FFX-2.5 without fanfiction mixed in. The narrative's already convoluting as it is (I mean, Nojima did write the story behind FFXIII), and it'd be much simpler to treat it as a Restoration Project than a glorified fanfiction of revised canon. Thank you, ChercheurObscur, for indirectly convincing me to make up my mind...? XD

YES, not only super suspicious, but like instant heart attack because his evil likeness hella traumatized him. Imagine Baralai needed a whole year to recover from that mess, physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. So of course when once they meet for the first time Baralai would be very wary, but polite as always, and Tidus would just be giving him the look, because he'll be wondering 'Is this the guy Yuna was talking about?' (even though I highly doubt there existed any truth to Yuna's 'I like someone else' BS), but yeah. Plus, Tidus won't take kindly to the fact Baralai was Seymour's vassal once upon a time, asjhdgajf. What will ultimately break the ice between them is when Tidus watches him at work, delegating outside the office, building bridges, and making public appearances to quell outbreaks and unrest, and he'll realize Baralai really does care about Spira.

But anyway... Reading through Chapter 18, LOVIN' the canon bits! Now I know what Spira's stance on "Gods" and "Fayth" are. Interesting. I really wanna look up real life references of those statues, see if they are inspired by actual mythology. (I still have to read the rest of the chapter, though.)

Everything's a contrived mess past FFX-2. XD I'm just here for the roller coaster ride.

I do plan to read the entire Spira's Dream trilogy (plus prequel), among other Tidus/Yuna fics. There's plenty to glean from despite my criticism for certain things. It's just nice to read about other people's fanon novels; it helps me develop my own headcanon. <3



It's official. You are my Beta reader, kk. Sings::"We're all in this together~"

(I'll definitely need to write an extensive Disclaimer/Dedication page for everyone involved. <3)

Also, the more I work on the novel/read fanfiction for reference/research canon, the more Baralai/Yuna/Tidus is becoming my OT3 (I've never had  an OT3 before, cuz love triangles make me uncomfortable, but wtf those three are perfect. Imagine the angst and bromance between B/T! Baralidus sounds like a nice shipping name for them, don't you think? XD)

Sweet! As annoyingly vague as the novel is, it does give me a lot of breathing room for my imagination. That's a very good idea, that Tidus may have absorbed memories, or residual pyreflies, from the island in his return. Is it just me, or does he seem super chill about strange, supernatural things (like clairvoyant knowledge, Jecht's random cameo, and his eerily accurate assumption of the island)?

I'm going to sleep now, but after I wake up I'll definitely respond to your pm!  :D

Haha, I'm actually PersonaOfBetrayal on that website. Taking a little break from writing, though. I was working non-stop on my FFX AU and I've worn myself out.

I've had multiple ideas for an FFX-3 scenario flash through my mind. I can never seem to focus on just one, and depending on my mood or what I'm thinking about I may just start thinking up an entirely new setting. I could just tell you all the ideas I've had ever since this novella bombshell dropped. :P

Coolio! I'll be sure to check out your stuff and read them. :3

Usually I never venture into Tidus/Yuna fanfiction, but in consideration of Tidus's return to canon, I've been picking up stories to read up on their relationship. I'm liking Spira's Dream more than I expected, but I don't particularly agree with the author's headcanon about how Tidus and Shuyin are connected. I honestly believe Tidus is a descendent of the Dream!Shuyin. That's all I want to say about it at the moment.

And that'd be awesome! I love sharing plot bunnies/personal headcanons. <3

WAIT. Wait-wait-wait, Danko. I recognise you from FF.Net. You're the person who writes all that BaralaixYuna stuff, aren't you? :P

CAUGHT GUILTY. Yes, I am. XD Oh, gosh, I'm so embarrassed, but flattered that you recognized me... *blush*

Well, since Danko seems to be busy, I hope you can carry on with the translation COL !

