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I've seen a few predictions here of how (a possible) X-3 might end based on what has been revealed so far from the novel and the audio drama. I did put a brief prediction in another thread, in which I thought maybe both Tidus and Yuna might die, since in x they had a separation, and in X-2 a reunion, so repeating these would be a bit pointless...This way if they both die they can be together in in death...but then I realized this would also be a theme that was already cover through Shuyin and such an ending might not happen. Looking at the information reveal both in the novel (about the method the 2 summoners use to create a beast core) and a new "summoner" introduce in the audio drama, and how both Yuna and Kurugum left to fight Sin, I wouldn't doubt it that they will use this method to create a beast core, in which Yuna would become the summon and Kurugum the summoner. Not only will the beast core be use to defeat Sin or whoever the final boss will be, but since beast cores can pretty much summon anything (sorry not sure if I understood this information correctly), Kurugum/Yuna just might bring Dream Zanarkand back so her and Tidus can go live there....I know this is a completely crazy prediction. Such an ending might be bitter-sweet in my opinion, but personally I prefer something like this than a happy ending like the good ending from X-2, and it's not because I didn't like the ending but because I don't want to see a similar ending again.

Quote from: from: TresDias
Bahamut's fayth wasn't part of the dreaming used to summon Dream Zanarkand. He just provides the Bahamut aeon. The fayth can see into one another's dreams, though. That's how he and the fayth of Valefor, Ixion, etc. knew of Dream Zanarkand, why it existed, etc. According to the Ultimania Omega for FFX, the fayth of Yuna's aeons would go hang out around Dream Zanarkand. Things were fine and dandy as far as they were concerned until Jecht becoming Sin made them realize how **** up it all was.

I don't remember where I read this (this forum or elsewhere) or if it was even correct, but I thought that the fayth could only summon the Aeons, so wouldn't this mean Bahamut's fayth can only summon the aeon of Bahamut? How can the fayth of Bahamut summon/bring back Tidus? I would understand if it was a beast core (if I'm understanding the information correctly), because it seems they can summon pretty much anything...Could Bahamut be a beast core? I don't know why but for the longest time I've thought that Bahamut was a stolen fayth/aeon from Zanarkand, taken to Bevelle during the war...I don't know why I thought that but I was just trying to find info on that and found nothing...I guess I must've dreamed it  :-[ Can't wait to play the game again, my memory of the game is really foggy at the moment.  :D

I can understand why people are very surprised that Auron MIGHT have a daughter (Chuami), especially since it was never mentioned in X, however, I can still see it as something possible. In X Yuna and Tidus are both 17 and it had been 10 years since the calm started, so wouldn't that mean that both Tidus and Yuna are 7 when Auron, Jecht, and Braska go on their pilgrimage? If Yuna is 19 in X-2 and the audio drama takes place one year later she would have to be 20. Now, if Chuami is 17, that means she is 3 years younger than Yuna, which would mean that when Yuna and Tidus were 7, Chuami had to be 4 years old. I've also read comments that say Auron would be too young to have had a kid, however, looking at his profile in the Final Fantasy wiki, it says he is 35 during X, and 25 during Braska's pilgrimage. Now if he is 25 in the pilgrimage and has a 4 year old kid that means he had the kid when he was 21.  :o Old enough to make a baby   8)

Now if Chuami does turn out to be Auron's daughter, why did he never mention it? Well, I think this can be answered when looking at Auron's character and the story itself. If I had to describe Auron, I would say he is a man of few words, when he met up with the party he could have told them what the final aeon entailed and that Jecht was Sin...but he didn't until the party learned it for themselves. This pilgrimage was about Yuna and her guardians, where would his (possible) daughter fit in this story...I believe nowhere, hence it would be unnecessary for him to mention. In fact don't we learn about Auron through other people and the spheres that hold scenes between the trio during their journey? (Sorry I'm not sure if I'm remembering the game correctly, I want to see youtube videos but I'd rather wait until it's release to play and remember the story again, so if the information I have given is inaccurate, I apologize). :'(

I find it silly when people say that Nojima has ruined the story of X....he wrote it (well, he was one of the scenerio writers) and what he (and the other writers) wrote was obviously a success! Whatever he writes, I hope he doesn't change it just to please fans...I honestly dislike when authors have to change their story because fans don't like what it was going to's his story and he should decided how to best write it....of course this doesn't mean he should ignore the feedback he has received, but he shouldn't have to write what the fans tell him to write because then it wouldn't be him writing his story but him writing someone else's story.

