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FFX General / If Seymour HAD become Yuna's Final Aeon...
« on: July 21, 2015, 11:34:04 am »
I believe he'd be Odin.


Seymour is a man obsessed with death. He has hands drenched in blood: he has already killed many people just for standing in his way, such as his father (thus avenging himself for his abandonment and usurping his position to the boot), Maester Kinoc (so he wouldn't stand in his way forcing him to kill Yuna, which he was unwilling to do), most of the Ronso (for standing on his way whilst he pursued Yuna) and he still wanted to bring just about everyone else in this. Odin's Zantetsuken can slice just about anything, bringing instant death to his target. I believe this incarnation of Odin wouldn't use a scimitar, but a spear (Gungnir), like FFIX's one as he appeared on the FMV destroying Cleyra.

But, UltimaGriever, Seymour didn't have the bond the FA requires to be strong enough!

Who said he didn't? Yuna hated him alright, because of his disregard for human life and that he killed his father, but the reciprocal is not true. Seymour did in fact love her, it is stated by the Ultimania Omega guide that he did, and there are numerous hints through the game that he did. If he really couldn't care any less about her, he'd let the Sinspawn Gui kill her, instead he frickin' held the monster's paws together and pinned it down with his sheer strength so it wouldn't devour her. He would always stand by her side and I'd say he sure as hell liked that kiss, because it seemed like he was eating her face surely you jest. Everytime he appeared he'd be really polite to her whilst being quite rude at Tidus, because he was everything that Seymour was not: he was young and cheery, while Seymour was older and gloomy and, last but definitely not least, Yuna had chosen Tidus, not him. This made Seymour and Tidus resent each other as if they were the crap stuck to the crap stuck to the bottom of their shoes out of jealousy. So yes, there was a Tidus-Yuna-Seymour love triangle in FFX. :p
And Seymour was so attached to Yuna that he was willing to kill her in order to have her only for himself (perhaps, if he did kill her, he'd go to the Farplane on his own, without needing to be sent there?) and, at the time of his death and right before he was sent, he had looked inside her eyes... He looked grateful that she was the one who sent him at last, because the only reason why he just didn't crush everyone's guts until then was because of her. He wanted to have her either way, and, if only she had picked him instead of Tidus, he would be able to be her FA, because of his strong feelings for her.

But, what about the horse and the spear?!?!!!!!!
Seymour has horse tattoos on his chest. The horse could be Sleipnir, on whom he'd mount and carry a spear loosely based on his staff and crush Sin asunder. I wish I had enough skill to draw what Seymour-Odin would look like in fayth statue and aeon form, but I'll try.

But, UltimaGriever, Tidus and Yuna are the OTP!!!!!!!!!

I still believe in Seymour/Yuna against all odds! DDDDD:

After reading the novella a few times, I've related some of the information to what's been provided by the games and I'm absolutely creeped out by some stuff, namely Yevon itself and the whole Machina War black-and-white drama.

Zanarkand was never truly a victim. Yu Yevon and Yunalesca brainwashed their (very young) soldiers into fighting. I'm quite sure that they are the "Mage of Zanarkand" and the "Summoner Princess" mentioned in the novel, respectively. This would mean that they exerted an abnormal kind of control over Zanarkand's population, even so that they ALL agreed to become fayth (!!!!!!!!!!) for Dream Zanarkand's summoning. One of Zanarkand's soldiers mentioned that he "had" to fight to "win" the Princess's heart (even though Yunalesca was already married) and that she had kissed him. Yevon and Yunalesca played really dirty to get to win this war.

Zanarkand had machina, too. And, in the beginning of the war, they had machinery even more advanced than Bevelle's. It was only when Bevelle decided to take on the arms race that it won, presumably by the aid of the Bedohls (Al Bhed). Not that Bevelle was innocent either, the Machina War was essentially a holy war in that it only started when the head of Bevelle decreed Yunalesca and Yu Yevon heretics for not following their polytheist doctrine and declaring themselves as gods instead.

The fayth, when created by Yu Yevon's ways, were unable to pass on to afterlife, having their souls trapped in the world of the living for as long as he existed. This method of creating fayth bound their existence to that of Yu Yevon's, and they had to worship him, even though, after so many centuries, they got tired of being unable to just let go and depart to the Farplane. They were forced to sing the Hymn of the Fayth, which is a Japanese anagram meaning unconditional worship to Yu Yevon and keeps the fayth dreaming. I would guess Bevelle found that to be outrageous and vowed to purge Spira from this kind of heathen.

When you enter Yunalesca's room, you hear an off-key chorus of male voices singing the Hymn of the Fayth. I think it could be possible that the other Final Aeon fayths might be the ones singing. They sound like they're in despair, because their souls are kind of trapped there, unable to become aeons because they already were (Sin) but they're not anymore, and even though they're not technically fayths anymore, they can't move on because of their nature as dying as fayths. I don't know if I'm being sufficiently clear, but.. :(

That Yu Yevon was actually able to convince every last citizen of Zanarkand to give their lives up to become fayth for his megalomaniac summoning is enough to get one to think. Nobody can convince everyone 100% of an idea, let alone suggest that everyone commit collective suicide just so I can recreate a memory because we've lost the war either way. Maybe a small sect, but not the entire population of Zanarkand. Considering that Zanarkand was a fairly huge city, it should've had a huge population, and it's widely known that not a single thing would get voted unanimously among a huge populace: someone, even if only 1 person, would disagree upon it. Yet every living citizen of Zanarkand (it's not mentioned if unsents can become fayth - even though Seymour wanted to become one) agreed upon Yu Yevon's decision of turning everybody into fayth, and it's stated in-game that the person must be willing to undergo the ceremony for it to be successful. IMHO Yu Yevon and Yunalesca basically have the entire population under what could be compared to a city-wide Imperius Curse, in that the people cater to their every whim: if someone were told by Yunalesca or Yevon to throw themselves under a train, they would do it without a second thought and without question. It's much worse than the post-war teachings of Yevon, in that some people had the choice of following them or not (namely, the Al Bhed/Auron).

Bevelle's soldiers were not far from that, although. They fiercely believed that their deities existed (much like Orthodox Christians/Muslims) and would kill on the spot anyone who defied their religion. They scouted for people who seemed to be talented in the arts of summoning and took them from their families since they were very little, as early as 4 or 5 years old, to train in special camps. They were bestowed with a god's name thereafter and would be referred to by that name until their deaths. They were basically indoctrinated from the very beginning of understanding the world surrounding them and forced to serve the authorities to the end of their lives. Kush, for instance, seemed like a spoiled brat to Valm in the beginning, but she didn't know better, having been raised that way. They thought they were fighting for their gods. They knew no better than that.

After the war, Bevelle was forced to swallow Yevon's BS and to revere him in order to quell Sin's wrath. Yevon managed to stun Spira's advance for a whole millennium. That's how narcissistic one can get, folks.

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