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FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: it's been a while
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:28:24 am »
Anyone hooooome? ; )

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: August 17, 2015, 05:55:53 pm »
I haven't been on in a looooong time, nor have I immersed myself in this stuff. I just can't. While I appreciate the effort put into translating the book, all of it just makes me too genuinely mad to read anymore. It's funny because after a while I was able to laugh about it, but coming back to it just fuels the burning embers of rage, surely you jest. What perhaps upsets me the most, beyond the disease infested **** house that has become the Tidus and Yuna love story, is the fact that they have stopped really giving a **** about Tidus. Tidus is my favorite and his character got no respect here at all. It's bullsh*t. Yuna is a boring martyr without Tidus. And we've seen/heard that kind of thing a thousand and one times.

The story Square threw together is as contrived as it is nonsensical and offensive. It culminates into something that is equally boring as it is maddening. Square Enix has been ****ing up lately and it's because they are putting all the focus on constructing a needlessly convoluted plot, with no respect given to the characters. And the characters are what makes Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy.

I. Can. Not.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 24, 2014, 09:48:51 am »
I don't know about the XIII novels, but the VII novels got an official translation from Square, didn't they? I just know I got a copy of the novels in English when I bought the Advent Children movies. Pssh. Of course their beloved VII gets translated, but you guys have to do all the hard work of translating a X novel yourselves. Dang spoiled FFVII fans. They get it all! xD

It's a shame that they won't release the Ultimania's in English! I'd take those over a novel any day! So many interesting factoids.

Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Square was willing to do extra stuff for FFVII because they are always being extra with that game. They stayed annoying me with all the FFVII spinoffs and things, damn. And fans are still talking about wanting a remake - no, let that thing die and move on.

And God, yes, I've always wanted the Ultimania guides in English. But we will see pigs fly and hell freeze over before that happens. T_T

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 24, 2014, 09:43:47 am »

You are wrong wrong wrong.... First, Square Enix has never released a book outside Japan, not in France at least, don't try to say something which could mislead people. Then, Lumen has already released FFVII On the way to a smile, and FFXIII episode zero promise in France. I know that an other publisher has released some FF books in Germany too.

I wasn't refuting what you were saying, my bad. I'm not trying to say that Square did the translations themselves or officially published it, just that they must have given the authorization for them to be translated by that company, I presume. That's what I mean by Square releasing it, without their approval there would be no published translations of any kind. So even though they didn't translate/publish it, they are still releasing it, in a sense. Almost like how they released this remaster, which they actually outsourced and didn't work on either. :p

I didn't know about those other things that were translated, though, interesting.

Oh, and Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that is very precise and specific about how lines are written. A certain amount of syllables must be used for each line. It seems like a rather restrictive/confusing way to write a novel, but I am no Haiku expert by any means.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:09:17 am »
Well, you know, Square Enix didn't publish the novel in France, it is Lumen Editions (google it if you want). I wrote a good review about this novel and Square Enix read it.

About Tidus, I have a theory : What if Tidus was making people as if they were still acting with their FFX behavior ? Or, if you prefer : What if people were acting as Tidus would like them to ? You know, like the dead and the living in the farplane...

I did do a bit of digging and found about Lumen, and while Square didn't translate themselves, they at east gave Lumen the go ahead, because if there's one thing Square is serious about, it is their copyright. They will come for you if you try to make profit from their brand without their authorization, shut you down, ha ha.

I just think it's interesting, because, and someone correct me if I'm wrong - this is the first book that Square Enix has ever released that's been translated in a language besides Japanese. And of all the books they could have translated - like the Ultimania guides, they choose something most people did not like or want. XD

As far as your theory, dear Lord, how depressing that would be, Tidus gets very little dignity here. If Nojima really wrote a book about Tidus being "tainted", and negatively hallucinating the actions of everyone - what in the crap!? What a completely convoluted, annoying and unnecessary way to tell a story. That is actually and very unfortunately becoming the modus operandi of Square Enix. The more utterly ridiculous and complicated the story, the better - they really need to go back to their old form.

And well, the audio drama was mostly in the perspective of Chuami, who could plainly see Yuna acting unusual for herself. So I wouldn't say it adds up that everyone is being distorted by Tiida. The book doesn't appear to be in first-person either, which is the only way I could see the idea of distortions as a plausibility. I remember someone else saying there are a lot of perspective changes and that much of the novel is written in a Haiku format - confusing to be sure. But these opening chapters are definitely from an outside perspective looking in, so we should be experiencing the characters the way everyone else is - right?

