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Please show massive appreciation for ChercheurObscur! I have just ironed out the wordings in his translations.

If it were not for him, this thread would have never existed in the first place!

Our goal is to translate the entire novel. Please express your opinions on the novel's contents in the thread called, 'Final Fantasy X-2.5: The Truth' OR 'The Novella: Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eternal Cost~'

Have fun reading!

Update (ChercheurObscur) : Please show appreciation for kk too !

NOTE: In order to find chapters, press Ctrl + F and type in the chapter and number.


Chapter 1

Tidus was huddled up and was drifting in the darkness. Pictures were showing themselves in his mind. Was he able to see them, or were they only simple memories? He did not know. He was making out a man; he had a wide back covered by a stream of hairs and a woman was cuddled up against him: his parents. One day, his father had disappeared, and her mother had died of sorrow. As Tidus had suffered when he had understood he would not be able to comfort her, that her only son was insufficient! The pain, intact, woke up in his chest.

Just after, he was facing a huge crowd. He answered the cheering with a euphoric smile. Strangely, all sadness had left him... How was it possible? He gave in to this new sensation of well-being, and the questions which were bombarding him flew by.

A terrible monster had attacked his home, Zanarkand. Overcome by panic, Tidus had run for his life then had got lost.

Do not worry; he had only come to find you.

After spending hours swimming in Spira’s ocean, the young man had got closer to the coast. The scenery which was giving itself to Tidus, so different from his native region, had thrown him off balance. Despite everything, kindness and softness from inhabitants had put the smile back on Tidus' face. He had made some friends, they had travelled together. His sword in his hand, he had hunted down a lot of monsters.

He had fallen in love too. The day they had confessed to each other, Tidus had understood their story was impossible. Although it was a losing battle, he had refused to submit himself to destiny.

He was contemplating a sea made of clouds, memories of the day he had left Spira.

He was looking at himself from the back, on board the aircraft. Shadowing his fear, he had run along the deck before rushing forward.

Suddenly, his chest exploded with pain.


This cry shook his mind.

I am back, Yuna!

His view was not obstructed anymore: the limit between the darkness which was surrounding him and his own body had become clear. He felt pulled from chaos which was wrapping him.

I am coming!

His foot propelled him with all their strength to the world of Yuna.

He was coming closer to a boundary, the limit between "here" and "there". A luminous wall appeared to blink. Was it a call, or the symbol of a radiant world? Tidus was swimming upwards, always upwards. He was a splendid swimmer.

He broke through the wall and the light dazzled him. Then he discovered the white and azure world which was extending beyond the boundary. The air filled his lungs. He grimaced, surprised by an almost forgotten sensation; a smell was tickling his nostrils.

He was surrounded by the huge and endless ocean. Under his foot, Tidus seemed to discern the movement of a massive being. It was the living darkness with which he was part of, just an instant ago. If he was not careful, it was going to claim him back to itself.

I will not let myself be pushed around! I have just come back...

He turned over then discovered an island. A hill was overlooking a verdant triangle: Besaid. The waves were caressing a deserted beach. He whistled with his fingers. Although he received no answer, he felt reassured. His senses did not lie to him, everything was real. Even if nobody was present to answer his call, he was happy to hear this sound.

He started to swim toward the coast. Who was he going to meet first, when will he reach the shore?

Where are you, Yuna?

Just now, a deafening rumble cleared up the sky. Tidus looked up and discovered a sparkling colourful aircraft. Instinctively, the young man tried to get away from it. The aircraft initiated a large circle above him. Then a hatch opened and revealed a well-known figure: Yuna.

Without hesitation, she jumped into the void. Tidus watched her diving in direction of the surface of the ocean. She was wearing bright tinted clothes he had never seen. That is not the Yuna I know, he surprised himself by thinking. But this doubt disappeared when he perceived joy through the eyes of the young girl. She hurried to him in order to embrace him. Just now, he knew nothing else meant to her, and this feeling made him immensely happy.

“Is that really you?” she asked after hesitating.

“I think so.”

He wanted her to answer herself this question. She moved away from him and examined him as if she wanted to be sure about his identity.


“Yes, it is really you.”

He let out a cry of relief.

“I am back!”

He clamped his arms around her and held her in his arms. During a short moment, he had been afraid of being rejected.

“I am back,” he repeated in Yuna's ears, again and again.

She embraced him in return:

“It is you, it is really you...”

A voice disrupted them:

“Hey, lovebirds! Are we bothering you?”


Tidus turned around in the direction of the coast. The little cove was swarming with people. He recognized Wakka and Lulu among the crowd of villagers.

“Oh, give us one minute at least!”

Tidus ended up grabbing Yuna's hand in order to drag her down to the beach. A new life was starting for him, a life only dedicated to their happiness. This thought was sending him into transports of joy.

“You are different...”

“I have experienced so many things during your absence!” she answered.

Her proud way of speaking surprised him, but he decided to not care about it. As long as he could run by her side, past was not important.

“I want to know everything!”


The villagers have been waiting impatiently for the return of Yuna; she had been gone for a long time. Tidus has known most of people here. They greeted him. There were Datto, Letty, Botta, Jassu, Keepa... What a pleasure to meet his playmates from the Besaid Aurochs once again!

Quite proud, Wakka introduced a swaddled infant in a cover to him:

“I am presenting you Vidina. He is adorable, don't you think?”

“Absolutely. But... may I ask who the mother is?”

“It is me,” a curt voice declared.

Tidus made an about-turn then found himself face to face with an opulent chest... Lulu's, to be precise.

“Well, we know who he takes after in the case of beauty,” the young man declared.

Lulu laughed, then took the infant from Wakka's arms.

“How many times did I tell you to not expose him to the wind of the open sea?”

“This is a child of the coast, what is the matter?”

“You could have waited for the beginning of the tide!”

“But, honey...”

A smile on his face, Tidus interposed himself between the parents:

“Hey, congratulations! You are finally living as a couple? I knew it!”

“Yes,” Lulu conceded. “Nothing extraordinary to be honest, and sometimes I feel like I have had enough of this...”

“Well thanks!” Wakka protested.

She ignored her partner:

“Say, Tidus, will you be staying here for a while?”

“If you want me here,” he answered with a worried tone.