Why do I assume Ifahnal murdered Tidus ? Well... if you remember something related to gunpowder, you may have you answer. I'm sorry, I don't want to say more for the moment because I plan to post an article about this on a website (a french one), and I don't want to spread the information yet.

Oh, okay. No problem! I was under the impression it was already clarified in the current translations. I can wait. :3

That would be nice! Actually, I was thinking of making a one-shot fanfiction of Tidus' narrative from Will, segregating into a potential scenario and set-up for X-3. It'll only be borrowing a few elements from X-2.5 though because frankly, I can't keep up and weave around all these weird plot points.

Ooh, me, too! I want to write an entire, cohesive plot that encompasses all the separate canon stories (novel, Last Mission, -Will-), and perhaps call it 'The Eternal Cost Reborn In One Year' or something to that effect. We can feed off each other's headcanon and inspire our writing. :3

I think now that I'm proofreading the excerpts from the novella, I can see why those other translators chose not to go further: It's just so disheartening and a jarring transition from the feel-good nature of X-2's ending. I feel like Nojima somehow is doing too much for the source material, yet not staying true to it at the same time.

It's sad because FFX and X-2 were a big part of the stage when I was growing up. I loved the characters, their interactions and the unique world in which it was set, and it inspired me to create my own fantasy worlds. But reading this after having the uplifting ending of X-2 imprinted in my mind after all these years just feels strange and wrong. It feels like I've been had. Cheated out, even. And the audio drama didn't help.

Hmm, I suppose the reason why I'm not disheartened/disgusted/shocked by the novel's content because I never invested myself in the Good/Perfect Endings? And don't hate me when I say this, but I never placed the Tidus/Yuna pairing on a high pedestal either. I love Tidus, I really really do, I adore that little baby. He's the reason why I learned to naturally question the world around me growing up, questioning what's normal and what's not. And I passively like the Tidus/Yuna relationship; I respect it more than anything else. The Yuna I love in FFX-2 wouldn't have existed without Tidus. Unfortunately, my feelings for the pairing soured because of the fandom, but I still do like it.

However, what made the sequel such a brilliant story to me was Yuna's personal journey. I enjoyed watching her take initiative, wear her hair loose with her girlfriends, explore the world and reconnect with people. I love that. And when I earned the Normal Ending my first playthrough (with no knowledge of alternate endings whatsoever), I turned off the game with a happy note. But then the fairy-tale, feel-good, half-baked 'Tidus is back bc the Fayth finally decided to reward Yuna for saving the world a second time' endings pissed me off like nothing in the world. Okay, if you're going to bring Tidus back, at least do a good job of it. Even Nojima robbed me of that satisfaction. With the inclusion of the novel and audio drama, I'm intrigued, but I am left with wanting more.

So, yeah. Stuff like that motivates me to write fanfiction. To fill in the missing pieces with the help of what canon they were gracious enough to leave for us obsessive dedicated fans.

And now there's apparently some sort of alternate reality-Spira, the characters are behaving oddly, among other things. 'Oh, but don't worry, they'll explain it all in X-3.' But... it's been a year and a half and no official news has come out about the matter in that time, apart from interviews. Just because there were interviews with a creative team who has little to no say in the company's business means that X-3 is confirmed. Just because the remaster came out on the PS4 doesn't mean X-3 is confirmed.

I just think Square realised their mistakes and just left the bonus material 'up to interpretation,' because sequel baiting a 12-year-old game pretty much just left FFX in an unresolved, head-scratching limbo.

I don't know what to say about that. I've stopped caring what the businessmen/artists say. I've stopped waiting for more news.

I'm just eager to write my own story about it.

As for the 'Tidus is warping people's behavior' concern, I believe in that possibility to a certain extent. Although I do believe Tidus's existence is quite turbulent, if not sensitive (less so than before he officially died), I don't think it's right to use it as an excuse why everyone's "acting strange" for our liking, let alone play it up for dramatic effect. Tidus may be incomplete, but he's a benevolent sentient being.