I'm actually curious, is there at any point where we see either Tidus or Yuna's inward thoughts, in the way they delivered them in the games?

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 22, 2014, 05:17:49 am »
And let me just offer a disclaimer here (I'll try not to ramble):

At one time I was extremely reverent of Square Enix and I praised the company to the Gods. They were consistent, they seemed to care about fans and created great franchises. And even if I don't love all FF titles I've played, I could find something to like about them and finished them anyway. (and hey, I've always loved Kingdom Hearts I/II)

But Final Fantasy X was actually my first JRPG, and I fell in love with it a good decade ago. While X-2 may have some iffy spots, it is also a great game and I basically consider them both to be one entity. After 10 years and many more games, FFX/X-2 is still hands down my favorite. I felt such an emotional connection to Tidus and Yuna as a couple, as soulmates.

The original lore and character development was perfect as is and I never would have thought for a moment, that Square would touch it. I didn't even think they'd realistically do anything else with this project, though I wanted them to. I was always up for a X-3, but I surely didn't think they'd butcher it in such a way. When I initially read about the contents of the novel and what happens to Tidus, I seriously balled my eyes out, I was devastated. And everything else was just salt on the wound. Square also was incredibly misleading about it all, the promotional material and teasers pointed in an entirely different direction. Square Enix slapped fans like me in the face, fans who are probably way too emotionally invested in a video game - but ha, that's alright

So while my posts may seem obnoxious intense at times, that's just my gut reaction. I can't help but make this all into a joke, because that's what it feels like. Square has basically said that they're not even going to continue with any of it - now that is the real punchline. But at least it gives me more justification in ignoring it, because they seem to be doing the same thing.

Why they are endorsing an additional translation of the novel that bombed? I have no idea. But really, thank you ChercheurObscur for translating it. Much love to you, and I do appreciate that you are willing to be open-minded about the book and how it relates to the original works. I just can't personally be that way, it's really hard for me, but I never intend to offend. ^_^

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:26:12 am »
-claps- Pyreflies, you never cease to amaze me with your speeches.

Let's look at this from Tidus' point of view some more. In X, he and his friends took down a centuries-old false religion that was masking the truth to defeating Sin. Throughout half of the game, the maesters have declared them traitors, they sent Dark Aeon assassins after them, pretty much told Yuna that her father's sacrifice was useless and one particularly crazy maester tried to kill, deceive and manipulate them multiple times. They are hypocrites (use machina), self-aware (Mika stops Seymour's sending because he is unsent too) and cowards (Mika runs away to the Farplane, leaving Yevon in shambles).

Come X-2, with the rise of New Yevon (and yes, Tidus knows this because Rikku told him, not Yuna. Yeah Yuna, how consistent is your narration in that game since you are telling Tidus everything that's happened!?). While not as evil as the original Yevon, their scheme was to find spheres pertaining to Spira's history and hide them deep underground, therefore pretty much wiping out the knowledge of Spira's past. They were under the belief that memories of the past were weaknesses and not part of someone's... well, soul. And with the defeat of Trema, that matter is resolved.

Here comes the return of Tidus, who sacrificed his life to both defy Yevon and put an end to Spira's curse once and for all. Now he sees that the Yevon lifestyle is slowly seeping back into Spira, and nobody is attempting to question or even joke around with the fact that it was one of the causes of Spira's near-downfall. Somehow he has been launched back to square one, where Yuna cares more about her and others' beliefs in Yevon than the man who was just washed up on shore, likely very lost and confused, not to mention very insecure. And even in X, she excused herself to introduce herself to him. No such thing here. Wow. Yuna has absolutely no respect or empathy for him, despite mourning and hoping he'll come back for two years. It reminds me of those horrible boy/girlfriends we've all had who will abuse or ignore you, but then cry and wail and threaten to kill themselves if you even bring up the idea of breaking up with them.

But yeah, Yevon's coming back, everyone knows it. And Tidus, once again, tries to stand up to the BS and call them out on it but once again, they laugh him off and sneer at him. Not even three years in and Spira is already repeating history! Maybe the fayth sent him back because they sensed that Spira was going to dig itself a booby-trapped volcanic hole again, lmao. No wonder he fled to Bevelle at the time of Will. He just had Besaid, his new home, turned into a nursing home for the poor, oppressed, totally innocent h*rdcore Yevon-supporters. Who would most likely kill him.