“I see. Don't be mistaken, you are most welcome here.”

Lulu watched around them. The crowd started to leave the beach.

“We should go back to the village too.”

She swaddled her baby to her chin and joined people who were returning home. Tidus understood Lulu’s sudden goodbye since the baby was her priority, but he suddenly felt abandoned.

Wakka gave him a tap on the back:

“Let's go!”

On the road, the members of the Aurochs came to talk with him in turns. They told him about what happened to them during his absence, and the young man had felt like he had never left. Datto and Keepa told him about their progress, and it made him quite proud. New players had moved in on the island in order to join the team – news which touched him deeply. The tournament in which he had participated two years ago appeared to be the triggering factor.

They walked half an hour before arriving at the village.

“Tonight, we have planned a banquet, directed by the elders,” Lulu explained. “Help with the preparations, show yourself in your best light. Make a good impression! But before all that, you can rest there if you want.”

She was indicating the highest tent of the village. Tidus recognized the Crusaders’ dormitory.

“What do they do these days?” he asked.

“These days? Whatever they want. Yuna's room is inside the temple... in the same place as always.”

“Oh oh!” Wakka said teasingly.

He was carrying an armful of wood, probably in order to feed the blaze of the banquet. Tidus' cheeks did not need fire to become red and scorching.

“I know what you are up to, you two!” Lulu said curtly. “I forbid you to go there, Tidus! Your behaviour must not lead to confusion, at least until Yuna presents you to the elders. Furthermore, your attitude will determine villagers' opinion toward you. And since the temple has become useless, Yuna must support an idle clergy. She is not free to act, do not forget that.”

Lulu ended her tirade with a shrug, and her child struggled in her arms.

“Is she not happy?”

“Ask her yourself.”

“What you are telling me is not like her.”

Lulu appeared to agree with him.

“From what I have seen, her feelings are quite lukewarm: she feels responsible for the situation but the village stifles her. Therefore she flies over the region with Rikku and her team.”

“What do they do?”

“You will have to ask her about this too. But meanwhile, do not do something which could harm her.”

“Got it.”

Lulu went back to her own tent, and Tidus met the Aurochs. Yuna was standing before the temple, within reach of voice, however the young man could not talk to her. It appeared that the entire village had something to tell her, with no chance of escape. Of course, she could have come up with an excuse to leave, but she was too polite to do that. Kindness was Yuna's strength, and at this moment, this quality was not failing to irritate Tidus.

“She wants to talk to you too, I am sure,” Wakka declared.

The man tried to negotiate with the elders, but they refused to let the summoner go.

“They are keeping a sharp eye on you!” the young father exclaimed as soon as he came

“Why? I was Yuna's guardian, and I stuck by her all the way. I deserve recognition and respect, and yet no one expresses either of them.”

“If you say so!” a derisive voice declared behind his back.

Rikku just arrived this moment. Because of her tanned body, she seemed stronger than in his memories.

“Hi, Tidus! It has been a long time!” she exclaimed.

She made an about-turn to call someone. A woman moved forward, she had smooth hair, a stern face, and black clothes displaying only her shoulders. The contrast with Rikku was startling.

“This is Paine, a friend. She has worked with Yuna.”

“Yuna talked to me about you,” the woman declared. “Actually, it was more like harping…”

She examined Tidus for a moment, as if she wanted to gauge him.

“Two years have passed,” Rikku said distantly. “and yet...”

The teenager got closer to Tidus until her nose brushed the young man and scrutinized him in her turn.

Two years... Tidus felt his stomach turning into lead. Through his conversations, he had understood that his absence had lasted several months. But two whole years...

“You are the same as always!” Rikku concluded.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry. He ended up giving a faint smile.

“Easy for you to say, look at yourself...”

Rikku leaned and folded her arms under her chest. Tidus caught sight of Yuna behind her back.

“You too, have not changed,” he finished absent-mindedly.

He was worried about Yuna. Her taste in clothing was different, and he was wondering if he was missing something else about her.

“Hey, I am here! Rikku exclaimed pouting. “You are different!”

“You just said the opposite,” Tidus told her.

“I am talking about your appearance. Inside, you are not the same. In the past, you were a bit stupider, but you were nicer at least.”

“Thank you for the compliment!”

They burst out laughing, and she began to narrate the events of the two last years. She told him about the Movement for the Truth, the sphere hunters and the Gullwings... At first, Tidus was questioning them, but he ended up annoyed by this flood of unknown names.

“You had fun, I can tell.”

“It looks like it is bothering you...”

“I don't have anything to talk about on my side, it is frustrating. Two years of absence, and not a single new thing... What might I have gone through all this time?”

“A break,” Paine said.

Her crooked grin made Tidus think she was joking. But he was sure of something: he could not discover what had happened to him these last two years if he stood rooted to the spot speaking.

“In any case, I am happy you had fun. If you had spent your days weeping over my absence, I would have felt guilty.”

He had spoken lightly, but Rikku frowned.

“I have not cried! I was angry. I needed to understand, to know what had happened to you, and why. I ended up giving up, but...”


“Yuna seemed to take pleasure with the Gullwings' activities. But in my opinion, she made use of her time. She probably joined joyfully in sphere hunting or concerts, but ultimately, her only goal... was you. She wanted to find you again. Or forget you. I don't know.”


“Yes. She left the village when she saw you in a sphere.”

“Excuse me?”

“This boy: Shuyin, and Lenne: the girl he loved, had lived a thousand years ago. She was a summoner and a famous singer. They had experienced many things, but what you need to know is that Shuyin was your spitting image. Yuna has even wondered whether or not it was you. She had believed that she had a chance to find you again.

But after all that, we had found ourselves in front of a thousand-year-old war machine!” Rikku declared.

“Are you serious?”

It was a tall story, and yet Tidus had to admit that the reality often defied common sense. He decided to stay quiet.

“I know, it is unbelievable,” Rikku answered. “but I have seen it with my own eyes, and I must acknowledge that. If I had wondered about this, I would be dead before understanding what was happening.”

In order to illustrate her words, she gripped her hands around his neck and stuck her tongue out.

“The machine was named Vegnagun,” Paine declared. “It was enormous, and would have massacred everyone had Lenne not stopped Shuyin. But he activated her once more, and we had to deal with it.”

