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Here's the link to the aforementioned article:

Apparently, the possibility of FFX-3 has been officially tweeted since November 10, 2016. I was both excited and afraid in light of the news. XD

It might not be in three years time, or even five, but until their major players finish FFXV, FFVII remake, and KHIII, they won't be touching that title. And who knows if they'd rather do FFXVI first? It makes me wonder what changed SQ's mind; it's been 3 years since releasing the novel and audio drama... Or are they keeping the option open to get a read on their fans, like they did for the FFXIII series? There's so much uncertainty and skepticism at this point, I don't know how to feel about this. If anything, I don't trust that they would give the potential FFX-3 storyline justice.

and I'm not saying that out of bias that my FFX-3 fanfic will trounce whatever plot they'll cook up, I'm just saying

Whew! Finally got Chapter 1 complete!

I wanted to point one major detail I changed:

He had fallen in love too. The day they had confessed to each other, Tidus had understood their story was impossible. Although it was a losing battle, he had refused to submit himself to destiny.

In the original, Nojima wrote 'the day they confessed their feelings for each other.' Or at least, that's how I interpreted it, because it's annoyingly vague, leaving much to the imagination. So, I decided to rewrite it as thus:

He remembered falling in love, too, with a girl he wanted to save. That night they confessed their feelings for each other, making love in a magical, moonlit spring, and the day Tidus finally understood the end of their story would never have a happy ending together. Although he acknowledged it as a losing battle, he put on a brave face for Yuna and forged ahead, refusing to surrender to destiny. Even if it meant him forfeiting his life would spare Yuna from having to forfeit her own, at least his sacrifice would have meaning.

Because there were several implications in-game and out (promotional artwork; that inspired me to believe Tidus and Yuna actually had sex in that fated Macalania Woods scene. Wouldn't be too far-fetched, given Nojima wrote the same kind of ambiguously, intimate scene before in FFVII with Cloud and Tifa.

What do you think? Should I continue the direction I chose to rewrite this?

Chapter 1
Tentative Title: Of Chasing Daylight
part one of three

(A/N): I made only one (slight) alteration, which I am open to critique, and included some details for the sake of smoothing out OOC behavior. Again, I'm open to critique and feedback, especially since this is not the final edit. Let me know how I did writing Tidus. I don't have much experience with him compared to Yuna and Baralai. XD


Huddled up over his knees, Tidus drifted inside darkness.

Pictures painted themselves in his mind’s eye. Were they real, a figment of his imagination, or memories? He didn’t know, but he could make out the broad, tan back of a burly man whose long, messy hair and red bandana streamed down his naked shoulders, and a woman cuddled up by his side. His parents. Tidus remembered how father had disappeared one day, and how his mother died not too long after from sorrow.

Tidus remembered how he felt, inadequate and useless, unable to comfort his own grieving mother in her time of need. Pain woke up in his chest as another memory emerged from his mind unbidden; Tidus stood before a crowd in front of his seaside boathouse, answering their cheers with a blissful smile. The sudden sadness began to depart, confusing him. Where did it come from? He gave in to these familiar sensations, going with the flow -- until a wave of questions bombarded him in the chaos.

A terrifying monster attacked his home, Zanarkand. Overcome with panic, Tidus ran for his life, becoming lost along the way.

"Don’t worry. He came here for you."

Tidus couldn’t remember who said that to him or when; Auron came to mind, for some reason, and a strange, little boy whose face hid within the shadows of his purple hood. He remembered them both, before being carried into the eye of the storm, and then hours upon hours of swimming in Spira’s vast ocean, navigating through old, forgotten ruins, deep diving into an enormous, submerged airship, awakening from his long nightmare near a bright and sunny shore. The tropical scenery poured itself into his senses, so different from his native region that it threw him out of alignment. Despite everything he experienced in this foreign land, the kindness and compassion from the island’s inhabitants brought the smile back on Tidus’s face. He made some friends, among them two magical girls, a humanoid beast, and an athlete no different from himself.

He remembered falling in love, too, with a girl he wanted to save. That night they confessed their feelings for each other, making love in a magical, moonlit spring, and the day Tidus finally understood the end of their story would never have a happy ending together. Although he acknowledged it as a losing battle, he put on a brave face for Yuna and forged ahead, refusing to surrender to destiny. Even if it meant him forfeiting his life would spare Yuna from having to forfeit her own, at least his sacrifice would have meaning.