Heck, at the end of Chapter 2 we see Tidus in a situation where he is lonely, hungry, confused and sitting on a pontoon close to tears. Like a local stray dog that's being avoided by the townsfolk because it might have fleas. Meanwhile everyone else is having a jolly good time at the party. You know, the one where Tidus was forced to help set up and when he realised that everyone he knew and loved had shredded every last ounce of empathy for him? Nobody even notices that he's gone. They're all concerned with Yuna instead.

You told no lies. And can I just say, dear God, can they stop giving so much of a crap about Yuna!? F*** YUNA, lmao! They've been making everything far too Yuna-centric, while at the same time making her less likable - how does that work? All I can do is look at Yuna like this:

And it's not even just about Tidus, because FFX-2 was also about her personal journey. She came into herself more than ever before and seemed eager to start a new story for herself, but now here she is trying to please everyone like a noble acolyte. That crap got old two games ago, hon, let's move on. You don't have to be a martyr every second of your life.

But what you said about Besaid becoming a den for Yevonites and Tidus leaving - yas. That was one of the most glaring things about the audio drama. Tidus's ass is in Bevelle.... He is literally on another continent from Yuna, it sounds really bad. It certainly didn't seem like a temporary thing and Tidus appeared stressed even before Yuna broke up with him - or whatever that was that she did. Lord, it's pretty telling when you have to run away to Bevelle, a place where they all had some pretty crap experiences.

Look at that map, you see how far that is, L.O.L 

And you know, I still don't understand how we are supposed to interpret Yuna's narrative voice. I always thought she was talking to his "ghost" basically, but you've raised the point that she was actually talking to him about their journey after he's come back and the game is a flash back - the reason that doesn't make sense to me is because there were several instances when she would talk to him in present tense, saying she wished he was there with her and how she missed him, their moments, etc.

This was especially the case in the mission in Chapter 5 where you go to Luca and relive all the memories with the moogle apparition thing, and also when she visits the spring in Macalania. There's also the option of not bringing Tidus back, which would in effect negate the possibility of her talking to Tidus for "real". I just figured that her saying "it all started when I saw this sphere of you", was merely an inward refection and her not talking to Tidus for once - but perhaps you're right,  it's actually confused the mess out of me. :P

In either case, though, it's clear the continuity was lost. Doesn't add up either way you spin it. Either she was eager to talk to him beyond the grave, or she was eager to relate every morsel of their story to him - the Yuna from the novel/drama ain't echoing that shiz.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 21, 2014, 09:57:38 pm »
I wonder why you think like that. Tidus is back, ok, but the villagers came in the cove because of Yuna's return, not for Tidus, they didn't know about it. Furthermore, you seem to forget that Tidus is almost an unknown for everyone. He spent only one day on Besaid in FFX ! And at the end, he disappears before the great meeting in Luca stadium. He is a complete unknown in Spira, except for some people. You can't blame people to ignore him.

Yuna or someone else could have told people about him, ok, but it's not as if they were rejecting him.
Yuna could have spent some time with Tidus before meeting the elders, ok, but is it tragedy ? No, everything was planned by Nojima : I said that they will argue about her future (so her behavior is involded in their conversation) in a previous post, but it appears that you didn't read it... This moment is very instructive.

So please, stop being scandalmonder sometimes. If you don't like the case of Yuna and Tidus (I am not talking about the others), ok, it's your choice, but please don't say the novel itself is bad about this point, you can't blame Nojima about it. :-\ The most funny here is that, starting from Chapter 5, they will spend ther time "together" until the end of the novel.


To be honest, I don't know how to accurately address the villagers coming to the cove - it's a little ambiguous. As I mentioned in my previous comment, they didn't know about Vegnagun, and previous drama in the temple had been abated already. Yuna and co had been to Besaid and fixed the problems, such as the fiends pouring from the temple and Dark Valefor - the last trip to Besaid ended on a peaceful note. These people were not so hyped to see Yuna before, even upon her first return. Lulu was a bit concerned that she left without saying anything, but that was it.

So it really doesn't make sense for the whole village to have come just to see Yuna, I thought it was implied that they were excited to see Yuna and Tidus reunited once again - which was by any account - a miracle. Realistically, I don't know how the hell those people got to the beach so quickly, or how they could have known - chalk it up to video game magic, but it seemed clear that at least some of them recognized Tidus or could tell something important and special was happening.

In any case, the atmosphere from X-2 was colossally different from what we are presented with here. It really appears as if Nojima forgot or blatantly ignored many things from X-2, both major and minor. And X-2 was a game that was all about the the little stuff, it's why the character development worked so well. Nojima didn't make the most out of the post-Sin Spira that was established.

