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FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 23, 2015, 01:29:12 pm »
Hey ! The last chapters are online !  :D

What a journey, if I may say.  ;D

I'd like to thank CrystalOfLies, kk and everyone here ! I've had fun talking with all of you.

Chapter 34

Yuna had gone with Tidus to Zanarkand. The real Zanarkand, the ruined city. They had tried hard to follow the path they had taken during their first journey, two years earlier. The airship was still grounded, and Tidus could not use magic anymore to cover long distance a magic only in words, Yuna insisted. They had contented themselves with walking.

Like in their memories, the pyreflies were dancing among the vestiges.

"I wonder what I actually am."

Yuna knew the answer, but she did not intend at all to give it to him. If he knew, everything would end. She was bearing in mind the vacant look of Bria. She was thinking of Johit, too, who had ceaselessly postponed the fateful moment.

"Maybe the Fayths have gathered the fragments of my mind to put me together?" Tidus ventured.

Then, after a pause, he added:

"Or maybe I'm still just a dream..."

But they were not draming, and sooner or later they will face up to reality. Like Kush, Yuna will have to make a choice: to obey the rules or to rebel.

"If that's the case, there's a chance that I disappear some day."

But this was the fate of the living, eternity was just a decoy. This thought appeased Yuna. Farewells were inevitable... but she would think about it in due course.

"As long as you're in my heart, and that I'm in yours, everything will be alright," Tidus resumed.

He did not know what had happened, but his radiant expression was wonderful.

"Is that what the Fayth told you?"

"No, but I like it!" He answered, while bursting out laughing.

While Yuna was contemplating the ruins, Tidus remembered their first meeting, and, like her, wanted to stay optimistic, regardless of the situation.

She turned round, and he offered her his most beautiful smile. The young girl gave him a really pale one, but it was enough for Tidus.

He had decided to have faith in her. By his side, he would be able to face up to this world.

He had faith in Yuna's smile.

To be continued...

Chapter 33

With the help of ropes, Aurochs and villagers had climbed the mechanical towers standing on the path of the ruins and had started examining them in every nook and cranny.

These vestiges were older than the village, and yet, everyone had always ignored them. The team which was searching them this day appeared to be excited. The teachings of Yevon had always forbiden the inhabitants to come closer to them. Seeing so many people gathered there was kind of new.

Even since the temple had lost his power, nobody had dared to transgress the rules. Sometimes, a foreigner climbed one of the towers, but the locals ignored this incursion.

"That's a bit much, isn't it?"

"Normal, if it's for Yuna," Wakka answered.

"That's the only reason?"

"You remember the monk who had worked here for several years and disappeared recently? Lulu suspected Bria of having killed him but, without proof, how could she make accusations? Futhermore, the culprit was very popular among the old women of the village. And she didn't want to interfere in the internal affairs of the Church. It had been the right thing to to."

"The death of the monk was accidental?"

"It seems so. He fell from a tower and was severely injured. Bria, who just came from Bevelle, found him and took him to the temple. The elders tried to save him, in vain."

"But why not tell him to the others ? Why did they hide his death?"

"The grandmothers had insisted. According to them, if the world learnt that a monk from Besaid had fallen from a machine, the disgrace would rain down upon the temple and all people who come to pray there."

"They judge severely a quite harmless behavior," Tidus declared.

He raised his head towards the top of the tower, from where the search party was going down, sliding down along ropes. They appeared to be having fun.

"I still don't understand what they're doing here. Why look for Bria in this place everyone hates?"

"Before the death of the monk, Bria had promised him to inspect the ruins and to send a report to Bevelle. He had planned to finish it today."

Tidus was not managing to determine the link between that and their search, but he decided to stay silent.

"The grandmother has come to say us he might have left to keep his word. As for how he has proceeded... that's another story."

"And you really think that after the return of Yuna, the storm, our disappearance... he would have run away in order to finish a report?"

"Every day, the elders asked him to do a wealth of things for them. It's not surprising if he fell behind. The grandmother was afraid. There is a chance that he took the risk of climb the ruins too fast and he fell."


"That must be how old women think."