He remembered contemplating over a sea made of stardust and clouds, memories of the last day he spent in Spira. He watched himself from back aboard the aircraft. A shadow of his former self, he sprinted across the deck before jumping off the edge. Losing himself in the motions, his chest exploded with pain, a single thought bursting through his conscious.


This shook him into clarity, his vision no longer obstructed by darkness. Whatever surrounded him and his physical body became sharp and clear all of a sudden, and then he felt solid and heavy, motivating him to pull free from the chaos of his thoughts and emotions, allowing the rapid pyreflies to facilitate his rebirth.

‘I’m back! I’m coming, Yuna!’

His feet propelled him to the surface, to a world where Yuna waited.

He sensed the boundary as he approached, the line between “here” and “there” where a luminous boundary rippled above him. Could it be a symbol, or the gateway to a radiant world? Tidus swam upwards, ever upwards, as he prided himself a good swimmer.

He broke through the wall at long last, into dazzling sunlight. Sea-salt air flooded his lungs, which made him grimace, startled by an onslaught of overwhelming, forgotten sensations. Blinking against an azure, white backdrop of sky and clouds, his eyes adjusted to the new sight, having been confined in limbo.

He found himself surrounded by an endless, teal ocean. Beneath his feet, Tidus felt the massive presence of an abominable being, an invisible force that, if he were not careful, could claim him back into the previous darkness that kept him prisoner. He realized he must have a strong connection to this world, or else why would he be able to return?

‘I won’t let myself pushed around! Not anymore. I just came back, after all. I can’t disappear, not like this!’

Tidus turned around, recognizing an island for its hill that overlooked a verdant triangle of forest life: Besaid. To further confirm this belief, white-washed, blue sea waves lapped over an empty beach, retreating just as slow into the ocean. He brought his fingers up for a whistle, clear and sharp in velocity. Even if nobody else were around to answer his call, the sound still reassured him, and he smiled. His senses did not lie; everything felt real.

He started swimming towards the coast, his mind swamped with hope and a multitude of questions. Who will Tidus run into first? Who would he meet along the way, if not within the forest or near the river?

‘Where are you, Yuna?’

A deafening roar boomed from overhead, as if in answer to his prayers. Tidus looked over his shoulder, catching the crimson sheen of a colorful aircraft, admiring how it sparkled in the hot sunlight, before common sense hit him. That large, frightening machine cut a sweeping circle in the sky, hovering close enough to ground level. A hatch opened afterwards, revealing a young woman.

Without hesitation, she dropped into the opening, and Tidus watched her drop feet first into the shallow edge of the sea. She wore bright clothing he never imagined she would wear, and this cast doubt into his heart. That couldn’t be Yuna; she ran so fast, long skirt dragging along in the water, her arms swinging at her sides, yet perceiving the recognition and joy in her sea-green eyes, all doubt disappeared from his body. She rushed to embrace him with open arms, gripping him so fierce he knew nothing else mattered.

“Are you real? Is it really you?”

“I think so.”

Her timid question sobered his mirth, and Tidus wished Yuna could confirm this for the both of them. She pulled back, examining him, her hands on his chest while her eyes took in his full features before lifting her head back up to initiate eye contact, humbled by his presence.

“So? Do I pass?” he said, nervous at the receiving end of her scrutiny.

She beamed, followed by a confident nod, her eyes lit up with joy. “You’re back.”

Tidus let out a breath of relief. “I am back. I’m home!” No longer able to contain his happiness, he reciprocated her earlier heartfelt embrace with equal force, breathing in the scent of her wind-swept hair. For a split second, he experienced a moment of insecurity he wouldn’t dare confess - the fear of rejection - and squeezed her tight.

“Welcome home,” she said, embracing him in turn. “Yes. Home.”

An obnoxious voice interrupted their moment. “Hey! Get a room, you two!”

That sounded like Wakka! Startled, they pulled apart, turning in direction towards the coast. People swarmed the whole beach, as if the entire village had come out to greet them. Tidus recognized Wakka and Lulu at the front of the crowd, plus the Besaid Aurochs by their matching uniforms, and -- people he could barely remember! There were so many people, cheering and whistling. Tidus couldn’t catch his breath.

Wakka gave the couple a roguish grin. “Whassup?”

Yuna and Tidus exchanged bashful, mischievous looks, and then he scoffed. “Who asked you to watch, Wakka?”

