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What's your favourite track from the game?


Internal Medicine Doctor:
It's hard to pick favourites from a classic OST like this, but mine would probably be Movement in Green.

Although I really do enjoy Servants of the Mountain and The Thunder Plains, too.
and Assault.
and A Contest of Aeons.
and Challenge.
and Seymour Omnis's theme.

oh forget it
this question is pointless, it'll never end.

I like 'Underwater Ruins'. I'm a sucker for ambient aquatic music, I guess.

Also, do unused OSTs count? I really like 'Illusion'. Reminds me of Threads of Fate. 'Nostalgia' is good too, though it doesn't really fit with the game. I think they were gonna use it in one of Tidus' flashback sections, hence the name, but was left out.

The original Yu Yevon boss theme ('Original Sin') is nice too. I actually like it more than 'Decisive Battle'. :S

Wandering Flame, its so lovely !

Wandering Flame
Someday the dream will end
Tidus' theme
Yuna's theme
Suteki da ne, original and orchestra version
Rikkus theme
Besaid theme
Seymour battle (i think is call like that)
Ending theme

Wow there's so many!

There's to many to pick from because it was such a good soundtrack but to name a few wandering flame, a fleeting dream, hurry, assault, people of the north were amazing.


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