As far as Tidus not being known, I think that's up for debate. You're absolutely right, he wasn't in Besaid for long, in terms of the main pilgrimage. But if you recall, you have the option of traveling Spira some more before facing Sin. You can actually go back through the world and have new conversations with people you met in the beginning, like the scene that's triggered with Clasko by boarding the S.S. Liki - which you have to visit Besaid to get to. My point is it can be argued that Tidus came to know and familiarize himself with the people of Besaid beyond his initial dumping into Spira.

But if that's too far-fetched or not canonical enough, there's the fact that legendary guardians are treated like royalty in FFX. Auron was granted massive respect and was regarded as something of hero from a fairy tale. Tidus was not only a legendary guardian, he actually helped defeat Sin for good, which is something no one beyond Yuna's party can boast of.

He should actually be considered a historical figure, and Besaid should know about him, regardless off whether they do or not. It's a tradition for people to memorialize the dead to great effect, and Yuna even said herself that they must never forget the lives that were lost or the "dreams that have faded." It's possible Yuna wanted to possessively hold his presence close to her by not telling anyone, that it may have been difficult. But now that he's back, what's her excuse for not sharing his importance?

Tidus seemed upset that he wasn't getting any respect in Besaid - and he was damn right. People keep telling me Nojima must have had all kinds of noble reasons for what he wrote, both in he novel and the audio drama. But the more that is revealed, the more it feels like there really is no real meaning behind any of it. He just wanted drama and controversy. He wanted to dispel the light theme of FFX-2 and replace it with angst, misery and darkness. Most fans didn't want that, and the backlash is the result.

I remember thinking, okay, there must be a reason behind Yuna's tragic behavior in the drama, and that Sin is probably not the real antagonist - but, yeah, I've lost the desire to make sense out of it. Nojima regressed the crap out of these characters, they are all exhibiting their worst flaws and not much else. What is the legitimate excuse for that?

As far as them arguing about their future goes, it's difficult to absorb any potential dialogue between them because the initial feeling has been so bad. If this book were a video game, I wouldn't have kept playing. I'm not eager to see what unfurls because it started off on the worst possible note it could have played. The Yuna/Tidus dynamic was a special one and Nojima really messed it up for me. I don't see how it can be redeemed, to tell the truth, and I'll likely feel alienated by everything that follows between Tidus and Yuna - especially an argument, that shouldn't even be on the table right now. There's no reason why Yuna should feel obligated to play some role immediately, she's supposed to be starting her new story independent from the desires of others, and Tidus just came back.

The atmosphere should be loving, playful, not full of contempt and arguments, dear God. Angst and petty squabbles do not interest me here. Their relationship has barely had a chance to get off the runway and Nojima decides to throw an argument in for fun - it feels so fake. Arguments are a natural part of any relationship, but even in X, it's clear that that drama didn't play a role in their bond.

One of the big rumors about the book was that Yuna appeared to be "tired" of him, that she thought he was being too childish. If that is true, it's all the more sickening. So far, I really don't like Yuna. She was ridiculous in the audio drama and she's ridiculous in the book - so far- and by most accounts and reviews I've seen of the thing. And what's more is that Tidus just takes it. He just accepts Yuna's bulls*hit. No, Tidus, no. Stand up for yourself, goddammit. >_>

What have I taken way from all this? Nojima should not be allowed to write anything by himself.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 21, 2014, 08:52:14 pm »
Yeah, personally, I'm trying to wait to see what else develops before judging Yuna's change of character. I'm definitely wary. Yes, it makes sense for Yuna to care about the elders a lot. For one, they're villagers, and I think she cares about the entire village of Besaid as if they were family, really. So it would be hard for her to just be like "OKAY  THAT'S ENOUGH, OLD PEOPLE, SHUT UP NOW", haha. That's just not how she is. xD And two, she probably feels guilty about the fact that she caused so many of them emotional turmoil by overthrowing Yevon, basically. It was very hard for HER to accept Yevon's lies and betrayal, so she understands that they may need a little extra help.

But this novel takes place right after a game where Yuna embraces her own self and begins to think for herself and care about her own happiness, instead of just pleasing others. That's like, the entire point of X-2. So for Nojima to take it to the extreme that she is SO devoutly worried about these villagers that she is willing to more or less completely ignore Tidus and ignore her own wants... it looks weird.