"No, I meant Bria. I didn't know that the elders trusted him that much. He has hit a child, right?"

"Yes. In my opinion, Shinra hasn't made up this story. Yet, even for me who knows a little Bria, it's difficult to think he did such a thing."

"We must find him quickly."

"Okay, but what will you do after? You haven't told us anything."

"He knows where I must go."

"Go where? To do what? How will this new outing help you to bring Yuna back?"

"If the grandmothers trust Bria, you can trust me, right?"

Tidus was happy to have come back to Besaid and had not thought before involving Wakka and the others in his search. At present, he was regretting it. He could not explain to them what he had to do.

Push gently the shoulder of a woman seated beside a window...

He knows that there was more, behind this request, than what the words could let presage. He could not be delighted with this mission, even if Kush was smiling when she had explained it to him. He could see her dimples.

She had taken his two hands at that time, whilst they barely knew each other.

Had she tried to charm him in order to convince him to accede to her request? Without that, he might have not agreed. He had to do it alone.

"Listen, Wakka, thank the villagers for me. And say goodbye to them for me, too. I have to find Yuna alone."

As he was coming closer to the cove, he was constantly forcing the pace.

I wonder what Yuna is doing...

He was so impatient to see her again!

" A spell which will allow you to reach the place of your choice. "

But of course-- that's it!

Was he going to succeed?

He ran with all his strengh and focused on Yuna. When he reached the beach, the sand slowed him down, but he continued, until he stumbled.

The impact was more violent than he thought. Instead of dry sand, he had rolled onto planks, hard and soaked, until bumping into a soft object.

"Eh, you could be careful!" A exasperated voice let out.

He opened his eyes and discovered Yuna, seated on the ground, keeping her balance with the help of her two arms in order for her to not fall backwards.

She was glaring daggers at him.

"That really hurts!"

She stood straight slowly, adjusted her clothes and put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry!" He stuttered.

"Can you stop apologizing all the time?"

"Yes, sorr..."   He closed his mouth and jumped on his foot.

"That's awesome, Yuna! Thanks to Kush's magic, I can go anywhere! Just a moment ago, I was on the beach, in Besaid. I just had to focus on a place to reach it. That's great, isn't it? By the way, where are we?"

"You've thought of this place to reach it, but you don't know where we are?"

"You could tell me, since you know it."

Delighted to have found Yuna, he came closer to her to kiss her. She was smiling, but showed quickly a displeased look.

"Let's take advantage of our momentum," he declared. "That's the principle of bliztball."

"And what's the next step then?"

"To talk with Kush."

"Where is she?" Yuna asked, surprised.

"No idea."

He could only rely on magic. He placed himself behind Yuna and embraced her with his arms. Yuna put her hands on his. He closed his eyes and thought of Kush. He immediately felt pins and needles run up and down his body. He ignored them and continued to concentrate. Soon after, he could smell pyreflies. He opened his eyes. Yuna and himself were envelopped  in a powerful white light. Blinded, he closed his eyes.

He sensed that something was leaving him from the back of his head, something that he knew but yet could not identify.

He felt fright:

"We may have a problem..."

"Stay against me," Yuna answered with a resolute tone.

A heat flow transfered from the hands of the young girl to Tidus' arms, who took confidence from them.

"This is love," he whispered.

"Really?" She teased him

Thereafter, he felt a shock under his foot. Anxious, he opened his eyes once again: the light had disappeared, Yuna and himself were standing in a dilapidated room. A smell of rust was fluttering in the air. Before them, a pillar eroded by the corrosion, and a square window.

"I know where we are," Yuna said. "Look down, this is the cove of Besaid."

They came closer to the opening and noted that she was right. The ground was far away from them, but a familiar voice reached them.

"But where has he gone?" Rikku was grumbling.

The teenager and the Gullwings were walking away on the path which led to the village. Tidus immediately stepped backwards and bent down.

"Why are we hiding?" Yuna asked, squatting beside him.

he turned round and let out an exclamation of surprise:


Wearing a pale green dress, the woman was sitting on a magnificent seat, which appeared to be moved in the empty and ruined room.