Yes, there are a lot of shocking events and information revealed both in the novel and audio drama, but these things are giving to not only provide information to the reader/listener but to also get their attention and get them curious, so whenever the story is continued people will want to read it or play it. Obviously not everything is revealed in the Novel or in the audio drama but it does give some hints of things that will be further explored and explain in the continuation of this story (whether its a novel or a sequel game).

Personally, Tidus and Yuna having an intimate relationship sounds pretty normal. Perhaps the way Nojima went about in implying how they became intimate in the boat, might make readers think that Tidus is just being lustful or it ruins this pure relationship that Tidus and Yuna have. However, when you start thinking about why he decided to have them become intimate at such a moment, during the middle of a storm...then you can come to several conclusions....such as...

It may look like Tidus didn't care about Yuna's or his own safety, by just leaving the boat without a captain to sail it, but Yuna was hasty herself as well by taking the boat out to sea, does she even know how to sail a ship? Aside from the fact that he was turned on by her scent....I think he probably realized that she went through all this trouble, taking the boat while he was sleeping, just to be with him...and it was probably here that he realized that he also wants to be with this would explain why he just takes her and leaves the boat without a sailing captain...To answer her actions, to let her know that he still cares for her in the same way that she does to him. Yes, Nojima could've set up a romantic setting for them...but I think them becoming intimate in a storm reflects how their relationship wasn't smooth sailing since the moment they met. What I mean by this is that they experience a lot of things throughout their journey and in essence they even went through a sort of separation for 2 years. Yet even with all these experiences: meeting, separating, and reuniting (sad, happy, and mad moments together) their love is still able to flourish. I guess looking at it metaphorically.... Their love still blooms like a flower in the middle of a storm. Not only do I think the storm reflects their relationship, but I guess it was also use to intensify the readers imagination of how intimate they became (very wild...I guess... ::)).

So while Nojima, could've had them become intimate in a more calm and romantic setting, having them become intimate in them middle of the storm serves a lot purposes...a reflection of their relationship, the degree of their intimacy (of course this is up to the readers interpretation), and it takes them to the unknown island to continue the story.

Well anyway that's just my interpretation so far, based on the information/summary that has been provided. Of course it was a bit shocking when I read it, but when I thought about it doesn't seem as bad as the first time reading it. Personally I like how Nojima has gone for a bit of a more mature tone with the story, after all it's been 10+ years since the release of X and X-2, so the fans who played and enjoyed the game have probably matured as well! Nonetheless for a FF game I think this would be unusual with a darker and more mature theme, hence I would prefer it be continued through some other media form (a novel, or even a movie). Also if it's continued as a novel, it will give Nojima more free rain to write the story as he would like rather than worrying if content needs to be censored or not if it were made into a game.

FFX General / Re: FFX/FFX-2 Fanart thread
« on: January 11, 2014, 05:29:06 pm »
I'm definitely no artist but I have come across some great fan-art!

Although I've already posted these in the What if (scenerios, endings, ect.) thread, I'll post them here again  :D

By nachtwulf a Fayth made of Tidus

Nachtwulf's art colored by Xemnas-The-Leader

Another Tidus/Leviathian Fayth by Kurimja

More great fan art.

By StellaB

By Risachantag

Another by Risachantag

By lithriel

By Eddy-Shinjuku

Here is some other fan art I saw on tumblr, I think these are by Japanese fans, although I'm not 100% sure if I'm giving credit to the correct illustrator.

By Suzu-Q, this is his/her website

By A-K, here is his/her blog it definitely has more art work on Jecht, Auron, and Braska

By diamond dust

Although, I've never really giving it much thought, I do like their relationship and how it was developed and presented throughout the series so far...
With X focusing on their parting (separation), and X-2 on their reunion.

If the ending of (a possible) X-3 does focus on their relationship (it could focus on something/someone else besides their relationship)
I wonder how it will be presented.
Having them part ways once again, or even reunite as an ending seems a bit repetitive...
So I thought, maybe they'll both die in the end together, giving it a bitter but sweet ending, in which they both die, but are together...
I guess something like love in death....but I guess that was already portrayed with Lenne and Shuyin...
So I think it might be portrayed differently in the ending...

I think it was their relationship that left a great impact on the players.
Of course I don't think it was the only thing, but definitely one of them.

Based on the audio drama, I can live with them being part of the cast of the next game (or whatever it will be). However, I DO NOT want either of them, especially Chuami as in the narration of the drama, to be the main protagonist. I can barely handle Chuami's attitude as it is.

Hmm.....if they were going with protagonists for FFX-3, I'd probably guess it will be Tidus and Yuna. Although I think Chuami and Kurgam are possibilities to be part of the playable party.

