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People seem to think that everyone's traits have changed in the novel, to the extent that it's bothering them a lot. But here is my theory about this, I've already written a bit of it in an other topic but I need to add some elements :

At the end of FFX-2 (good ending), the fayth ask Yuna if she wants to see Tidus. After her answer, the fayth told her he can't promise anything but he'll do what he can.
So, we're not sure whether or not Tidus will be his old self when he'll return in Spira ! That's an important fact !

Then, Tidus finally appears in Besaid, happy ending... but something's wrong. People's behavior seems altered ! Why's that ? That doesn't make sense ?
Well, it makes sense... if Tidus has returned with some flaws. You need to understand that Tidus is a special being. He's like a dream coming from the Farplane. A strange one indeed...

When the living are in the Farplane, they can communicate with the dead though their minds, but it's a one-way communication. The dead are just showing what the livings want to see or hear.
Therefore, in my opinion, Tidus is unconsciously controling people's mind as if it was a reverse farplane.

Okay, but that doesn't make sense for Yuna ! Why would Tidus make Yuna behaving like in the novel ? She's just calling him a child !
Well, the fact here is that Yuna has a strong link with the deceased, the Farplane, etc.  And so I think she's disrupting this kind of control, and that would explain her  behaviour in the novel. Tidus' will is altered and it ends up with this strange behaviour.

So... is my theory a good one ? Or do you want to throw it directly in a bin ?  :P

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« on: December 03, 2014, 03:35:33 am »
I'm currently working on a full translation, with the help of CrystalOfLies and kk
The translation is available in a second topic set up by CrystalOfLies

State of progress
Chapter 32 : 2 / 2 pages
Chapter 33 : 12 / 12 pages
Final Chapter : 3 / 3 pages

--- 265 / 265 pages ---


Information must only come from the french translation or a reliable source !

What can I expect from this topic ?

Everything ! You can ask any questions !

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