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What thing did you like most about Final Fantasy X?

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Internal Medicine Doctor:
Which part of experiencing the game did you appreciate greatest?

- The Sphere Grid
- Connection between Yuna and Tidus
- Blitzball

Blitzball! I remember spending a lot of time perfecting my Blitzball team

And the romance between Tidus and Yuna... even though they always gave give me random secondhand heartbreaks every now and then.

Internal Medicine Doctor:
How about the atmosphere, and the world?

I loved how much there was to explore, I spent hours just walking around cheking every single detail in a particular area. I also loved finding vestiges of the old world and talking to people to learn more of Spira's past, specially that old man who talks way more than he should.
 The music was one of my favourite parts too as well as Yuna's and Tidus' relationship of course.
 I think my favourite area apart from Zanarkand was the Moonflow


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