She screwed up her eyes and stared at Tidus.

“What are you looking at?” Tidus asked.

“According to Yuna, the Fayth would have promised her your return in exchange for having saved Spira.”

“So I am here thanks to him?”

“No!” Rikku exclaimed. “Yuna went out of her way to find you, not him!”

The other conversations broke off and everyone turned toward the little group. The elders were surrounding their summoner and Tidus felt the heavy pressure of their eyes. His eyes met those of Yuna. He read the words "sorry" and "later" on the lips of the young girl.

He smiled. Then, thinking he had to show his disappointment because of her restraint, he shrugged. Once again, Yuna said "later", enunciating carefully the syllables. An old woman frowned, staring at the young man and the summoner in turns. She reprimanded Yuna, who apologized profusely.

But "later" appeared to never come.

The elders still spoke to her for a long time, then a matron declared that Yuna must change and carried her away inside the temple. On the advice of Lulu, Tidus joined in the preparations of the banquet. Since the entire village was active, he ended up soon having nothing to do. With an embarrassed smile, he ended up joining Rikku and Paine.
They all spoke for a moment. They told him about what had happened during his absence and Kimahri Ronso. They alluded to New Yevon, the Youth League and the Machine Faction.

The more they were enlarging on Yuna's concert, the more they were irritating him. He had the impression that they were making light of the life-threatening adventure they all had.

“What’s the matter?” Rikku asked. “Are you in a bad mood?”

“Of course not...”

“Yeah, sure! You are going too far. I did my best to tell you everything, and you... If that is how it is, fine! I am going back to the aircraft!”

Tidus was asked by Paine to tell Yuna that they were going to leave and that they would come back in a few days. He barely mumbled some words by way of answer.

Nothing worse than to be alone in the middle of a crowd busy with a lot of things. He did not want that, he took refuge under the tent and he let himself fall onto a bed. His mind was full of questions and thoughts as the day was fading. Soon, Tidus thought. He closed his eyes and imagined Yuna's plausible face when she would finally meet him.

Wakka woke him up.

FFX-2 General / Last Mission (English dubbed)
« on: March 29, 2014, 04:41:40 am »
Finally, the localisation we've all been waiting for for ten years!

Japanese name: Yadonoki Tower (Yadonoki is Japanese Al Bhed for 'Maboroshi,' which translates to 'phantom' or 'illusion.')

English name: Iutycyr Tower (Iutycyr (pronounced you-ta-seer) is Al Bhed for 'Eidolon.')



1st - 10th Floor + Cutscene:

11th - 20th Floor + Cutscene:

21st - 30th Floor + Cutscene:

31st - 40th Floor + Cutscene:

41st - 50th Floor + Cutscene:

51st - 60th Floor + Cutscene:

61st - 70th Floor + Cutscene:

71st - 80th Floor (Final Boss) + Cutscene + Ending:

FFX General / FFX/X-2 Voice Actors
« on: March 22, 2014, 01:16:56 pm »
So I know all of you... 'enjoy' the charming voice acting in these games, but what you didn't probably know is that these voice actors are actually quite professional and have done a lot of work before and after these games were released. In fact, some are very active in the VA business today.

This is an information thread about the voice actors, who they voiced and what other works they have done.


James Arnold Taylor: voiced Tidus and Shuyin. He debuted on his voice work voicing Muzu from the English dub of Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. He has done tons of work in the VA industry, currently doing the voice of Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank, the Leader from Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Johnny Test and most of the villains from Johnny Test, Fred Flintstone and many more characters. He also did Yggdrasil from Tales of Symphonia, Leonardo from TMNT (2007), Wooldor Sockbat and the Jew Producer from Drawn Together and was the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plokoon from the now-finished Clone Wars TV series. He is now, out of Ewan McGregor, Alec Guinness and himself, the actor who has played Obi-Wan Kenobi for the longest time period. He's also known for providing voice doubling for Michael J. Fox, Nicolas Cage, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp, among others.

Before his performance in FFX, he was quite obscure and not well known, only just getting into the VA industry several years after his job of working on radio plays, and only doing minor voices. While he was voice doubling Michael J. Fox's role as Milo Thatch for Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Jack Fletcher, the voice director for Atlantis and FFX, heard his voice and auditioned him for a 'top secret' role, which was Tidus' English voice. After it was released, his business skyrocketed due to the success of FFX, and has since then been accepted into many more major roles in both movies, TV and video games. To this day, James credits his role as Tidus for his success.


Hedy Burress: voiced Yuna and Anima's Fayth. She also did the voice of Brigitte "Rosie" Stark from Valkyria Chronicles I and II; as well as Chloe Bixen in the sequel, Sonia Redbird from Project Sylpheed, various voices in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Agrias Oaks from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, and a few others.

She debuted in her small job as a voice actor with FFX. Her main profession is being an American actress. She debuted in the acting business in the 1996 movie Foxfire, playing Maddy Wirtz. She is also a theatre actress. Since then, she has appeared in many TV programs and movies; such as ER. House M.D., Cabin by the Lake, The Animatrix, and more.


John DiMaggio: voiced Wakka and Kimahri. He has also done tons of work in the VA industry, probably best-known for voicing Bender from Futurama. He also voiced Jake from Adventure Time, Tiny from Crash Nitro Kart, Gilgamesh from FF XII and XIII-2, all the penguins from The Penguins of Madagascar, G.I. Jeremy from Johnny Bravo, and many more.

In 2001, he won an Annie for his outstanding performance as Bender from Futurama. Funnily enough, he, along with the rest of the cast, was also nominated for a Golden Raspberry in 2011 for the Worst Screen Ensemble in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but didn't win.


Paula Tiso: voiced Lulu and the fayth of the Magus Sisters. She has done a moderate amount of voice work in video games, such as Jihl Nabaat from FF XIII(-2), Laughing Octopus from MGS4, Blake Hargrove from Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, many voices in EverQuest II, and more. She has done a few anime roles such as Ruby in Burn-Up Excess and Ohka in :hack//Legend of the Twilight.

She is married to famous voice actor Paul Mercier, known for his role as Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4.


Matt McKenzie: voiced Auron. Surprisingly, the only other video game role he has done as a voice actor is Shen from League of Legends. However, he is an American actor, and has appeared in lots of movies and shows, such as Mr. Hayman from Pet Shop of Horrors, Gary from Two and a Half Men, Dr. Weld Ram from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Doctor Fedler from House M.D.,and other mostly minor roles.