"You wanted to come... here?" Yuna asked.

She came closer to Kush and brushed her shoulder. She immediately stepped backwards: particles of light were dancing around her fingertips and the shoulder of the woman. Tidus examined Kush more closely. She was sitting straight on her seat, her hands joined together on her tightened legs, her eyes closed, her face lowered. She seemed half-asleep. But soon enough, Tidus could understand that there was no spark of life in this body anymore. Yet, Tidus was not sure about her death.

"Yuna... Who was the Kush we have talked to?"

"A Summoning."

"I see. You've been aware of that for a long time?"

"Since our first meeting, on the hill of the false Besaid."

"So, this island has been created, too? By who?"

Yuna was silently staring at Kush.

"There was a summoner who was in love with this woman," she ended up saying. "But he doesn't exist in this world anymore."

She seemed sad.

"Kush asked me to push her shoulder. If I do that..."

"She will fall from her seat and will break on the ground, like glass."

"Is that what she wants?"

He started to have doubts.

"And what if it was this Summoner who wanted to use me?"

"I don't know," Yuna answered. "But without the consent of the fayth, he's powerless."

"Then what do I have to do?"

"I don't know," her partner answered with a tired voice.

Outside, a crowd was forming. They could hear quite well Rikku, who was looking for Tidus. "There's light up there!" someone exclaimed. A blinding brightness had just flooded the room.

Tidus embraced Yuna to protect her. They stepped back against the most distant wall. Where could they run away if need be? The young man asked himself. But the light ended up vanishing and they could now discern the silhouette of a man.

"Bria!" Tidus exclaimed.

The man answered with an vacant look, before turning away and scanning the place. Finally, he looked at Kush.

He came closer to her, went down and bended knee and put his right hand on hers. With his left hand, he brushed Kush's leg, while murmuring her name.

Particles of light were slowly fluterring where they were touching. More went caressing Tidus' face, who discovered with surprise that they were coming from where his body was touching Yuna.

Bria stood up straight, leaned on Kush and put his forehead against hers.

"It's time to forgive and to put an end to this story."

They could feel tenderness and exhaustion in Bria's voice.

"Yuna and Tidus, am I correct?" He suddenly asked while turning towards the young people.

"You're not sure?" Tidus protested.

Bria came closer to them with an unstable walk. He put one hand on the young woman and the other on her partner.

"Am I mistaken?"

"No, but..."

"Pardon me. By dint of jumping from a place to another one, I've lost a lot of myself on the way. I wonder how I could have been ignorant of her location..." he told them with a sour laugh.

"Ifahnal's magic was powerful," Yuna answered.

"Ah, that one..." Bria said, without particular animosity.

He looked at Kush, then through the window from his position, he could probably only see the sky before turning towards Yuna, Tidus and finally Kush.

"I've loved two persons from the bottom of my heart: Meroh and Mohra. Jealous, Ifahnal has used his magic against me... Well, I think so."

"Isn't it Kush, that you've loved the most?" Yuna asked.

"I owe her a lot. She allowed me to stay in his world and to meet my wife and my daughter. After losing so much, I've finally understand it. Now that Ifahnal's power has disappeared, my mind is only composed of memories of my true self."

"And Kush?" Tidus insisted.

He was feeling a dark anger building inside himself.

Bria turned towards Kush, and his face lighted up with a large smile. He seemed serene.

"That's a puppy love, a story from a distant past."

On that note, he emitted a strong light.

"Wait!" Tidus exclaimed.

"I've been able to see her one last time. I'm glad."

"Don't leave us like that!"

"I have to go see a lot of people in order to apologize to them... ah, ask that young Al Bhed's forgiveness for me, will you? And tell him this, too: 'Guard, protector of the Farplane, grant us calm and explosion'. Bedohls have guaranteed themselves a social status thanks to their mastery of explosives. That's all I know. As for the rest, he'll have to search by himself."

"You've given your word!" Tidus took apart. "The report, the report!"

He wanted to hold Bria back by any way possible.

"Who cares about this paper?" The man answered while laughing.

The bright silhouette dilated, lost his human form and vanished.

