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Your favorite place in Spira?

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Which place is your favorite and why, for me, Macalania, when i first saw that place i was amazed, i really wanted to visit it.
So, which is your favorite place?

Believe it or not, Bevelle.

Holy ****, this is one fancy-*** city. They better make it so that we get to go inside it in X-3!

Hahaha! You're right, when i first saw it in the CG cutscene of the wedding i thought: ' God!! What a city!!! Its so freakin big!!'
If they do X-3, i bet it'll look amazing with capital A!

Well, for me it's Luca. It's a big city, not ruled by Yevon/New Yevon, it has the blitzball stadium and the sphere teather. What else do you need?

Also, it has one of my favorite background music from FFX  ;D

It is nice, they have the blitz stadium (which is 100x more modern than our world) and looks really nice to visit and explore and the BGM is beautiful :-)


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