I just feel that Nojima went overboard. I mean, in the X-2 ending, her and Tidus go running down the beach hand in hand, and she says she's gonna tell him her story, and she's so enthusiastic to be with him...... and then, what happens? The old Yevon ladies swoop in and carry her away on their backs? She never tells him her story like she says: everyone else tells him. It just seems weird to go from Tidus and Yuna running to the beach together to see all of their friends, and... then, suddenly, Yuna doesn't speak to any of her friends for the entire day. And considering the villagers in X-2 clearly recognized Yuna, but never once acted this insanely possessive towards her during her return to Besaid, nor did Yuna ever act this insanely coddling to them in that entire game... this whole thing just seems quite bizarre and over the top. It's very out of line with X-2. It's like it almost completely disregards the events of X-2. If it had went on for a few hours? Sure. But... hasn't it been like an entire day? Tidus sleeps like 3 whole times before he even gets to speak a word to the girl who just fought tooth and nail to get him back, haha

But since apparently she's soon going to stop pandering to the Yevoners and run away in the night soon, I guess it's alright... I just still think it's weird, especially combined with rumors of behavior we hear about later in the book, BUUUUUT I'm not going to judge it harshly until I see what exactly she does in the rest of the book! He could have probably just toned the first two chapters down a notch, is all. Maybe it didn't need to go on soooo long, making it look like Tidus is really lonely and practically shunned by the rest of the characters. Because that's really how it sounds and it's just a strange way to start the novel...  ???

Lulu's and Rikku's oddities are annoying, but since the book isn't centered around them, I can forgive it if they redeem Yuna. xD

Quoted for EMPHASIS! Right!? That's what I'm sayin'. In X-2 you visit Besaid MULTIPLE times and not once does the village get in her business. You even celebrate the birth of Lu's baby and everything, there are a variety of missions that take place on Besaid - and there was nary a single psychotic Yevon-obsessed elder trying to monopolize Yuna's time. In fact, the people of the village were sporting a chill attitude about everything, it was nice. It did not feel stuffy at all, and the confrontation with Beclem showed that if anything, the village was trying to move away from vestiges of Yevon.

The only people latching on for dear life were in Bevelle. While Besaid remained largely neutral during the New Yevon/Youth League conflict, many people from Besaid had sided with the Youth League - including the Aurochs. In general, it seemed as though people were looking towards new horizons, not the past. The time of Sin was over and people no longer sought out summoners for guidance like they did before. (Until just now, when they decided to resurrect Sin, but let's not even go there. >_>)

This sh*t came WAY out of left field, it doesn't make any sense with the established canon. It's like Nojima re-wrote the history of the game, that is not alright.

And also, it's not like Besaid knew about their impending doom with the whole Shuyin/Vegnagun thing. All of that was kept low key. Besaid had no idea Yuna and co just saved the world again, what would explain their massive flocking to see her and crowd her personal space? She'd been to Besaid often since she left, it doesn't make sense for them to act so brand new.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 20, 2014, 07:43:05 pm »
All we need from this book is an update from Kimahri "The Ronso no longer respect Kimahri for being a Guardian and kicked him out of their tribe because of his broken horn" and there's plenty of time to drag Wakka's racism out of the grave with all of this new Albhed lore! Seriously though, Yuna's regression is absolutely disgusting, Lulu's makes her look like she has a mental disorder, Rikku's is odd, and even Wakka's is kind of sad. He was maturing at the end of X-2, calming down, finally comfortable in his own shoes.. He seems to be none of that here.

I think Pyreflies hit the nail on the head when mentioning the sense of FAMILY that's being ignored in this novel. Every time you turn X on, a video of everyone solemnly sitting by a fire is shown. Those characters, despite their own personal troubles, were coming together and saving the world from a 1000 year CURSE. They were oppressed, had no hope for their futures, and the world as they thought they knew it was dissolving right before their eyes. Yet here they are sitting by a fire, pushing through fear and overcoming obstacles both personal and global TOGETHER. X-2 showed all of them maturing, regaining hope, growing confident in their futures. As corny as that game got sometimes, the character development was absolutely beautiful...And there's Tidus, progressing in X from foreigner to friend, a voice of optimism in a world with little hope (there's an NPC early in X, I can't remember where, who wondered whether the next Calm would even last a year!)

I just feel like Nojima has completely forgotten all of this. He wants to introduce a new enemy? Fine. Does Sin have something to do with this new enemy? Also fine. Just pleaaasssee don't mess with the character development! He's forgotten the growth of his characters and reduced them to mere caricatures of their old personalities. Lame.
That's true. 'Family' was one of the main themes of X. Seven people, all different in personality, life goals, opinions and futures; going against the entire world and the corrupt system it's being held under just to bring peace to a land which might not even last very long. Six of those people are all loosely related to their past lives and try their best to support and comfort their shaken summoner, knowing how much of a demented hellhole Spira really was; a literal spiral of death.