Due to his naturally gruff voice, the characters that he plays or voices have always been serious or grumpy. He has also performed in theatres such as the Pacific Resident, Old Globe and Notre Dame.


Tara Strong: voiced Rikku. She is a very prolific voice actor, having doing tons of roles in television, video games and films. She debuted her voice work in 1986, voicing Anna from The Care Bears. Her most noteworthy roles are Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, (Princess) Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Raven from Teen Titans, Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents, Dil Pickles from Rugrats, Ben Tennyson from Ben 10, and Juliet Starling from surely you jestlipop Chainsaw. She is friends with James Arnold Taylor, having worked with him on several projects; being Talwyn from Ratchet and Clank, both Princess Clara and Toot Braunstein from Drawn Together, and Janella from TMNT.

Tara was nominated for four Annie Awards and a Daytime Emmy. She also won an Interactive Achievement Award for her performance as Rikku in X-2. Her first major role as a voice actor was Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theatre. She moved to Los Angeles due to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.


Will update with more characters in time.

FFX General / Final Fantasy X/X-2 Theories
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:35:54 pm »
The world of Spira is not without its mysteries. What was the world like before the Machina War? What could possibly be on those unexplored islands and landmarks that we never got to go to? Was there more to the summoners before they just became weapons capable of destroying Sin? Is there a whole other world full of secrets on the other side of the barrier between life and death?

Any fan speculations, pertaining to the nature of the actual world of Spira or the technical and conceptual world behind the scenes can be posted here.

For example: My theory is that Macalania Woods is based on the Norse myth of Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil is basically the Genesis of the Norse cosmology; the World Tree. Yggdrasil is a holy ash tree in which the gods visit daily, and has three worlds (wells) connected to its roots. These three worlds have separate guardian creatures protecting them: an eagle, four stags, and a wyrm.

The woods in Macalania is heavily populated by springs. One of Yggdrasil's worlds, Hvergelmir, is actually a spring. The two most famous trees in Macalania is the one at where Tidus and Yuna fall in love (Mysteriously, in X-2, the tree in the middle of the spring is the only one in that area that is still alive.) and the tree at the spring where spherewater is created and collected. It's a bit of a stretch, but these trees could bear some referencing to Yggdrasil, since their roots seem to be making the majority of their structure, and Yggdrasil's roots play a very vital part.

Macalania Woods is also protected by three musicians: Borra, Pukutak, and Doyra. Borra represents a bird-like creature. Pukutak represents a sort of deer-like animal. Doyra could represent a wyrm because of the horns on his head, but his face makes him out to be more of an amphibian, so it might be a stretch.

So: Macalanian Trees = Yggdrasil. Woods = Hvergelmir. Guardians of Macalania: Guardian creatures of Yggdrasil's worlds.

It fits, doesn't it?

FFX-2 General / Dressphere Gallery/Requests
« on: February 15, 2014, 06:37:34 am »
So yesterday, Internal and I were talking about making the forum into an ultimate X/X-2 symposium/fan hangout since the sad reveal that there probably won't be an X-3.

The first idea that came to our minds was to make a gallery where we can showcase our original dressphere concepts, designs, and dressphere icons. Much like all those scrapped ideas from the International + Last Mission dressphere contest. We can also make alternate designs to the existing dresspheres in the game, such as making a different outfit or making a version for men. They can be male, female, or both. And so, here we are.

Also, if you would like to see a visual version of your idea for a dressphere, but are inconfident in your ability to draw, you can make a request to have another person on the forum, like Internal or me, draw it for you. To do so, put [REQUEST] in your post along with the name and brief description of your dressphere. If they accept, don't expect them to do it right away. Art takes time, after all. If they decline, don't complain. Wait until somebody else takes up the challenge.

If you want to get really creative, you can also, along with your design, provide it with attacks, abilities, and even new moves exclusive to the dressphere.

To start off, I'll provide you all with three dressphere ideas of my own.

Fiend Slayer - The soul of a master slayer; feared yet despised by fiends everywhere. Design is based on multiple skins and carcasses of fiends that you find throughout the game. Weapon is based on a Sinspawn from FFX. Because of the veteran status, killing fiends is much easier to do in this dressphere; dealing double damage and increasing the chance of getting a critical hit. However, it comes with an Auto-Provoke status, targeting a random fiend and making that fiend only attack the user. The attack bonus also doesn't apply to machina and human enemies.

Strongest stats: Strength, Luck, Accuracy
Weakest stats: Magic defence, Speed

Abilities: All Breaks, Pilfer Gil, Battle Cry, Scan, Sword Dance

Made a design of this:

Reversal - The soul of a person overcome with darkness, yet not a fiend. Design is based on a corrupt half-human, half-fiend hybrid with alien instincts and movements. Think of Sora's Anti Form from Kingdom Hearts 2. In this dressphere, the user is granted with greatly increased stats and stronger spells. However, you can't control which enemy it targets. The user can even attack its allies. Item usage and accessory bonuses do not apply in this dressphere. Attacking the user with an ally heals it, and using healing items on the user with an ally deals damage to it. Once changed into Reversal, the user can't change out of it for the rest of the battle. Reversal can't be equipped as a default dressphere.

Strongest stats: Strength, Speed, Evasion, Magic
Weakest stats: Defence, Magic Defence, Luck

Abilities: Blue Claws (Blue Magic), Frantic Tear, (Attacks multiple targets eight times. Enemies and allies are both subjected.) Mad Rush, Darkness

Cyberstriker - Malicious circuits from the time of ancient Zanarkand. Design is based on a futuristic/robotic armour: think of Tron. The dressphere is meant to represent a computer virus/trojan, making its Speed and Strength/Magic stats incredibly high, and has a robotic parasitic partner. It deals double damage to machina enemies. Cyberstriker will start off lacking in the Defence/Magic Defence stats, but the more enemies are defeated with Cyberstriker, the higher they will get. Most attacks deal minimum damage, but have multiple strikes.