Some pyreflies were still fluttering around Kush, as if they were reluctant to leave her. Soon enough, they were aspirated and disappeared in their turn.

"He has left," Yuna ended.

Tidus let out a cry of astonishment: Kush was starting to gleam.

"She's leaving, too."

"Will it be alright?" Tidus asked.

He had imagined a much more touching reunion between Kush and Bria.

"There are things we cannot change," Yuna answered with a serious tone.

Tidus was worried. His partner gently put her hand on his with a comforting gesture.

Chapter 32

The ship was moving away from Besaid, and Yuna did not know what to do. She had entered the room containing the rudder, had pulled some levers and pushed some buttons, without any result. Since Johit had disappeared, the Chocobo was not here anymore. Yuna decided to try a summoning and headed towards the room where the  Fayths were resting. Unfortunately, because of the time they had spent between life and death, the Bedohls had crystallized. Therefore the shock of the explosion had broken them.

A part of the Fayths should have turned into pyreflies, but Yuna did not see anything of the sort. She deduced that the Aeon Cores were really weak. Was it because of their age, or because the link with Ifahnal was poor? She did not know the answer.

"I can try to swim..."

There was a huge chance that she sink before reaching her goal. The problem would come after. The last time, she could rely on Tidus' presence to follow him in this other reality, as Tidus had accompanied Sin from Zanarkand.

Alone, she could not go anywhere.

She turned towards the island, more and more distant, and put her finger to her lips. Tidus had taught her how to whistle with her thumb and her forefinger. Should she call him now? If she did so, the young man would rush up immediately.

But she was fearing what would happen then...

Chapter 31

Bria's disappearance had plunged Besaid into chaos. And since Tidus had returned without Yuna, things had only gotten worse.

"Be quiet!" The young man ordered the villagers gathered in the tent of the crusaders. "I'll take reponsibility, I'll bring Yuna back. But I need your help. We need to find Bria."

A voice raised in order to ask the role of Tidus in this matter. Another one demanded to expel him from the island. Only Wakka's and Lulu's intervention allowed him to convince the masses to look for Bria.

"We won't find him," Rikku affirmed with a pout. "He escaped from a closed room. If he can get through walls made of stone... he's not human."

"Then, what is he?" Tidus asked with a beaten down tone.

"Those... things which come from the Farplane. Those piles of pyreflies which can wander our world without being noticed. They exist, right?"

"Let's postpone these speculations, okay?" Paine took apart. "Did someone examine his cell thoroughly? There may be a second exit."

"I examined it myself, with Brother and Buddy," Wakka protested.

"Maybe you should do it once again," Paine answered.

She left the tent, and Rikku and Lulu followed in her steps. Tidus apologized to Wakka and left in his turn.

"No, there's no backdoor," Buddy affirmed with a indolent tone. "The monk assured it to me."

In order to apologize for having forced his way in, Brother and himself had agreed to clean up the temple. Sitting on the ground in Bria's cell, they were taking a break.

"It's just to be sure," Paine answered while ferreting through the room.

Lying on the side, Brother was observing her while swearing in Al Bhed.

When she finished her inspection, she sighed:

"Nothing. No backdoor. I was in doubt, but now I'm convinced."

Wakka crossed his arms on his chest and raised his chin, in a defiant movement.

"I want to find Bria too," Shinra whispered.

He had stayed silent in a corner of the room until now.

"You won't be getting your revenge until I'm done with him," Tidus answered.

The boy shook his head.

"He knows so many astounding things, he can change my vision of the world, I'm sure of that."

"Do you want me to break his tooth?" Buddy asked, breezy.

"This kick on my chest is a blessing," Shinra answered while massaging his thorax.

And then a woman, belonging to the elders, entered the cell.

"Bria is not at the end of the temple?" She asked.

"I sent someone to check a second time. I don't think he's over there."

"In that case, I have an idea."

While everyone was looking at her, the old woman announced, with a detached air, something very surprising.

"He was not a criminal in the end," Lulu whispered after the revelation.

