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Man, just reading these tiny translated excerpts is really helpful. For example, in the blitzball scene it doesn't sound like Tidus just saw what he thought was a blitzball, ran up to it and kicked it like an idiot, he either hit it by accident or it fell from somewhere and hit him which caused the bomb to detonate. Then in this scene where Tidus tried to kiss her, Yuna doesn't act as cold as I thought, she playfully rejects him which I think is more like her character than being a bitchy ice queen. I hope someone posts a full translation or even a detailed plot summary soon though.     

Thanks for translating KaminaSan!

Moonstone, this is just speculation because I don't think the novel gives a specific date or time frame it takes place in but, I believe if FFX-2.5 is cannon it takes place sometime after 3 months. The FFX timeline on the FF wiki and other comments I have read have listed FFX-2.5 taking place after Last Mission. It is known that the audio drama takes place 1 year after X-2 and Last Mission takes place 3 months after X-2. Considering how the events in X-2.5 seems to be closely related to the audio drama it makes the most sense for X-2.5 to take place 3+ months after X-2. 

Do you guys think Square is even going to mention sex in X-3? I highly doubt it. It took them years to get two of their main characters just to kiss. Square has always purposely stayed away from anything of that nature. These novels with explicit material apparently come out all the time in Japan but most of the content is ignored in the actual games. I don't see the sex-fayth method being mentioned in X-3 at all, never mind them making a plot point about Yuna sleeping with Kurugum. I guess you can argue this can happen off screen but that means they would have to explain it at some point and I don't think they'll even do that outside the novel.

Nope, you're right. The sequence of events goes

FFX-2 Last Mission
FFX-Will (Audio Drama)

After reading the word for word translation I didn't think this was so bad. (Ignoring what happens in the novel) I think there is some potential there. But here's my question, what the heck does this mean:

Yuna: The only thing that can defeat Sin is the Final Summoning.

Um actually Yuna, you just beat Sin without the Final Summoning a few years ago. In fact, back then you were totally against using the Final Summoning to beat Sin. So why are you saying things that you know are not true and completely out of character?!

The part that scares me is that the few details we know so far totally make sense with the audio drama. Tidus being an unsent would explain why he seemed so weak to the narrator because of the increased pyrefly activity. Its just like how Auron became weaker when he was near the farplane. But, if Tidus were to be an unsent then that would mean he had to have died again at some point. Since the novel takes place BEFORE the audio drama, that means Tidus would have died within a FEW MONTHS of being back. That alone is absurd, never mind the fact that he supposedly died by getting his head blown off!

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