This is probably just me, but I somehow feel like the way Chuami hated the "Yevonners" for killing his mother is almost just like Hope when he hated Snow at first for what happened to his mother.

If there is an X-3, I think it would be weird not to include Chuami and Kurugum in the cast/playable characters, especially if FFX-3 is going to be about what happens next in the audio drama...personally I hope they are part of the cast whether it is as the main protagonist (for Chuami) or not

Chuami does seem to hold some resentment towards the Yevonners, but it doesn't seem like she is out to seek revenge like how Hope wanted to get revenge on Snow (by killing him) for the death of his mother...rather I think she really wants to know more about her father through the people that knew him, since she never really knew him (this is why I mentioned in another post that she seems to have a father complex just like Tidus). Now that her mother is dead as well as her father, she is an orphan, as far as we know she has no family, she probably only has Kurugum as her only friend. She obviously cares about him, otherwise she wouldn't have interrupted Lulu and Tidus' conversation to ask them about Sin and how Yuna and Kurugum went to go fight it, with the assumption that there is no way to beat it. Well that's just my opinion of her so far...

Reading how people don't seem to like Chuami's character in this forum and in other forums, I really would like to ask what exactly is it that people don't like about her?   ???

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Playable Characters
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:50:50 pm »
Well having a split party of:

Tidus, Chuami, Lulu
Yuna, Kurugum, Wakka

Doesn't sound bad, but somehow I hope if Lulu and Wakka are playable characters they are not permanent party members but rather temporary party members...maybe even other characters such as Kimahri, Rikku, and Paine can be temporary members. I guess Auron too since it seems the dead are being called back...I personally wouldn't mind the trio of Baralai, Gippal & Nooj as well to be temporary members...surely you jest...I though it was a shame that they never join the X-2 party. Although, since Baralai is the council's Chancellor, it probably won't happen. Also, since Kimahri is the head of the Ronso tribe, if I'm remembering X-2 correctly, he'll probably be busy with affairs dealing with the Tribe, making it unlikely for him to join....

Although I would like some of the characters from X & X-2 to join the party (temporarily), if there is an X-3, I do hope there are a few more new characters, besides Chuami and Kurugum that will join the party.

FFX General / Re: Final Fantasy X OST
« on: January 07, 2014, 08:34:50 pm »
Well, I've only heard a bit of the remastered on youtube and while I do like some of the remasters,
there are others which I prefer the original over the remaster.

Such as the battle theme

Although the original game outside Japan didn't have the song Suteki Da Ne in English I thought the remaster would,
since it was performed in English in Distant Worlds 2009 concert in Chicago by Susan Calloway,
but looking at the soundtrack it doesn't seem that way, unless I completely missed it.
I like the song in English....except I don't like how the Suteki Da Ne part was just left in Japanese
I would have prefer they fully translate the song like this awesome fandub cover by CinnamonPunch @ youtube

FFX General / Re: What if (scenarios, endings, etc)...
« on: January 07, 2014, 05:16:10 pm »
Although I don't know what kind of fighter Meachen would be, since he is a scholar, I do wonder how a young Maechen would look, if they made a prequel with a story of a 1000 years ago. Maybe he was already old looking like that...but if Auron, an unsent can age, I guess Maechen can too...surely you jest

While I love the idea of seeing how the guardians would have looked like as a Fayth or Aeons, I didn't even think of fan-arts people might have done until I stumble on some interesting ones, which look great in my opinion  :D

This one by nachtwulf

I also like how Xemnas-The-Leader colored it too

Another fan-art by nachtwulf of Yuna's Final Aeon from Tidus Fayth

Another interesting fan-art Fayth by Kurimja

FFX General / Re: FFX Early Concepts/Designs
« on: January 07, 2014, 03:18:21 pm »
I've never seen any of the early concepts until now (I notice the first 2 pictures were included in the audio drama and they definitely got my attention...surely you jest).

I was wondering who the trio was in the first picture, and although one of them looked like Tidus, I would have never thought that the other two were Yuna and Auron. I thought they were all males so, I was thinking it could be Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj...surely you jest....But this early design of Yuna and Auron really are different from the final ones, and I'm kinda happy that this was not the final design for Auron :D

The second picture does look like Tidus, Yuna (or perhaps Lulu), but the beast looking one....could it be Kimahri or an Aeon like Ifrit?

In the third picture I'm guessing the one in the middle is female and because the weapons are two blades maybe this is an early design of Rikku (since she uses dual blades in X-2). The blondy is probably Tidus since the design looks similar to the one in the first picture plus the sword he is holding, as for the third person....I have no clue...surely you jest

The rest of the pictures definitely look very interesting!
Thank you for posting this up!  :)

FFX General / Re: Japanese Trailer For FFX HD
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:55:53 pm »
I thought the commercial was just emphasizing the ending of x, in which Yuna and Tidus basically part ways, but that's just my impression.
I remember some of the old commercials....especially the one at around 50secs surely you jest

@ KaminaSan - Thanks for the translation!