The seventh person, Tidus, has no connections to any of these people save for Auron. He came from a much more comforting world and, thanks to the contrast, immediately noticed and questioned Spira's traditions and cultures. He came from somewhere where he could be genuinely happy, and Yuna and the others seeing this gave them the strength to go on. If it weren't for his optimism, Yuna might have given up hope too early. If it weren't for his curiosity, Yuna might have never contemplated the behind-the-scenes of Yevon's church. In fact, if he wasn't even there, Sin might very well have killed them all at either Operation Mi'ihen or Zanarkand Dome. So despite only knowing these people recently, he was just as vital to the journey and deserved a place in their circle. Their family, if you will.

Here comes the novella. People are already forgetting what he's done for them and his friends are not welcoming to him. The very position that brought him close to the gang (foreign and out-of-touch) is now isolating him and making him doubt himself. Alas, poor Tidus! I knew him, Nojima.

Once again: I don't hate the novella as much as I used to. I've gone from wanting to burn the book in molten magma to just... pitching it aside and taking it in jest. Just treating it like a fanfiction that's moderately more interesting than average, you know?

Guys, YES. Here comes a rant.  ;)

In the ending FMV when we see Tidus returning back to Besaid with Yuna, it looked liked ALL of the island had come out of the woodwork to see them. They knew who Tidus was (and if they didn't they seemed curious), they knew what was up and they were STOKED. It was such a positive atmosphere and it felt good to see that Tidus was being reunited with his family. Yuna's guardians and by extension - the people of Besaid, they were his new family. If it were a feature film, I'd expect "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge to start blasting while everybody hugs it out.

But here comes the opening of the book and all that falls on its ass. People act like they are not here for Tidus AT ALL, I'm like damn. Seymour's crazy ass may as well have come out of the ocean because Besaid is not giving any f*cks about Tidus and it's a shame. Nobody even gave him a hug - chile, what? We know damn well that Tidus would have gotten ALL the hugs.

Rikku, Lulu and Yuna were especially out of pocket, just what the hell happened? Why is Yuna's b*tch ass all up the butts of people in town, empathizing with some cult, paying no mind to her man, who, let's not forget because Besaid sure did, just came back from the f*cking dead. She's too nice, the book says, riiight. You nailed when you said she's acting like she's got brain damage. Girl was trippin' and so was the rest of the island. Tidus is just like WTF,  while people give him dirty looks - really? If it weren't for him ya'll would be fish food for Sin, but you're going to act real band new and pretend like he's not a legendary guardian. Okay. You mean to tell me that NOBODY knows who Tidus is or his significance, and if that was the case, that NOBODY was going to school your asses on that glaringly important fact? Okay, bish.

Yuna's apparently lost all the gumption and free will she gained over the course of two games, and she can't even recognize when BS is going down - and Besaid was most definitely on some BS. She could have stepped up and made an announcement to everyone about Tidus and what was going on, how a hero had returned and how they should be thankful and welcoming, but she acted like a straight coward and it is sad. She could have at least excused herself, but no. I can't even respect her. She should have known how insecure he felt, I want to SLAP her ass! He sure as f*ck wouldn't treat her like that. You think he'd be signing blitzballs and s*it when he's been without you, looking for you for years? Girl.

You don't deserve Tidus anymore, ho, why don't you shack up with one of those thirsty ass clowns from New Yevon. See you in Bevelle, bish. >_>

Nobody made Tidus feel particularly welcome, or loved or a part of the family. FAIL. It's not even remotely realistic and I've seen some people argue that is but I'm like please. When something major happens, people put their bulls*it aside and take in the moment. No one was there to celebrate that moment with Tidus, and he felt like sh*t as a result. Maybe the Aurochs welcomed him, though. Okay, ya'll, good job, but nobody cared about you guys in the game and nobody does now. They are such a boring non-factor that I forgot they were mentioned at all. Somehow, Tidus is getting more love from a Blitzball team than from his girlfriend. Funny stuff.

And Rikku's acting like a diva. She knows damn well that Tidus wants to see Yuna more than anything and that he's probably feeling some kind of way from being ignored. Rikku can be immature, but dude, she ain't dumb and she wasn't acting understanding at all. It was like she couldn't read the situation for what it was and then she got too much in her feelings and had a tantrum. Girl, dang, way to be a brat. Bish, why in hell would he feel like listening to you tell a story when he probably wanted to hear that all from Yuna in the first place? People done misplaced their brains all over the damn place in this book. That girl is supposed to be the least uptight and yet here she is, doing the most.

