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You could imagine the uproar when that detail first came out.
People were accusing the novella of not just homosexuality, incest and paedophilia, but necrophilia and bestiality, too. Things quickly got out of hand until more information was provided which attributed the method to an isolated case a millennium past in the game's timeline. Things settled down quickly afterwards.

True, I was there lurking on neogaf but luckily one of the users mentioned that the method of creating the common fayth and the final fayth (?) aren't the same. Mention of the creation of weaker, common fayths/aeons is by, well, common way surely you jest, and that to create the stronger fayths/aeons, which I assume is the final fayth is by using the sex method. So I guess I got mixed up on that part 'cuz I didn't know that there is another way to create the final fayth without the use of sex.

Luckily I asked though because I'm sure people who just found out about X-2.5 might wonder about the same thing.

It's not right to assume all other fayths created followed the same method, even though it's possible that they could've been made that way.

Fair enough, I jumped the gun there with my assumption  :-\

Jecht and Braska had no sex, and neither did Seymour and his mother or anyone else, for that matter. It is assumed they were made fayth with the classical canon method, instead of the sex-fayth method.

This one I can tolerate, if it's with the other method, ummm, no.

Also thanks for clearing this up :)

They're going to stress the tragic romance of this couple until the very end.
Looks like I'd have to deal with possible inevitable NTR in this game  :-X

So if the Final summoning actually uses the sex-fayth ritual then:

1)Jecht and Braska must've done it.
2)Isaaru, Maroda and Pacce were planning to defeat Sin by using the Final summoning and they're... siblings (luckily they quit halfway though).
3)Lulu and Lady Ginnem were on a pilgrimage but unfortunately couldn't make it.

Yunalesca never mentioned sex (understably, T-rated game), only Summoners have to sacrifice one of their Guardians to get the Final Aeon, unless the word sacrifice is actually an euphemism for the word sex.   :-\

Issues of homosexuality, incest and pedophilia are involved here. These issues may or may not land SE in hot water, remember how people were  making a big deal out of X-2 because of their skimpy outfits surely you jest as if X-2 is the only game to feature characters wearing skimpy outfits? Can't imagine X-3.

Well, that adds another question to the plot direction of X-3

I made a site over it.

And you're awesome for making it ;D Saves the trouble people may have trying to dig more info regarding -Will, 2.5 and 3 :)

Tidus in the dark about his existence
I got a feeling that he will discover it eventually, -Will- itself is just the tip of an iceberg. Anyways, like you said, one can only speculate  8)

Ahh, you've caught on much much quicker than most people.

Haha yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot  man where are my priorities Hence she broke up with Tidus, perhaps to protect him physically... and emotionally.

One can only speculate.

Yeah, and I think only the novella can answer the question regarding the ritual but then again there's the 'to be continued...' cliffhanger, so...
We'll see how it unravels on X-3 (Hopefully SE is already working on it, they can't just leave us in the dark like that surely you jest)

It's understandable if Yuna shied away from a kiss from a decapitated head.

Derp. Why did I even ask that  ;D

However, Yuna saying the Final Summoning must be used to defeat Sin could be a measure to keep Yevonite teachings stable, even though she broke them two years prior.  She is saying it publicly, but that does not mean she personally believes it.

There has to be another way to defeat Sin, otherwise wouldn't she and... Kurgum have to the thing  :-X

Preliminary reporting suggests that 55 pages or so into the novella, Yuna shied away from a kiss from Tidus.

Did this happen after Tidus head got blown off? :O


I think a can breathe a sigh of relief... for now...

So if sex was involved in the making of fayth, I wonder how the people in Zanarkand millennium ago made babies  ???

I'm still on the fence on this one tbqh  ??? I feel like SE should have left FFX-2 they way it is 'cause I like happy endings and I really like the characters' growth in that game, but at the same time I wonder how FFX-3 will turn out. I just hope the part about Yuna liking someone else is just an excuse to exclude Tidus out of her journey to beat Sin, I don't want that poor guy to get NTR'd (I'm saying this as someone who has been shipping these two since a teenager surely you jest) and I hope he won't fade again after beating Sin :'(

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