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it's been a while


Internal Medicine Doctor:
hey everyone
i had forgotten about this site until i got the ffx itch this summer and it led me back through the novella and audio drama
even though it's been a while i am still excited at the possibility for an ffx-3
experiencing everything again about the story made me remember the fun and buzz here when things first started coming out
and the work, too
chercheur and crystal did great work all for their love of the games which i feel wasn't appreciated as much as it deserved in hindsight

but i wanted to put it out there that i still am hoping for an ffx-3
if anybody else out there is too, you're not alone
this place is quiet but there's still passion here from me
and from what i remember i'm sure a few people here outclass me in that  :-*

i may be talking to a dead forum
but i wanted people to know there's still a want for it
and you can still find it here
here's hoping to some news in the future ~*`

Hello IMD !

Nice to see you again !  :D

Thanks for your compliments, I was happy to provide an english translation to a book which was misunderstood, since stupid rumors were spreading (and are still spreading) through the world.

I also hope for a FFX-3, but Square Enix is quite busy with many majors projects.

Anyway, Hashimoto never said no to a FFX-3 but they are too busy right now.

See you soon, I hope.  ;)

Anyone hooooome? ; )

Well, I'm still there, checking the forum from time to time.  ;)

Hi all, it's been a while (4-5 years?)

Anyways, have you guys seen this article?


They coloured Tidus and Yuna's arts from X - Will.

I wonder if this is a telltale that X-3 is in the making (well wishful thinking).


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