And Lulu, hell. We all know she's got a reputation for being low key sassy, she'll insult your ass right quick. But she simmered down a lot and became more warm. When the baby was on the way she got extra maternal, but damn if her maternal instincts took a seat when Tidus came out the ocean. And you'd think that since she's such an important figure in Besaid, she could tell people to back the f*ck off from Yuna, but no, she gives no f*cks either and somehow characters I liked are being ultra unlikable. She was actually supporting Yuna's BS and telling Tidus to back off. SAY WHAT, HOE!? You guys f*cking renounced Yevon, and know first hand how bad it can be. You washed your hands of that s*it and know better than to cater to people who are blinded by religion, but suddenly everyone's in a cult mindset once again. IT'S A DAMN SHAME.

They were all trying WAY too hard and doing TOO much for people who are not in the "fam"- can we say priorities, Yuna's were twisted as hell. I can practically imagine Yuna being like "Oh, I'll be right with ya' Tidus, let me just go suck this monk's d*ck first." It is sickening, those people were not respecting her or Tidus, but she felt the need to coddle them, so much for a strong heroine.  ::) There is no excuse for Yuna not talking to Tidus immediately, let alone days after the fact. Besaid Village is not that f*cking big, b*tch, it's got a population of like 32 and people live in straw huts. Take a seat, it is not that serious.

I read a fic once that was real cute. It was right after Tidus returned and Yuna didn't want to let go of his hand for a long time thereafter. Even as he was being introduced to others and such. She was insecure about losing him again and clingy, it was sweet. What is sweet about this book? Not a damn thing, as far as I can see. Next.

And Wakka, pssh, I'm not even gonna' waste my breath on that fool. He acts like he's been smokin' too much weed, doesn't know what the f*ck is going on and is okay with that.

The thing is, it wouldn't even be such a thang if everyone was actually in-character, it's like you guys say. The Farplane could be pouring out zombies and Spira could be in the midst of famine, genocide and rampant disease - but if they all just stuck together and cared for one-another I'd stomach it. That's the difference between a good story and a piece of sh*t. They weren't supposed to just tap out on each other, I wanted to feel something besides tension,  sadness and awkward. And don't get me started on the rehashing of old sh*t, lawd, Square couldn't come up with an original story so they recycled the original one + extra contrived drama, just add milk.

The weight of the previous character development was shattered and we're left with hollow characters with tattered connections. It's lost its heart and its painfully evident with only a couple chapters. I hope I'm not being too abrasive or explicit, lmao, this stuff brings out my SASS.  :D

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 20, 2014, 05:05:25 am »
Hai Crystal! ^_^

Okay, so I read the first couple chapters, and BARELY made it through before just skimming the third one because no, I do not give a fawk about those other characters.   ::)

But anyway, my opinion can be summoned up with a NOPE. Nope, just no. SMH  :( Ay dios mio, none of that crap made sense, it was not enjoyable  - do not want, abort mission. I'm GOOD, they can keep that. Won't be reading further, it'll make me toss my cookies in revulsion.

But may I just say that the imagery of a dark mass of lord knows what extending beyond Tidus's feet in the ocean - how completely terrifying and foreshadowing of what's to come in this dreg of a book. That really set the tone well - the only "compliment" I'm willing to give.

Sorry guys, you are great for translating this thing, and ChercheurObscur - I've got mad respect for you, so sweet of you to dedicate the time and energy to this.

But I can't be positive about it one bit. In fact, the book itself is the antithesis of positive, which is what I  WANTED and expected, and that's why it's so devastating. If I wanted to partake in depressing angst, I'd turn on Lifetime.

All romantic charm has been cut out of this story with Freddy Kreuger's rusty talons. I really care about the original story and characters, the kinship expressed - that love and friendship, family, yaaaas. So this book is like watching a video of nothing but people kicking puppies and stomping on kittens. I'd rather do without.

Oh, but here's a brief character synopsis:

Lulu's being a b*itch, Rikku's being a b*tch, Yuna's being a stupid, spineless b*tch and Wakka is perhaps being more stupid and oblivious than he used to be, though at least he hasn't regressed to being racist - brownie points for Wakka, ya'll. And Tidus well, he probaby needs some Paxil.

