Author Topic: FFX-2 Early Concepts/Designs  (Read 4415 times)


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Re: FFX-2 Early Concepts/Designs
« on: January 09, 2014, 06:59:28 pm »
I know, gosh, I miss Tidus like crazy! I love the girls and everything but Tidus is my favorite. While I enjoyed X-2, getting Tidus back at the end was what made the game for me. So you can imagine my anguish once I learned he was killed again so horribly. *sigh* I've ranted and raved about all the developments a lot and it frustrates me so much that Nojima seems set on some uber depressing ending for my favorite duo; Tidus and Yuna.

The concept art is at least really nice and I think Tidus looks quite gorgeous, as does Yuna. If a X-3 really comes out of this and we don't get to main Tidus I will be even more pissed than I already am, surely you jest. I don't care how lame I sound, but I always imagined a X-3 starring Tidus and Yuna as married(or engaged) co-protagonists, coming together with the casts of both games to fell some new evil. The direction it's going in now is really disappointing, I only hope that the negative fan response to the novel will give Square motivation to turn X-3 into something great. I know some people want a sad ending and tons of angst along the way, but I sure don't.