Chapter 30

Yuna did not know from where the pyreflies which were converging on the bow of the ship were coming. They were forming a sparkling ball of light. When the sparkle weakened, a silhouette appeared at the center. When she recognized the man, she jumped with surprise. She had already talked with him at the temple. His name was...

"Guard?" Johit exclaimed. "You have finally understood?"

The newcomer looked around him, then examined his own body. He seemed surprised, then shrugged.

"Why not," he whispered, before turning towards the Summoner. "It's been a long time, Ifahnal. You look bad. The poor god of beauty must be sobbing while looking at you. What happened to your red hair and your overbuilt muscles?"

"This name has always been playing tricks on me. It would have been better for me to lead a simplier life."

The old man had spoken with a very little voice, like a teenager.

"You too, it has taken you some time to understand..." the new comer pointed out to Ifahnal.

"Excuse me," Yuna interrupted. "Have you seen Tidus by chance?"

"I talked with him before the storm. I have in mind these memories, so familiar with another world, some fragments, and I wanted to know if he knew how to travel between realities. After all, he has come from Zanarkand... You know, High Summoner, thanks to your Bedohls, my memories are back!"

Johit shook his head and stepped backwards.

"So, I've decided to meet and greet the one who had stolen them."

The old man joined his hands and put down his fingertips on his forehead. The strange movement looked an apology, Yuna thought.

But at this moment, she smelt a burning smell, characterisctic of pyreflies, and a mouse as big as a dog appeared. The young woman wrinkled her nose and came closer to the Guard.

"I hadn't been bothered with a rat since a long time!" He let out while bursting out laughing.

Yuna remembered what the old man had told her a little earlier: because of his bad relation with his Fayth, he could only summon familiar objects.

"But that's only a rodent", the Guard added, before disappearing.

He reappeared just after, holding a rapier. Yuna recognized one of the weapons she had seen in the hold.

"When you understand how this body works, it becomes very useful!"

This man was living at the temple, with Yuna. They only greeted politely each other, but the young woman was feeling guilty for not having noticed his true nature.

His weapon raised, Bria rushed towards the animal and slashed it. The rat vanished in a cloud of light.

The Guard gave the Summoner a despising look, then disappeared in his turn to reappear behind the old man.

"Bria... Valm! Don't forget who gave you this body!"

"Oh, but I know well... I remember how Kush and yourself have betrayed me, before uniting with your repulsive Bedohls in order to lay a trap for me. The base has not been destroyed by the enemy, but you, Summoners!"

"Is that what you remember?"

"I understand now some things which escaped me at that time. Then? Since when you and Kush..."

"I regret it, Valm. I have kept manipulating your memories. Each time you remembered Kush and came to Besaid, I erased everything related to her."


"To avenge myself, and to prevent you from putting an end to that. Because of your deformed soul, you have seen a altered past. The reality is much prettier. The courage and the devotion of Kush..."

A din interrupted him, and the three of us turned towards the origin of the noise. The hatch which led to the hold was open, and the false Bedohl was slowly emerging from it. It was holding in his arms a ball... a bomb.

"Now, kill the Guard!" Johit ordered.

The Bedohl came closer to Valm with a hesitant step before stopping and putting down the bomb on the deck. It initiated the kick which had to send the ball on his target, but it suddenly stood still. Yuna, Bria and Johit were staring at him. A big wave made the ship toss around: the Bedohl lost its balance and fell flat on its back. His hand touched the ball which caused it to roll towards Johit. The old man burst out laughing joyfully.

"I had two brothers, but I am the only one to have the gift of Summoner."

"Run away!" Yuna yelled.

He ignored her and turned towards Bria:

"Do you know how much Kush was in love with you? She wanted you to live. Even if she did not want to become a Aeon Core and spend eternity between life and death, she came to me. She thought that without her, maybe you would have left the island."

"She wanted me to leave?"

"It was her intention to tell you about that, but the enemy attacked us, and you..."

The ball stopped gently at the foot of the old man.

"You died in the middle of the battle, and Kush... lost her mind. She put all her soul in the pyreflies which were escaping from your body, to gather them. It is by her efforts that you have become a incarnate spirit and that you stand here right now."