He smirked, shameless, throwing Lulu a knowing look over his shoulder, who simply lifted the purple-wrapped bundle in her arms with an affectionate smile. Tidus couldn’t tell what from this far a distance, so he grabbed Yuna’s hand, dragging her down to the beach, eager to join the others -- until Yuna started to outrun him! Overcome with a sudden burst of speed, she looked back at him, giggling as she led him by the hand this time. Tidus stared, trying to catch his breath.

“You know, you’ve changed.”

“Well, you’ve missed a few things.”

Tidus grinned. “I wanna hear everything!”

Her confidence impressed him, which made him all the more curious to ask what changed her to become this bold, but right now he didn’t care. How could the past be more important than the present, when nothing could compare to the joyous feeling of running by her side?


Going by the generous reception, Tidus realized nobody could have known he would make his miraculous return. How could they, when he didn’t even know about it himself until he woke up? No, the villagers had been eagerly  anticipating Yuna’s return, impatient of her long absence… gathering from what Wakka told him, at any rate. Even so, Tidus smiled. He recognized most of the people by face, touched by their kindness, especially the Aurochs. He couldn’t forget about Datto, Letty, Botta, Jassu, and Keepa. So good to see them again after all this time! ‘After how long exactly?’ he couldn’t help, but wonder.

And of course, Wakka just had to steal the spotlight, introducing a baby from within its bundle of blankets. “May I present to you our newest member of Besaid: Vidina! He’s adorable, ya?”

“Absolutely!” He grinned, peering at the quiet, curious baby. From what he could tell, Vidina inherited his father’s wild, red hair and big, fat cheeks - or that could be Wakka putting on some weight. After all, Tidus couldn’t remember this man looking so… pudgy. Unable to discern the features from his mother, Tidus looked up. “But, uh, who’s the mother?”

“Me.” Right on cue, a curt voice cut in between them.

Tidus jumped a little, turning around to come face-to-face with a familiar, large chest. Lulu’s, to be precise. Recovering from the view, Tidus tore his eyes away before the woman could throttle him in her fury of favorite, fire spells. “Well, now I know who he takes after in good looks.”

Lulu laughed, before retrieving her child from Wakka’s arms, fixing her partner a chiding look. “I thought I told you I don’t want Vidina exposed to the wind of the open sea.”

“I know, but he’s a child of the sea, just like his father! What’s the problem with that?”

“You could have at least waited for the tide.”

“But, Lu…”

What a familiar sight, watching those two bicker. Unlike all the other times, though, Tidus could sense a sort of gentleness between them. Lulu toned down the bite in her words while Wakka managed to ease back on his words with light humor. Tidus sensed something missing as well, the belligerence, their clash of opinions, instead making way for warmth to seep into every look and touch, their eyes glowing with tender regard. Tidus smiled, touched by the sight of them, and decided he wanted to intervene.

“Hey, congratulations! You’re finally a couple now, huh? I always knew it’d happen!”

Considering how Lulu still grieved the loss of her lover, and Wakka’s little brother, tensions were always high between them. Despite their obvious differences, though, Tidus could tell they cared about each other a lot, almost as much as they both cared about Yuna. He recalled all the times he encouraged Lulu to cut Wakka some slack, because she kept comparing him to Chappu, unable to see his positive traits past his flaws, and when Lulu still yearned for him in the Farplane, Tidus remembered comforting her to find new love.

Lulu must have thought the same thing, because she conceded with a sigh, smiling nonetheless. “Yes. Marriage is not the most exciting lifestyle in the world, and sometimes even I feel like I’ve had enough--.”

“Gee, thanks!” Wakka protested with a wounded look, yet he recovered quick enough evident by his easygoing grin.

“But it’s what makes me happy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The tender moment ended as soon as it began, as Lulu seemed more eager to cart Vidina away than to stay and chat. “Say, Tidus, will you be staying here for a while?”

“If you want me here,” he said, worried about imposing. He still didn’t know his place in the world, yet.

“What’s with the look?” Lulu gave him a soft smile. “No need to feel humble. You’re most welcome here.” Looking around them, she watched the crowd filter out the beach, entering the forest to tread the waterfall’s path back to the village, noticing Yuna being swept away by the villagers. “We should go back to the village, too.”

Hefting her child to her chin now, she joined the others, and Tidus frowned, understanding her sudden need to depart, motivated by a mother’s concern for her infant. Regardless, he couldn’t help but feel abandoned.

“Let’s go!” Wakka smacked him on the back, snapping him out of his momentary daze to lead the way.

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