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FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: it's been a while
« on: February 16, 2018, 05:57:11 am »
Hi all, it's been a while (4-5 years?)

Anyways, have you guys seen this article?

They coloured Tidus and Yuna's arts from X - Will.

I wonder if this is a telltale that X-3 is in the making (well wishful thinking).

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:08:24 am »
Since the translation is already up til Ch. 28, it's going to end soon right? Good. Thanks for the translation ChercheurObscur!  ;)

I was pretty emotional when I first found out about this novel (brb deleting my older posts >_>) but now that I've actually read most of the chapters, I feel somewhat indifferent but at the same time wishing this novel never even existed l o l. There are some good/lulzy moments in the novel (e.g. "Your birthmark" 8)) but that's it. Don't wanna overthink on this anymore but ngl, if SE were to make an X-3, I'd see/play it (and while at it, praying it won't be depressing af)

When you're at the sea isolated, extremely tired/fatigued and dehydrated even, you can experience hallucinations so I'm pretty sure Tidus was just hallucinating

Spoiler (hover to show)


FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Project Code Z - Possibly FFX-3?
« on: January 31, 2015, 02:36:21 am »
The game is Minna de spelunker Z :)

FFX General / Re: Your Blitzball Team (FFX)
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:42:09 pm »
Rn I'm focusing more on the sphere grids to unlock the Perfect Sphere Master trophy in FFX but my current blitzball team consists of Tidus, Brother, Wedge, Kyou, Svanda and Jumal, I'm pretty satisfied with my team ;D

He also brags about the size of his **** at numerous points and it makes it a little difficult to read.

Well... I didn't see that one coming *no pun*

Do you have any more passages that he or KaminaSan translated? I wonder if there's anything specific that made him quit, if it wasn't the boat sex or the island or Yuna's supposed cold nature. Maybe it's something in the Boy's Side.

w0w cant w8 to read more translations if theres any, when was the last time i read about something and felt disgusted about it hmm  :-\

Is there a way to subscribe to the chapter translations thread?

There's a notify button next to 'reply' so I assume that's the subscription button? I have been receiving e-mail notifications whenever someone replies to this thread but I've stopped receiving them recently... probably because I rarely clicked on the links, let alone post in this thread  :-\

Lots of new information from hitoshura at, where Pixel and I are from. He's been a translator in the FF fandom for more than ten years and was the first to provide a summary of Nojima's The Kids Are Alright FFVII novel a couple years ago:

He confirmed the boat sex thing between Tidus and Yuna the other day, by the way.

Wow ok, this fanart (second pic) from pixiv  finally makes sense now

According to wikipedia and FFWikia, 祈り子 as a whole is Fayth

Novella after few days ( if i understand correctly ). Tidus was resurrected by Yuna after his death.

Perhaps the notion that the novella takes place immediately after X-2 might be referring to the introductory chapter:
Tidus is introduced to Paine, and gets a very brief explanation of the events of X-2, really just that they joined a group and journeyed together. Then they talk about the fact that Tidus hasn't changed in those 2 year.

And the rest of the novella probably takes place x months after the good ending or perfect ending.

We have to wait for more informations!


“According to Yuna, as a reward for saving Spira, she was told they would return their child.”

This bit is kinda confusing, child? Did you get that from 折り子 (fayth)?

If they had altered the dialogue that Yuna said just to keep 'consistent' with 2.5 and Will, man, I would have been ranting till tomorrow's sunset. ._.

Rest assured you won't be the only one ranting, haha we could even host a mass ranting in regard to this surely you jest.

Anyways, I have not seen all the old/recent videos of LM except for the ones I posted and so far what I've noticed is that the dialogues are still the same. The dialogues could change in the localized version though  :-X

Thing is, I've been watching this guy's playthrough... and he received the 100% ending, as you can see here:

He started LM without loading his 100% X-2 save file, as you can see on his first LM video. So that's why he get the generic version.

But patience is so hard, haha.

I know how you feel Q_Q

I was thinking that maybe SplitPlaythru's video were for the default, NOT good/perfect ending version, too, but then....

Yeah it is the default playthrough. I was just confused about the translations:

I got confused about the 2009/2014 videos, at the time I was like 'Wtf how can there be different translations despite the same dialogues' so there must be a mistake on the subbing part (2009).

If you listen to the Japanese conversations word-by-word, you'll notice the two videos are similar in terms of dialogues but with different official/fan translations and has nothing to do with default/good/perfect playthrough. And I think I can answer my own question when the game is released on March.

and it's weird because she says, 'she met someone'. Which doesn't sound like she's talking about Tidus

And yet Yuna says 'It's because of him' in the fan translated version, right?  ;)

Who else could she be talking about 'coming back' other than Tidus? It's weird... I can't tell if this IS or isn't the good/perfect ending version of Last Mission...

I'm confused about this part too.

For real though! He was hideous! I can't believe they actually showed that footage to people with him lookin' like that.

surely you jest! True! And it's no surprise that Yuna would leave him for someone else if he were to look like that throughout the game. too soon? sorry  :-X

They've shortened his neck and made his face rounder, which just gives him a dumpier appearance.

I haven't seen his features in detail but damn Tidus are those eyebags? Luckily Yuna in X isn't as bad though, I actually like her face better  8)

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