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Which Final Fantasy is your favourite?


Internal Medicine Doctor:
Out of all the games in the series, which ones do you enjoy the most?

X for sure!

X was the first final fantasy I ever played, and I remember just being so blown away by what I was playing.  It was the first game I ever played with voice acting and I thought it was incredible.

There is also so much nostalgia attached to the game for me.  I remember saving up my pocket money and asking my big sister to walk me to the local game store so I could buy it.  I had to buy it 2nd hand ha ha.   

But saying all of that, the storyline is what really enthralled me.  It was the first game to ever make me actually cry.  I just love it so much, that's why I'm here.  I hope SE can bring a sequel to this game the level it deserves.

Final Fantasy X for me. After all, Final Fantasy X was my first PS2 game that I got.

My other favourites are VII, VIII and IX.


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