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Which Final Fantasy combat system do you prefer?


Internal Medicine Doctor:
There's been many reincarnations, tweaks and evolutions of the Final Fantasy combat system throughout it's run. Which one do you personally enjoy the most?

Internal Medicine Doctor:
Almost forgot I made this thread.

I personally prefer the CTB, that which is exemplified in FFX.
The traditional turn based seems constricted when offered the flexibility and applications of the conditional presented in FFX.
ATB I appreciate the intense, fast-paced concentration of, but it can be too hectic at times to me.
I appreciate the time to deliberate strategy, which turn based in general grants you.

Climax at righteous and fantastic thought-out victory, or remorse at your tactically-planned failure.

My only regret is that once you become adapt at the system, enemies become fodder.
If the basic inclination of enemies were higher in strength, I believe the game would've excelled even further in it's combating prowess.


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