Yuna understood that, unwittingly, she had done the same thing with Tidus. Then the bomb exploded.

The pyreflies which were forming the old man spread out around Yuna and Bria, as if  he did not want to leave them.


"What have you done, for a thousand years?" Bria whispered.

Inside the lie which constitued his life, only the love and the promise shared with Kush were real. But he had attached too much importance to it.

If only she could still address him as vous, with her expressions so charming... he seemed to be picturing her adolescent smile.

Yuna began to dance on the deck of the ship, determined to spend the necessary time to send the soul of the Unsent in the other world.

She had difficulty in understanding the Summoner, who, after having seen that the wish of his Fayth had not come true, had let this tragedy continue for thousand years on end.

"Where is Kush?" Bria suddenly asked. "Where is the Aeon Core?"

Frenzied, his silhouette more and more gleaming, he was looking all around him. Staring at the hatch, he rushed towards it.

"There're only Bedohls over there!" Yuna told him.

"But where did he hide her?"

"You really don't know? There's no much time left. Ifahnal wanted to stop everything: he has certainly endeavored to destroy his Fayth."

She was very careful not to tell him that Tidus was charged with this task.

"If I'm still here, then it means that she's all right," Bria noted.

He was biting his lower lip, and the blood which was escaping from it was shining before disappearing.

"I apologize for having you involved in this story," he told her before disappearing.

Chapter 29

Every second Bria spent moving in the form of pyreflies, he could feel a little part of himself vanishing. He was wondering if it was similar to what the dead felt when they turned into fiends. And if the process occured too much, what remained of the soul, ultimately? His essence itself? Bria wanted to know, but he had a lot of things to do.

He was standing in the cove, looking at the open sea.

He closed his eyes and tried to think about the landscape he had last contemplated, his mind starting to be beffudled. If his will was strong enough, maybe could he reconstitute himself over there? He agreed to sacrifice himself, as long as he could preserve his desire for vengeance.

He concentrated his mind on a picture: a ship which was splitting the waves, the statue of Anli fixed on its bow.

"Here I come, Ifahnal-the-ugly-man! Sloan, grant me your help!"

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 21, 2015, 04:39:28 pm »
Really ? Hoho !  :D

Now I'm waiting for kk to fix the last translations, I don't really know where she has gone.  :P

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 21, 2015, 03:41:56 pm »

What a strange feeling...  :P

Spread the word anywhere you can !  :D

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 21, 2015, 07:17:07 am »
Thank you ! That's very kind of you !  :D

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 20, 2015, 11:07:04 am »
It will be fun to talk about the novella after I'm done with the translation, really...  ;)

Two chapters left...

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 18, 2015, 06:24:40 am »
Haha, it's not like I forbid people to hate the novel !  ;D

But I think you miss the most important thing in this novel : the distress of Tidus about his current state and how it's difficult to bring back someone after two years of  absence. That's the guiding principle of this novel. And Nojima illustrates this point magnificently... But if you don't like that, I won't curse you, don't worry.  :P

The story dealing with Kush, Valm and Ifahnal was used by Nojima to create a parallel with the current story and to give you hints on some mysterious events in this noveL... like Tidus' death for example, Ifahnal killed him but nobody seems to notice that fact (maybe you need the two last hints you've not seen yet, but I didn't need them to deduce that).

I understand perfectly if you don't like the writing style of Nojima, but... well... I like it.  :P

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
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Haha, Bria needs to avenge himself ! Of course he's insane !  ;D

4 chapters left (translation)... But this is not the end, I have a lot of things to tell you after that !  :D

Chapter 28

Under the deck, Yuna discovered a warehouse. The hold had been divided into several sections, which contained a pile of diverse objects. The young woman recognized several of them: some weapons she had seen in the armory, the dress she was wearing when she woke up, her cover, and several statues representing divinities. In the engine room, she discovered, not without surprise, a Choboco. The animal was sleeping and when she brushed it, he began to gleam. Had Johit summoned it?

She left the room and came upon a silhouette in the dark hallway. The man was heading towards her. No, not a man she corrected herself, a mechanical Bedohl. It appeared that it had seen her because it stepped up its pace.