Moonstone, this is just speculation because I don't think the novel gives a specific date or time frame it takes place in but, I believe if FFX-2.5 is cannon it takes place sometime after 3 months. The FFX timeline on the FF wiki and other comments I have read have listed FFX-2.5 taking place after Last Mission. It is known that the audio drama takes place 1 year after X-2 and Last Mission takes place 3 months after X-2. Considering how the events in X-2.5 seems to be closely related to the audio drama it makes the most sense for X-2.5 to take place 3+ months after X-2. 

Although I only understand a little bit of Japanese, I've been reading a few Japanese reviews/summaries and mostly all seem to say the same things that have already been said here, about Tidus and Yuna going to an island that looks similar to Besaid (more like they landed there after their ship got wreck, I'm assuming from a storm), him trying to kiss her, him dying by a bomb that looked like a blitzabal and decapitated head, and him being brought back through the use of pyreflies.

I find it odd though that those who include a timeline or mention of when this is taking place, they seem to put this between X-2 and the 100% ending.
Like this person
This other person also mentions that the events take place 2-3 days after their reunion (from X-2). Later on I think they mention their speculation that the end of this novel (when it is fully completed) will somehow connect with the 100% ending of X-2....
Some other things this person also mentions is that the story seems to be told in the point of view/perspective of several characters, such as Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and the new character (the unsent).

Nope, you're right. The sequence of events goes
FFX-2 Last Mission
FFX-Will (Audio Drama)

How long after X-2 does the novella x-2.5 take place?
I've been reading different things, some say it happens 2 days after X-2, others say 3 months and some say 6 months.....

If it happens after 2 days or even 3 months then that would mean that last mission is not canon since it wouldn't fit in the time line ( Last Mission seems to happen 3 months after X-2) or this story really will be just a spin off....

Did they show Seymour's mother in the game? (sorry I really don't remember if they did)

Are the sketches the protoypes of any the characters? I really can't tell for the first picture....I would have thought blondy is a prototype of Tidus...but since this is a trio is it Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj's prototype sketches?

After seeing some sketches of the FF13 characters during its early development stages, I have wonder how the earlier sketches for the other FF games looked, so I'm glad they included some in the audio drama :)

Another possibility concerning the return of Sin is Tidus could have wished for his father and he came back  As Sin.

I don't think wishing for his dad would necessarily bring back sin...I think it would just bring back his dad...since that is who he would wish to come back and not sin or jecht-sin...if they make Jecht become Sin again I think that would be really lame...because it means the final boss might be the same as the original game, if there is a sequel.

Although, at the moment I prefer it be continue in another media form besides a game sequel, I think I would still play a sequel so I could get some clarification on the information that's been presented so far...It seems that a lot FFX/X-2 fans (including myself) are having mix feelings about what is being presented/introduced of the story for this sequel.

No doubt Chuami and Kurugum will grow on their own to be more than just archetypes of characters if the story is advanced. I want to see what impact they have on post-Sin Spira.

I hope so, especially for Kurugum, I wouldn't really want to see another Yuna from X, I don't know what it is but there was something about her character/personality that I didn't like at I would really hate to see a character like that again. I've read here and in other forums how people already don't seem to like Chuami's character but I think that's the type of character I like, well what's been present of her so far.
Well since Sin is back wouldn't it be what impact they would have on Spira during the reborn Sin.....

FFX General / Re: What if (scenarios, endings, etc)...
« on: January 04, 2014, 02:47:41 am »
I think there have been quite a few characters already presented that seem to be from 1000 years ago, or in other words from the zanarkand-bevelle/machina war, like Yunalesca, Yu-Yevon, Lenne, Shuyin, and now this unsent! So I think a prequel with any of this characters or I guess even new ones about this time period would be interesting. Although, it would still be good to know more about the characters that we already know very little about. Was Maechan alive before the war? Is he 1000+ years old? I don't remember...Maybe he is an unsent  ??? Oh yes he is unsent (I just looked it up on wiki... :D)

Ah, but if I had to ask about what the HD remaster had to offer, I would've liked new enemies and a new dungeon. Perhaps more light shed on the Machina War would've been nice, too. A few extra cutscenes and areas would've been better than a shoddy bump in quality.

Yes, I think it would've been great if they added new things like optional dungeons and extra cutscenes, besides the audio drama.

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