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Ah, yes... the dreaded, yet revered world of fanfiction. No franchise is safe!

Final Fantasy X holds the 19th highest category in Games on fanfiction.net with 5.5K~ fanfiction entries, while Final Fantasy X-2 holds 27th place with 3.5K~ entries.

Want to showcase some fanfiction of our two most favourite games? You can do so here. Whether it's good, bad, purposely bad, amusingly good, anything at all, post a link of your recommendation(s) and bathe in your wisdom.

Also, if you're a fanfiction-writer by any chance, you can take this opportunity to draw attention to your FFX/FFX-2 fanfiction.


* Fanfiction.net entries only. I might allow other websites in the future, but only if they're safe.
* You must provide the link with the full name of the fanfiction. Short summaries, made by you or the author, are optional. Spoilers are not recommended.
* Mention of the rating (K, K+, T) is optional but highly recommended. However, if it's M rated, it's a definite requirement.
* No harassing or attacking any other posters for their fanfiction choice, or a fanfiction author for their story. Jokes and conversations are fine.
* Conditions of the fanfiction (Alternate Universe, Out Of Character, Lemon, etc.) must be mentioned.
Remember, there's a difference between hating on the story and hating on the author. Don't do the latter.

Internal Medicine Doctor:
I'm willing to post the stuff you showed me for everybody else, CrystalofLies. Haven't gotten around to reading them fully yet, but on your word I'm sure they are a good read.

It's four parts, and deals with the ambiguous nature of Tidus's existence after he comes back, I believe.
You guys should check it out if you want to get some creative blood flowing.

Neogenesis: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6148944/1/Neogenesis
Spira's Dream: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6009002/1/Spira-s-Dream
Spira's Sphere: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6023640/1/Spira-s-Sphere
Spira's Revenge: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6550824/1/Spira-s-Revenge

I'm convinced I've read every decent TxY story on the web that's in English, surely you jest, and I'd be happy to recommend a few that in my opinion stand out. I love the T/Y romance, so that's what I read. ^_^

My personal favorite is called On Your Shore.

It hands down has the best characterizations of Tidus and Yuna I've ever read (surprising considering it's an AU), positively spot on. They're so visceral, you can truly feel the love flitting across the screen. The atmosphere is also beautifully crafted and there's a great balance of conflict and light airiness that most stories don't capture. It's still in the making and it's been awhile since an update, but I hope it's not dead because this author really knew what she was doing and created something gorgeous.

Alpha Redux

This is a great one if you want something a bit sassier, surely you jest. On Your Shore is a slow and careful progression of feelings and their relationship as it's just beginning. Alpha Redux is picking up where it left off in X, so there's understandable naughtiness.

Against All Odds

The storytelling with this one is quite suspenseful and intense. It takes the notion of lost memories and alternative methods of fayth creation and does it right.

Time and Limbs

A "behind the scenes"oneshot set during FFX after the spring scene. It's gorgeous and delightfully in-character.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

There's a lot of excellent novel-quality writing here, and it features wonderful characterizations and intimacy unexplored in other fics I've read. It stands apart and the only criticism I have is that it gets perhaps too angsty and heavy later on, but it's definitely worth a read. I think a lot of authors have been inspired by this story in particular, I'm sure it's quite well known.

There are other stories ones I love, but these are what came to mind first. :)

Well I personally don't have any completed fanfiction for FFX/X-2 up right now but I do have this oneshot:

The first chapter's simply setting up the actual story, which I'll get around to finishing once I get my Creative Writing Final done.

Although I have come across a couple of gems:

A story narrated by a 14-year-old girl who's been sucked into the world of FFX and falls in love with Auron. As long as you don't take it seriously, you might enjoy it.

Fair warning: It's a high school pregnancy story. It's apparently one chapter short, but it's more or less complete. As far as high school stories go, this isn't half bad, although Tidus and Yuna definitely should've been characterized differently.

There one I'd like to point out that's really cringe-worthy:
It starts out as Yuna fading away in place of Tidus, which is an interesting concept (although I don't understand how that works and the author doesn't explain that very well). And then the rest of the fic just makes me grimace, namely chapters 17 and 20. Seriously, chapter 20 makes Tidus' resurrection in the novella look genius.

I've heard of On Your Shore. I've read one that's pretty similar called Proverbial Revitalisation. It's great. The only gripe I have with that though is that it's a bit too mean-spirited with Tidus' narrative. It's a pretty big cliche in AUs to have him be Dona's ex and then beating himself up over the thought of ever being with her, that or Dona coming onto him and him shooting her down. It's a bit overplayed here, though.

I read Alpha Redux. Loved it, except I'm not a huge fan of 'misunderstanding' conflicts. They just feel a little forced to me. Also, same as Proverbial Revitalisation; Tidus' narrative is a bit too aggressive towards his thoughts.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy? Isn't that the one where Tidus and Yuna secretly get... uh, yeah. I usually can't be bothered to read 100,000+ word fanfictions unless they're really interesting. I know it's a critically acclaimed fanfic, though. It's just not my cup of tea, these kind of things. :P

I think one of the hardest things to get right in FFX fanfiction is Tidus' character. He's, in general, a very tricky and diverse character to write. In normal universes, he's usually depicted as a cheerful, often times soft guy. But in AUs, particularly highschool ones, he's usually depicted as an unlikeable **** bully who sticks it in everything he sees. I think that's why AUs in this category are either praised, or slammed. I don't know if it's because Tidus is a generally disliked character among the fanbase, or because of his wide personality range, but it does throw a lot of people off.

Haha, I'm writing a bit of FFX fanfiction myself. You may know me as the writer of A Soothing, Starry Night and the dormant Leading Rivalry. I don't know what to do with LR any more and I can't even bear to look at ASSN these days. (Probably because it was a somewhat-dare by a DeviantART friend XD) I'm writing an AU called With Skies, Like A Future which is basically gonna be a fantasy-adventure AU starring our favourite couple. I'm pretty proud of it so far, and I actually know where to take the story this time unlike LR.

Also, my favourite fanfiction... ehh, I'm not so sure.

But the closest to a heartfelt favourite would be this semi-AU X-2 sequel (Unfinished, of course. Darn it.) by a German author called The Return, the Responsible and the new War (M RATED): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5086609/1/The-Return-the-Responsible-and-the-new-War

It has, hands down, my favourite AU version of Tidus by far. I can't go into detail about it cause it's ridden with spoilers, but yeah. If you read it, he's pretty badass and also in-character at the same time. Also, this is the fanfiction that sparked my love for Yu Yevon's potential as a character. It has some pretty good ideas, one of which influenced my idea of a conflict in one of my fanfictions.


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