"Yuna. I am Yuna."

He stopped and, with a little waving, turned around and walked away. On his back, he was holding a bag, made of rope, which contained a ball.

Suddenly, memories came back into Yuna's mind: the balloon which rolls on the path, Tidus leaning on it to pick it up... his head, at the foot of the young girl.

And I have revived him. With the help of this old Summoner. I have used all my energy, all my knowledge, and I have extracted Tidus from... who? From what?

Suddenly dizzy, she held her arm out towards the partition in order to catch hold of it. But her hand touched down on a door, and she entered involuntarily a new room.

The smell allowed her to quicky know what she was going to find.

She counted seven Fayths or Aeon Cores according to Johit. Three men and four women.

"They are all Bedohls," the Summoner behind her explained. "We were stuck on the island, and only death was awaiting us. We wanted to leave. It over a thousand years ago. Along with the Bedohls, I have waited for the day of our escape. Fortnightly, a ship came to resupply us. We had decided to steal it. But at the end of the first week, our base had been violently under attack. Those two chaotic days killed so many people... At the morning of the third day, our aggressors left, and the ship duly berthed. We roamed the seas, but the enemy was everywhere. We have resigned ourselves to coming back to the island. Then, we lived peacefully for some time : the base had been abandoned. Thereafter, Yevon spread out its power in the world, and a team came to build a temple. We thought we could mingle with them, but as soon as they arrived, they began to hunt the Bedohls. Being captured meant death. They turned them into Aeon Cores, until their death. You know about my method. In the eyes of the others, this was without doubt ridiculous. Or ominous."

She could detect sadness in his voice. She was commiserating with him, but she was concentrated on her hand, on the fingers which had touched down the partition in order for her to keep her balance, on her skin which could feel the wood grain down to the smallest detail. She remembered that Johit had difficulties in maintaining his summonings when he was beset by powerful emotions. Yet, nothing was gleaming.

"This boat is real?"

The summoner nodded to confirm it, and Yuna rushed towards the deck.

She was still seeing the island, and now the cove too. A detail drew her attention...

She let out a cry of exclamation when she noticed that the mechanical towers which stood out of the forest seemed washed out because of the bad weather.

She had come back to Besaid.

Where is Tidus ?

She thought that he was waiting for her in the Aeon-island. But currently, Johit was not summoning anything. In that case, where was her partner?

The old man emerged slowly from the hold.

"Where is Tidus?"

"I told him that it was for your own good, and he immediately agreed."

Chapter 27

Tidus was huddled up and drifting in the darkness, when pictures started appearing in his mind. Was he actually seeing them, or were they only memories? He did not know. A young girl was standing in front of him. She was holding the hands of the boy in hers.

Her features looked like those of a teenager. Tidus knew her name. It was... it was Kush.

Find me. Someone named Briah knows my location. In case he does not, he will still be able to lead you to me. If you do so, I will send Yuna back to her world.

"All I need to do is meet you?"

Yes. I want you to push my shoulder.

"Excuse me?"

I am seated in front of a window. I am looking outside. I want you to gently push my shoulder.

"Which window? Where?"

I do not know, but Briah will. I am sure of it. Go and see him.

"Very well. But promise me to save Yuna."

I will.

"But how do I leave the island? Is there a boat?

By swimming. You can do it. Head for the open sea, as far as you can. Think of the place you want to go.

"I will end up exhausted. What should I do then?"

Kushu glared.

"What is that?"

A spell which will allow you to reach the place you seek. But be careful; do not be late. The first symptoms will be minor, but soon, even the things most important to you will disappear. Great care needs to be taken with those who know your existence. Hurry, before the spell vanishes.

His view was not obstructed any more: the limit between the darkness which was surrounding him and his own body had become clear. He felt pulled from chaos which was wrapping him.

"I'm coming!"

His feet propelled him with all their strength to the real world.He was coming closer to a boundary, the limit between "here" and "there". A luminous wall was appearing to blink. Was it a call, or the symbol of a radiant world? Tidus was swimming upwards, always upwards. He was a splendid swimmer.

"I'm back!"

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