Strongest Stats: Speed, Strength, Magic, HP
Weakest Stats: Defence, Magic Defence, Evasion

Abilities: Thunderstorm, (Deals multiple low-hitting Thunder elemental attacks to a foe.) Monsoon, (Same as Thunderstorm, only with Water elemental.) Flaming Brimstone, (Fire elemental) Hailstorm, (Ice elemental) Bide, (Stops enemy's ATB bar for 5 seconds) Shutdown (Halves opponent's HP. Takes a third off of boss's HP. Only works on machina enemies.)

Check it out! I made a design of this:

I might provide drawings of these in the future, (using Tidus, of course. Muahahah) but for now, I'll leave you all to it and I'll try thinking of more ideas.

FFX-2 General / Fiend Tales
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:39:15 am »
In the International + Last Mission version of X-2, a major feature alongside the Coliseum and the Creature Creator was the Fiend Tales. Capturing fiends allows Shinra to analyse them and become friends with them, giving us a side to the fiends that we had never seen before. Each fiend has their own personality and desires, some of which will tell you how they died and even imply that they can become humans again if they find out how.

Levelling up fiends in your team will reveal more of their story and wants to you, and when you get far enough, you will unlock their Creature Ending. These are non-voice acted cutscenes that involve Shinra releasing the fiend, and having the fiend either getting their wish granted and resting in peace, or running off and adapting to their new lifestyle.

This is a guide to the summaries of the fiends' stories and endings. I will update it over time.




A former monk of Yevon from the time of Lady Yocun. Cause of death is unknown. Despite his old age, he swears to be Yuna's guardian and to stay by her side until they reach Zanarkand. He still thinks that Sin and Yevon's teachings are around and that machina are forbidden; mistaking the Celsius for a boat being attacked by Sin's storms. When he is told that the Celsius is powered by machines, that the Calm is eternal, and that Yuna is a sphere hunter, he gets angry and denies it. He demands that they go to Zanarkand and meet with Yunalesca who, unbeknownst to him, isn't around anymore.


Arriving in Zanarkand, Sallet sees that the ruins have been turned into a tourist attraction, and are also a breeding ground for monkeys. Realising that Yunalesca no longer resides in Spira and that he doesn't belong, he takes one last look at Zanarkand's night sky and accepts Spira's new age. Dissolving into pyreflies, he leaves Spira in Yuna's hands.



A Bicocette that claims to have the ability to use Doom. Cause of death is unknown, though he claims to have 'messed up'. He claims to once have been a petty thief that made a pact with the Angel of Death. Death gave him his powers and told Bicocette to reap human souls for him. Upon his death, his partners sealed his powers, but didn't send him to the Farplane. Eventually the seal breaks, and he goes out to hunt down his former friends.


Bicocette returns to his hideout with his regained power. He plans to use Doom on his partners. However, he starts to regret it when things get out of hand. Death tortures and kills his friends, and Bicocette runs away, saying that he only wanted to scare them and make them apologise for making fun of him. He fears what his friends would think of him when they reunite in the Farplane. Death appears before him and says that he will never reach the Farplane anyway, and attacks him. The screen fades to white, ending with Death saying that he craves the souls of fiends that have sunk to the lowest depths.



N/A (Creature lives to fight.)





A female sailor who used to be married. Cause of death: Sin's attack on Kilika. She says she is happy to be a fiend, because her human life was so difficult. Recently, she had regained her memories of her human life, saying that she probably forgot it because she didn't want to remember. She says that there is a cave where fiends work together to build new lives. She is reminded of the 'battles' she had when she was married. She was wooed by her husband to move to Kilika from Besaid. Her husband was a good man, but was submissive to his mother. Armet's mother-in-law and sister-in-law abused her when her husband wasn't around, which resulted in her fighting back. When she died to Sin, her and her mother-in-law still argued back then. She concludes by saying she was grateful for making those memories, and that she should get back to the cave.


Armet returns to the cave, meeting up with a Bully Cap. The Bully Cap suspiciously says to Armet that she came back early. Bully Cap then proceeds to reveal that she had also regained her memories. Armet figures out that the Bully Cap is indeed her mother-in-law. MIL jokes that their fates have conjoined. Armet's sister-in-law, a Thunder Flan, drops in, telling Armet to hurry up and make dinner. Armet gets dizzy from the realization that she is stuck with her abusers again. SIL asks if dinner is ready. SIL complains that Armet made so little in so much time. MIL tells Armet to do the cleaning and laundry, who then collapses and weeps, her morsel of food still in front of her. MIL and SIL eat their food, only to freak out over its spiciness. Armet is seen laughing behind a wall. The screen fades to black, saying that it's the start of Round 2.

(Fun fact: The food model that Armet gives to MIL and SIL is the same model for the tray of food that Rikku gives to Tidus on the Salvage Ship in FFX.)



An admirer of the Gullwings. Cause of death is unknown. She says that she found out about the trap pods in Gagazet from a friend, so she purposefully got caught in one of them to join the Gullwings. She says it's because she admired a specific person in the Gullwings, which turns out to be Brother from her (amusing) description. She says that she first saw Brother when he jumped ship to save Yuna in the Gagazet ruins. Brother's affection for Yuna touched Bascinet in a way. She reveals that she's been practising her body language to be just like Brother, and that she thinks that she and Brother have come to a deeper understanding. She wants to become Brother's best student, and goes to tell him how she feels.


Bascinet meets with Brother at Bikanel's oasis, and plans to ask him to become his number one apprentice. She hopes that her body language is good enough. Bascinet tries to communicate with Brother through body language: 'LET-ME-BE-YOUR-APPRENTICE.' Brother, not being the smartest person in the world, misinterprets her gestures as 'WHAT-IS-YOUR-NAME'. He plays along, saying 'MY-NAME-IS-BROTHER.' Bascinet also misinterprets his gestures, thinking it's 'THE-PATH-WILL-BE-DIFFICULT.' She responds with 'NO-THANK-YOU.' Brother thinks she said 'WILL-YOU-MARRY-ME'. It sends Brother on a frenzy, which Bascinet interprets as 'TOO-SOON.'  Thinking it's him rejecting her request to be his apprentice, she is disappointed. Brother, in relation to her not-quite-proposal, quietly says to himself that it's from a friend. Bascinet hears this, misinterpreting it as her second chance.



