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On the 27th of December 2013, No stated that he would personally like to see a X-3 in an interview.

“If there’s enough demand, then we may possibly see new developments,” says Nojima on the subject of a possible third installment of the Final Fantasy X series. “I would personally like to see a sequel like X-3.”

see the full interview here:

As of the 8 January 2014, he was interviewed further, even going so far as saying he has thoughts on what should be in the sequel:

"Nojima recently mentioned that he’d like to see a sequel to the series with a possible Final Fantasy X-3. Famitsu asks him what kind of story would he write if a sequel were to be put into motion.

“It’s a secret,” says Nojima with a laugh."

On the audio drama:
“I wrote it while thinking ‘this should be a game’,” says Nojima. “So it was a mix of thinking ‘ahh, all the spoilers’ and ‘but I would want to surprise them’ and things like that. For the record, there’s a plot from start to finish, and if there’s some way we can have it show up elsewhere… well, so I’ve said to Square Enix."

full interview here:

NEWS as February 2014

Thanks to Ananda we've heard that SE is not looking to do a X-3 but looking to "expand X's universe" through the audio drama and novel:

On the 13th February 2014, Shinji Hashimoto, the series producer said "the audio episode’s inclusion wasn’t because we have any plans to develop a Final Fantasy X-3"

Read more here:

This was further confirmed in this article:

Will update when more info becomes available....


--- Quote ---Then, Famitsu asks who was the character he had the most trouble writing for.

“It’d have to be Lulu,” says Nojima. “If she were just cute, it would’ve been simpler, but I had no samples in mind of how a pretty or beautiful lady like her would think or live. I don’t think that Watanabe (Daisuke) who worked with me had any ideas either.”
--- End quote ---

...dear god, she's a human being ffs :|

Haha that's what I thought too.  So Rikku must have been a cinch to write  ;)

Internal Medicine Doctor:
That was such a good and constructive find, I'm going to move it to it's own official thread! Good workin', city.

Internal Medicine Doctor, I'm giving you a thumbs up haha! Thanks!


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