Overall, I am CHARMED, guys, let me tell you. Can't you tell?  >_>

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:19:34 am »
Chile...It's great that you're translating but I'm not even sure if I can read anymore of this novel stuff. I'm kind of in the mindset of washing my hands of it all. Square done pissed me off, they really showed some AUDACITY here, and I'm still mad.

Them editing the Last Mission stuff for example, still can't wrap my head around that one, that really was the last straw for me. As has been mentioned before with the novel, one of the most frustrating things about it is the apparent regression of character everyone's gone through. It's just a hot mess and I don't think it will ever appear as anything remotely close to "good" in my view. And I don't even understand the need for a back story, I mean, who cares about the history of some dead randoms on an island? And killing Tidus? No, babe, NO. Like KK said, they treat their precious Cloud and Lightning like gods, but Tidus is just a disposable joke apparently. Alright, then.

My trust in Square has diminished significantly from this fiasco (and really, the disappointment that was FFXIII as well). They can keep their little novel and I'm just going to pay it dust and pretend it never existed.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
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bad spirits get sent to Hell (apparently Hell is a thing in Spira)

uuh... What do you mean here ? Hell is hell, Satan, etc... (but your sentence may be something special in english I don't know)

Also, keep in mind the last sentences of this chapter... In the future, you may merge them with something else...  :P

Well, it's rather strange because the "Hell" that we know of has never been mentioned in Spira. The afterlife has always been only referred to as the Farplane, with no distinction between good and bad, or "Heaven" and "Hell".  Aside from the existence of souls, priests, monks and such, there is no direct reference to any of our real world folklore and religious beliefs, so it's kind of bizarre that there' d suddenly be mention of a "Hell" at all.

I don't even know what to make of that. It's akin to them talking about Roman Gods and Godesses. Hell is a concept of many religions on Earth, not in Spira. Ain't no Satan in Spira. Until, now apparently, lmao.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 20, 2014, 12:50:10 am »
Hold up...Square Enix issued an official French translation, but not an English one? Okay then, Square, I see how it is.

"On another note, I was browsing a thread on Mognetcentral yesterday, and I found some other questionable details from the guy who first suggested the 'boat sex' theory. First up is the fact that during blitzball practice, Tidus has gotten worse at blitzball and can't catch up with the Aurochs. I don't know if it's just rust, though. Either way, it makes him really sad.

Second is at this point, Yuna is still talking to the vilage elders. Tidus then figures that if he made the elders 'disappear,' everything will return to normal and he'll have Yuna to himself... Yeah. Granted, I don't competely blame him, but picturing this depressed Tidus planning a serial murder just... it's disturbing."

If it's true about Tidus not being able to keep up with the Aurochs, damn. Can we just talk about how unrealistic that is for a moment? Tidus lived, breathed, and ate blitzball since he was in diapers. For all intents and purposes I think we were supposed to consider him as one of the fittest people in Dream Zanarkand as well as Spira. Now they're trying to tell us that he couldn't keep up with the Aurochs, who we all know suck hard core balls - I'm pretty sure there are little league blitzball teams beating them. To make an analogy using music, the Aurochs are like the Vanilla Ice of blitzball, ain't nobody out there for them and they haven't had a hit in over 20 years . And Tidus is supposed to be the Michael Jackson of blitzball. (Ha ha, snuck that one right in there, Crystal. :3)

Tidus was destined to be a star and talent's in his DNA - he's not just going to lose it. I don't care if he was literally sleeping in the ocean for two years, he should've been able to out jog them bishes. We all know that the Aurochs just sit around eating the Spiran equivalent of cheeseburgers and m*sturbating, they are not conditioned athletes. So in conclusion, Tidus having inferior game to them is just f***ed up.

If this is true, they've successfully taken the two things that matter the most to him in the world - Yuna and blitzball. Square really stabbed his heart, it's like they're the diabolical villain trying to go after Tidus's biggest weaknesses, hm, did we just segue into a plot for Spider-Man?

After awakening from a coma induced by saving New York City from the most dire evil yet, Peter Parker has discovered his arachnoid powers are defunct, street vandals have stolen his costume and Mary Jane is screwing the Green Goblin.

This might just make Tiida into a serial killer...... I'm not gonna' lie, that'd be totally cool.  :-X  Just, it would have been nice if they made such a plotline separate from the main one. You know, it's something that's just fine for fanfiction but not actually in-game universe, canon for serious and not for lulz.  >:( I wonder what they're thinking about all this at Square headquarters. Are people giving Nojima the side-eye, are they laughing at us? To be a fly on the wall who speaks Japanese. :/

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