Cause of death is unknown. She talks in vague sentences, saying that it's too cramped, and that she won't do well with the 'neighbours'. She is hesitating to say hi to them. She then thinks she's too sensitive, and that she'll never make friends. She says that she met someone in Kilika, and that she asked him to come and hang out. The man didn't seem sure, so she said that he could bring his friends. His friends agree and she is delighted, but says to keep it a secret. She then says that it was fun at first, and that they got along, but then they kept refusing to go home. She then thinks that she sees 'smaller ones'. She is afraid that the Gullwings will fire her for this. Later, the smaller ones have multiplied so much that the room is about to burst. She panics about what to do, when she notices some of them leaving.


Heavy Sallet goes to confront the Gullwings, who then spills her dilemma to them. She apologises. Rikku, who has a monkey on her head, is looking irritated at Heavy Sallet. It is revealed that the 'smaller ones' are the Zanarkand monkeys, which have invaded the entire cabin. HS apologises again, and says that she'll gather them up and leave. Afterwards, Shinra is seen cradling one of the monkeys in his arms, saying that it's his.



Cause of death is unknown. He acts as a delivery service exclusive to fiends. He hates humans, and says that they and fiends will never get along. He gets an order from an Iron Giant to deliver a huge pillow to an ochu on the Mushroom Rock Road. He drops it, but a 'fat chocobo rancher' helped him out.  He says that he's quite helpful for a human, and hope that the chocobos don't eat him. He gets a special delivery: deliver a datachip to a machina in Bikanel. He mentions how times have changed because he is working for a machine, and that it was on the verge of breaking down. When he delivered the chip, he was shocked to see that the Al Bhed girl he gave the package to was worried for the machina like it was her child. He gets a delivery from a coeurl in Djose to deliver a gift to his grandson in, but Divebeak doesn't want to do it since his grandson is a human. The coeurl started crying, and Divebeak gave in. When he delivered the gift, the grandson started crying too. Divebeak can't bear crybabies, and says that this is the first and last time he ever deals with humans.


Divebeak says that the next delivery is a little special. This time, it's a request from the coeurl's grandson. He found Divebeak's records, and begged him until he accepted the job. He says that the grandson has a friend who's very sick, and was asked to deliver medicine to him. Divebeak must go through the Thunder Plains. He complains about the weather, and is almost struck by lightning. He says his wings are getting heavy. Meanwhile, an Ahriman tells his boss, a Humbaba, that he spotted the one who 'works for humans'. Humbaba blocks Divebeak's path. Divebeak tells him to get out of his way. Humbaba tries to shame his working for humans, and starts to attack Divebeak. Divebeak evades, and tells Humababa that this is an important delivery to him, but he still chases after him. Eventually, Divebeak is getting affected by the weather, but still presses on. He gets to the Thunder Plains inn, and drops off the medicine. Making it in time, Divebeak collapses and dissolves into pyreflies, saying that jobs like this aren't so bad. Fading to black, it's said that the boy recovered, and keeps a feather that he found outside the inn with him at all times.



Cause of death: fiend attack. He tells Shinra to stop peering into his soul to figure him out; he has nothing to say. He asks why he won't be left alone, and just wants to be left unnoticed until he's released. He says that he always look out the window from his small room in a temple, with no friends and family. He wonders if anything would change if he vanishes. After supposedly being orphaned by Sin, he was raised in Kilika Temple. He thinks that his parents being killed by Sin was a lie, countering with why he would be the only one alive and left all alone. The monks told him that many others were orphaned, and told Peregrine to be strong for Spira's future and hope. He says that he didn't want to live in a sad world. One night, he made a bet and fled the temple, not caring that the woods were dangerous. He felt that if he couldn't get through the forest, he wouldn't be strong enough to go on. When a fiend attacked him, he said that that was the one time he wanted to live.


At night, Peregrine and Shinra are on the deck of the Celsius. He mentions how he lost his life to the fiends, and wondered if he would go to the Farplane alone, and cried. He mentions that he was only ten years old: not a grown-up, but not a baby, either. He still had many things he wanted to do. He regrets having made the bet on his life. He says that he couldn't stop crying, and that his tears turned into pyreflies. Eventually, the tears and pyreflies stopped, and he turned into a Peregrine: a fiend with giant wings. He says that under this sky, he still has many worlds to see, and that with his wings, he is truly free. He concludes with saying that he'll continue his tale as a fiend, because he loves the sky and it makes him want to go on living. Peregrine flies off, saying that he'll see Shinra again in the sky. The screen fades, saying that the boy spread his wings and became a bird.

(Fun fact: You can see Brother dancing in the spotlights in the background.)

FFX General / FFX/FFX-2 Fanfiction Thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:20:13 pm »
Ah, yes... the dreaded, yet revered world of fanfiction. No franchise is safe!

Final Fantasy X holds the 19th highest category in Games on with 5.5K~ fanfiction entries, while Final Fantasy X-2 holds 27th place with 3.5K~ entries.

Want to showcase some fanfiction of our two most favourite games? You can do so here. Whether it's good, bad, purposely bad, amusingly good, anything at all, post a link of your recommendation(s) and bathe in your wisdom.

Also, if you're a fanfiction-writer by any chance, you can take this opportunity to draw attention to your FFX/FFX-2 fanfiction.

  • entries only. I might allow other websites in the future, but only if they're safe.
  • You must provide the link with the full name of the fanfiction. Short summaries, made by you or the author, are optional. Spoilers are not recommended.
  • Mention of the rating (K, K+, T) is optional but highly recommended. However, if it's M rated, it's a definite requirement.
  • No harassing or attacking any other posters for their fanfiction choice, or a fanfiction author for their story. Jokes and conversations are fine.
  • Conditions of the fanfiction (Alternate Universe, Out Of Character, Lemon, etc.) must be mentioned.

Remember, there's a difference between hating on the story and hating on the author. Don't do the latter.

FFX General / FFX/FFX-2 Fanart thread
« on: January 11, 2014, 11:26:03 am »
Want to showcase your fanart/someone else's fanart of FFX(-2)? This is the place to do it!

If you want to post someone else's fanart, give credit to the person who drew it. Nobody likes an art thief, after all.

For example, here's some sketches I drew today of Tidus' new concept art (The headband thing. I made up the outfit.):

What do you think?

