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I can understand you don't like it, but saying it should not be related with a game like FFX is wrong. Only Square Enix can decide this point. The story is owned by Nojima (or Square Enix, choose one), it is not yours.

To sum up, you can say "I don't like it" but you can't say "It is bad". I just mean that.

You can write a book that doesn't consist of smut, and brutal killings and personality changes of main characters, and so casually reviving the enemies us players spent hours of investment in defeating.

What a stupid statement... you are like everyone, a hung-up person, with the will to dictate the history of people... (else you wouldn't say such things)

If it is really bad, I won't deny it, of course. But I really want people to read the novella by themselves.

I think there is a sizeable difference between a game and a novella too. There's only words in a novella, no picture, no voice, so Nojima may have written in a more intensive way and that's why we have more agressive talkings, events and descriptions, and that may be why Square Enix allowed him to publish it.

Personnally, I appreciate his engagement in this way.

"Two new characters
Aurons Daughter
Cuckold Yuna
Tidus gets killed by kicking a Bomb Monster (cause he thought that it was a Blitzball)
Loses his head, Yuna faints, Yuna resurects him
Yuna says she doesnt love him anymore surely you jest
New guy wants Yunas p-u-s-s-y
Sin is back surely you jest
Yuna wants to fight him

The end"

He said, but it is the reactions that sadden me...

The fact is I don't understand why people think like that. I mean, Tidus and Yuna are 17-20 years old, they are young so why is it bad to see them flirting with each other for example ? Why is the dead of Tidus a terrible thing ? People only think of that and don't ask themselves who throws the ball and the reason behind this...

Here are examples among so many others... and I don't like selective or hung-up people.

Furthermore, at least 99,9999999% of them did not read the novella and don't - want to - know that there are other things described.

Of course, I can't say if the novella is good or not but people should try to think more consciously because I just see influenced people.

Finally, I will receive the novella in November (between the 15th and the 30th) ! Yeah !  ;)

Wooh someone post information in a "bull-s-h-i-t" way, on a new thread on neogaf (dealing with the novella), and everyone follows this thing. What a bunch of morons !  >:(

Hey guys ! The official announcement is here !


So, the title is "Le prix de l'éternité" (So I assume "Eternal Cost" is the right title ?)

Is Sorax truthful ? I mean... I don't imagine Nojima talking about Tidus' Caladbolg - as you say  ;D - so... 'abruptly'

About the translation, be aware that Lumen is a french publisher - they published "FFVII On the way to a smile" in april, "FFXIII Episode Zero -Promise-" in august (and finally FFX-2.5 in December). So yeah... I don't think you will see a english translation so soon...

Do you have an 'official' publisher in UK/US ? (for FF novellas I mean)

Oh well... I just take a new look at this thread and It seems I missed some posts while I was absent (the truth is that I am following it since the beginning).

But don't worry, you will know everything in December. Lumen has not officially announced the novella yet, but I know that it will be published on 12/04/2014 (4th December).

But don't expect me to translate the novella, it is too much (but I can translate some important passages). I will answer all of your questions and give you the most important informations. My english is not very good but sufficient for you to understand. And of course, if you understand my langage, buy the novella !  ;D

By the way... Am I the only French here ?

Hey guys !

If you really want to know the truth about this novella, I may give you what you seek for, because Lumen Editions will publish it in France in December. I will read it carefully and give you all the answers. But if you know well my native langage, feel free to buy it and read it yourself !  ;)

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