Oh, man, now I really want to type up my version of Chapter 1 to show how exactly I interpreted it. I guess you can say it's my way of justifying their behavior? Or my way of filling in the blanks using my imagination. Should I send Chapter 1 through private email or post it in its own thread?

As much as I wish to jump into it straight away (I've done heavy ground work for Chapter 1 already, and a thorough outline for half the novel), I'll be leaving on a month-long trip to Bulgaria to visit my family. I don't doubt there will internet there, but considering it's my first time out of the country and everyone from my cousins to the entire neighborhood wants to meet me, I won't have any free time. But I can promise to finish Chapter 1 and present it to you before I leave in two weeks. Also, I don't plan to post the Restoration novel until I complete the entire thing.

I see. When it comes to the characters mannerisms, I won't hesitate to ask for clarification! :D

Oh, did Ifahnal really murder Tidus? It was either too vague for me to notice or I assumed it was one of those remnant Bedohls leftover from the War. Regardless of who exactly threw the bomb, I thought the inhabitant reacted like anyone would if someone intruded on their home/territory. Especially considering we look through such narrow filters, we immediately jump to the conclusion an outside force harbors some deep, personal plot against Tidus or Yuna. (By the way, which chapter reveals/hints that Ifahnal killed Tidus?)

Fanfic? Yeah. It's not like I can profit out of novelizing a novel. As a fanfic, I can not only revise and flesh out all the original source material, I can add additional (fanon) material loyal to canon continuity. Example: Baralai, Gippal, and Nooj's side of the same time span, such as agreeing to personal interviews with Shelinda after their speech, and the Crimson Trio traveling together and having heart-to-heart talks on their way back home. It'd fall within the same time span as the entire novel (which is less than a week, I believe, before the Perfect Ending six months later), and I want to weave in the Last Mission as well. I don't know. I've just got big plans for a FFX-3 fic, and I want to build up towards Will with an in-depth story.

I've seen a couple attempts at a FFX-3 story preceding -Will- and the novel, which are commendable and amazing, but I want to explore an entirely different angle than just the "epic deconstruction and restoration of Tidus/Yuna love story." I want FFX-3 to be about Spira, the state of the world, the issues and conflicts that are disrupting the natural order of the world. And I want to write that narrative through Baralai, the Chancellor of the Spiran Council, because he's the perfect position. If anything, the three main characters will be Yuna and Tidus, of course, and Baralai as the new entrant (with his mother, ex-Summoner/now Head Coordinator of the Senders, and his father, ex-Guardian, a Monk/Assassin character who's the main man of reconnaissance behind the Yevoner Hunters issue, as main OCs), and Chuami and Kurgum as main supporting. I have so many ideas, I've been plotting them out on paper and blog posts.

Link to my Tumblr post about the mechanics of pyreflies and my headcanon to the whole 'What is Tidus?' controversy.

Oh, yeah. And I'm a woman. Not that I'm offended or anything, just felt like clarifying. XD

I'm alright with the unlocked thread. (Does that mean you temporarily locked it thinking there's no point in keeping open for the public?)

Hello! Fanfic writer Danko Kaji here! It's nice to meet you all. :D

I just wanted to say I truly appreciate all these threads and discussions, but most of all your thorough translation of the novel. I would love to continue reading The Price of Eternity until the very end, regardless of its half-hearted and convoluting narrative, because I want to respect its canonical quality. Speaking of which, I wanted to ask if it's alright for me to conduct a Restoration Project (or complete rewrite) of the novel, giving you full credit as the main inspiring source of the whole translation. I don't know if it's just me or it's the writer in me who sees a challenge, but I see so much untapped potential in this that I want to jump in and explore/flesh it out completely.

Again, I really appreciate what you're doing here. I apologize for saying nothing before.

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