FFX-2 General / FFX-2 Early Concepts/Designs
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:00:41 am »
Believe it or not, X-2 had a lot of scrapped ideas as well, though not on the same scale as FFX. Because the world of Spira was already presented to us in X-2's predecessor, that was really all the material they could work from. So unfortunately, there's no giant hoop-earrings Auron or Ronsos wearing futuristic clothing here.

However, there were a lot of unused concepts for dresspheres. And I mean, a LOT. And it's all in Japanese, so I have to translate it all! Yay! :D

Fun facts: In the original (2001 version) Japanese version of the 15-minute Eternal Calm prologue, the sphere which Rikku shows Yuna is almost completely different. Instead of a slightly broken picture showing Shuyin trapped in a dark cage, it instead shows a really gritty and low-quality picture of Tidus trapped in a cage, which oddly, looks like the one which Jecht was held captive in when he first came to Spira. This could imply that, at first, the writers had the idea that Tidus was indeed still in Spira somehow, or maybe it was because they didn't make the Shuyin model yet.

As of the audio drama, Final Fantasy X-2 had quite a bit of names before they settled on the '-2' extension. One of these names was Final Fantasy X+, which is clever because + looks similar to the Japanese symbol, '十', which means Ten. Another name was Final Fantasy X ReLive!, which could come from the fact that the game would be centred on reliving Spira after Sin's defeat. At around 17:07 in the audio drama, there's another name with three symbols in boxes, but I can't make it out. Weirdly enough, the Amano artwork is all the same.

The original draft for Shuyin's role in X-2 is that his existence was preventing Tidus' return to Spira. His role was changed since the writers thought it would make it look like Yuna was sending Shuyin for selfish reasons. This could explain why Tidus' and Shuyin's connection isn't outright explained, since it was scrapped along with the original idea. This could also explain why Tidus' resurrection and method of such seem sudden and out of place compared to the rest of the game.

Keep in mind that my Japanese is very scarce, so at best, I will only be able to recognise katakana, some hiragana, and very little kanji. I'm bound to make at least a few mistranslations, so if people could help me out, I'd be truly grateful.

Airship Battle

Early concept art for X-2. Depicts Yuna, Rikku, and an early version of Paine fighting what is guessed to be an early version of Major Numerus. The location of the fight is unknown, though because it's in the sky, the buildings might be an early version of the Fayth Ruins at the start of X-2.

Battle Concept

Diagram of X-2's battle system. This might imply that the battle system was similar to X's as it had turn-based combat and the Overkill combos. Also depicts Yuna having shorter hair, Rikku having her hairstyle and clothes from X and another early version of Paine.


Concept designs for YRP's 'intro' seen in numerous points in the game.

Lenne Concept

Early designs of Lenne. Clothing appears to be more detailed and modern than in the final game.

Farplane Design

Drawing of Yuna at the entrance of the road to the Farplane.

Rikku Design

Early design of Rikku's Thief dressphere, meaning that this could have been her original X-2 design.

Leblanc Concept

Early design of Leblanc. Has slightly different clothes, spikier hair and appears to be rather chubby. She has a whip instead of a paper fan.

Festivalist Concepts

Before International + Last Mission was released, Square Enix held a competition to design a dressphere concept that would make it into the updated game. A small child sent in pictures of YRP dressed up in traditional Matsuri wear, and this promptly became the Festivalist dressphere.

Dark Bahamut

Concept art for Dark Bahamut.

Dressphere Designs

As previously mentioned above, there were a LOT of unused dressphere designs, all by different artists and such. Some have their own individual scans, others are viewed in a sort of 'sketch dump'. To make things easier, I will be firstly displaying the officially named dresspheres, and posting the 'sketch dumps' at the end.

If possible, I will also provide rough translations on the abilities and descriptions of said dresspheres. Also, since I will most likely be making lots of mistakes and corrections, I will just provide the names below the picture as opposed to big bold letters on top of it.

Name: 舞 - Dance (Describes a traditional Japanese dance, consisting of slow, quiet movements. Could be an early concept of the Songstress.)

Name: Matador

Name: Hurūtu Pārā - Fruit Power

Name: Douriima - Dreamer
-Seems to be mathematics on how the HP and MP works.-

Name: Pikuto Mansā - Picto Master?

Name: Horā Doresu - Horror Dress

Name: Burututi Gāru - Birdie Girl
Writing on the top right: Direct prize

[Birdie Girl]
-Kanji remains to be translated-

[Prize goods:] FFX-2 Paine's necklace

(Based on layout and translations, this could have been a winner for a dresssphere-designing contest.)

Name: Bureedo Gannā - Blade Gunner (Based on the Gunblade from FF VIII).

Name: Geomancer

(I'm kind of disappointed that this wasn't used. This is by far my favourite dressphere, concept and visual-wise.)

Will update in spare time. Feel free to help out with the translations!

FFX General / FFX Early Concepts/Designs
« on: January 07, 2014, 02:22:17 pm »

Like all games, especially games as iconic as the Final Fantasy franchise, FFX must have started somewhere, right? Ideas quickly scrapped, designs which never saw the light of day, storyboards that were never developed further...

I can guarantee that the very early concept arts for FFX consisted of two thirds of the aforementioned statements. And truly, they are something special.

Those with the Limited/Collector's Edition of FFX HD Remaster, and the even luckier ones with the FFX Ultimania guide, would know what I am talking about. These strange, quirky, and dare I say, expertly-crafted drawings, displayed a lost and often deeper side to the world of Spira. As if it wasn't already lost and deep enough.

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Final Fantasy Wiki, these drawings have withstood the test of obscurity to the West, and as such, I will be displaying them here for fun and insightful discussions regarding their contents, and how the game might have changed if they were implemented into the final game.

Sit back, and enjoy the mindboggery.

Fun facts: According to Isamu Kamikokuryo, he originally imagined Tidus as a plumber who did underwater pipe construction and dispatched underwater fiends, while also having the attitude of an aggressive Japanese gang member, but the idea was scrapped as Yoshinori Kitase thought it would make for a weak main character. This was also changed because the job would have made Tidus have a sad personality, which was not their aim.

Auron was originally going to be a member of the Crimson Blades; a fiend extermination squad in Zanarkand.

Tidus was originally going to be the unsent of the gang. However, since the game started development in 1999, and The Sixth Sense came out the same year with a similar plot point, they gave the role to Auron instead.

Auron, at one point, was going to be Jecht in disguise. This was so that Jecht could know what Tidus was doing all this time. However, Nojima didn't want Jecht to be part of the main cast, so the idea was dropped.

Final Fantasy X originally wasn't going to be a Final Fantasy game at all, but a series called 'Seventeen.' The story revolved around a recent unknown disease that killed people on their seventeenth birthday. Yuna would have had the role of a doctor/nurse that went around giving the disease's cure to its inspected victims. It is eventually revealed that the 'cure' was in fact the source of the disease, and that it was established by the company that Yuna was working for to rule the world, by claiming that they were the only ones that could provide the cure in the first place. It is unknown what role Tidus and Auron would have had, if they were even thought out as characters in the first place. That being said, some of these concepts could have been made for Seventeen and not FFX.

As seen in the beta trailer for Final Fantasy X, the game was going to have online features implemented into it. The gameplay would show an early version of Tidus running around the Calm Lands/Remiem Temple, then opening up a menu and connecting to PlayOnline: Square Enix's online server. It would then display a guide of the area and what fiends could be found. The idea was scrapped not long after. This could be why in the PS2 version of FFX, on the main menu screen, there is a URL leading to PlayOnline's website next to FFX's official website.

Keep in mind that these names are placeholders, and are not necessarily the real names of the drawings.

Early Tidus, Yuna and Auron

Arguably the most 'famous' FFX early concept. Depicts early designs of Tidus (left), Yuna (middle) and Auron (right) walking down a street. The only one who seems to bear any familiarity with the final design is Tidus, as seen with his blue eyes, hair colour and hair structure.

Early Trio

Three characters designs, two of which are unknown in identity and whether they were previous versions of existing characters or not. The person in the middle strongly resembles Tidus.

Sin Prototype 1

Another Tidus prototype and 2 other characters fighting what is guessed to be an early version of Sin. Appears to be a lot smaller and more shapely in appearance.

Underwater Dome

Appears to be a leftover water temple design. Very different in layout compared to the final temples in the game. Perhaps they were planning to implement a water temple into the game.

The Black Mage

Displays some cloaked men (with what appears to be the early Yevon sigil on the back of one of them) and a mysterious character that resembles a black mage.

Macalania Geyser

Displays an unknown character approaching an erupting geyser in Macalania Woods.

Macalania Woods Concept 1

Early design of Macalania Woods. Displays a lot more greenery and a character who is of an unknown race.

Macalania Woods Concept 2

Early design of the party's hidden campsite in Macalania Woods. Unlike the final game, it is lit by daylight.

The Street

Town design. Appears to be rundown and populated by humans, shoddy machina, and fiend-like creatures.

The Statue

A crystal statue located in an ancient cavern. Might be an early design of the fayth statues.

Original Sending

(I apologise for the low quality.) An early concept of the Sending in Kilika. Major differences include the summoner sending the piles of deceased on solid ground, rather than in underwater caskets. Also, Yuna appears to be less clothed in appearance.

Taxi People

Four people, two of which are of an unknown race, riding an Arab-inspired taxi through an unknown city. I think that this was the original shoopuf transportation.

The Wedding

Early design of Yuna's forced wedding. Dress design appears to be more Victorian and detailed.

The Cave

Outer design of a cave/temple. Since it's built into a ravine, it might be possible that this was the original Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Big Armed

Three characters. Large person with long arms holding an unconscious pig-like creature. Could be race designs that were never used.

Remiem Temple

Early design of Remiem Temple. Appears to be more in ruin and has a hole that appears to go underground.


An early design of Zanarkand (which was originally called Registan). Possesses a more Ancient Egyptian theme. Boats seem to be a main method of transportation.

The Boathouse

Speaking of boats, did you know that Tidus lived in one back in Zanarkand? Detailed drawing of the boat above water. Unfortunately, due to the low quality, the hiragana/kanji cannot be read.

Sin Prototype 2

Another Sin design attacking an island. This time, Sin appears to be a type of crustacean. More interesting things to note are the giant birds, the water column in the background, and the floating island in the top right.

The Ronso

Early Ronso design. The male is of a darker blue and has more fur, while the female has longer ears and is of a different colour. Clothing implies that they originally belonged to a more modern civilisation; katakana translation could imply that they were part of Zanarkand's populace before they got their own habitat.
(Katakana: Zanarukanto - Zanarkand)

The Islanders

Three unknown characters in what is guessed to be an early version of Besaid. It is unknown what the heap of machina could be.

The Monster

Unknown character fighting a four-legged fiend with a tree growing on its back. Currently, I don't know if any fiend similar to this exists in the game.

Zanarkand's Location

Early design of Spira. Originally, Zanarkand was located in the centre of the world.

Original Logo

The original Amano artwork for the FFX logo, first seen in the beta trailer for the game that was seen at the Square Millennium Event in 2000. Displays a front view of Yuna's face, with a profile of an airship behind her.

Blitzball Concept 1

A 3D render of Tidus and what appears to be an early concept of Blitz Ace, his final Overdrive. Noticeable differences include the design of the blitzball, the fire elements, and the way the attack is executed.
(Katakana: Rapitudo Huaiyā - Rapid Fire)

Blitzball Concept 2

Early 3D concept of the blitzball minigame. It seems as though originally, players had to knock the ball around with their weapons. The map is also oval-shaped instead of completely round.
Katakana on the left: Doruhuin Ueipu - Dolphin Weep  Kurosusu Toriimu - Gross Dream  Ga Sāhu - Gasser
Katakana on the right: Tiida - Tidus  Doriburu - Dribble  Pasu - Pass  Tuyūto - Shoot

Unused Airship Designs

Chocobo Knights

Early concept of the Chocobo Knights. Armor is a lot more detailed, and features chocobos in different colours.


Cover art for 'Seventeen: Angelic Impact X Devil's Shock,' which was Final Fantasy X's original concept. Features what are guessed to be early designs of Tidus and Sin, with two angelic characters, two guards and an airship in the background.


Design of an angelic nurse. It's possible that this was Yuna's 'Seventeen' design, based on the concept, the similar pose and the similar hairstyle.

Will update in spare time. Thanks for reading!

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