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No, no. Her memories of the ACCIDENT were locked away from what I have seen. Nothing else, just that.

Hmm, alright, thanks for clearing that up.

Which is 'a few months'. I am going to place this book 2-3 months after Tidus gets back.

So no mention if X-2.5 actually takes place a few months after good ending or Last Mission? Oh well  :(

Extremely important.  I think their relationship and its development was my favorite part of FFX and it's the only reason I tolerated playing through X2.  It's the reason why I'm nervous about FFX-2.5 and the audio drama as well as the possible FFX-3.   I would be really upset if they ended up apart in the end.

This. It's very important man. I will be depressed if they are not together at the end of X-3  :'( Secondhand heartbreak is a bad as the real one y'know.

Tidus is acting childish, and it she says, it is only natural since "Time stopped for him".

I'm curious to know what kind of childish behaviors Tidus exhibits in front of Yuna...

I still want to be with him forever, and I am sure in time we will get used to eachother.

Tidus and Yuna shippers want you to stay with him forever too  :'(

"I'm not going to erase your memories, just lock them away. Although they can come gushing forth if there is a certain trigger".

I got a feeling that this entity not only can erase peoples' memories, but alter them too.

Well... we can only speculate for now.

Is that why Yuna distanced herself from Tidus and went back to her 'summoner' days? Because she forgot about her lifestyle from X-2 and forgot the pain and love that her and Tidus went through?

Could be, but then why would she say yes when Chuami asked if Tidus is her boyfriend or not? Unless the mere mention of Tidus' name triggers her memories.

The mystery deepens, but interesting nevertheless.

Are you guys... ready for this?

omg  :o I'm ready...! I think... *heavy breathing*

You look great in the photo btw

The official description of the novella places it six months after the events of FFX-2, but numerous reviews mention "...only 2 days after resurrection...", and yet others place the novella as a relation event contextual to either Last Mission or perfect ending.

Yeah, and 'after the events of X-2' could either mean after the good ending or before/after the perfect ending. The timeline of the X-2's perfect ending itself is unknown so this makes things difficult.

Oh wait, this takes place 2 days after he comes back, right?

Some say this takes place 2 days after he comes back. Others say this takes place after LM. So everyone is confused as to what is the actual timeline of this novella. Hmm.

Last Mission could've taken place after this, but the perfect ending could've taken place before. Or vice versa. Or both after, or both before.
Who knows? We haven't any grounds to say.

Oh right I completely forgot about this part -__-" But LM has to happen sometime after good ending or before/after perfect ending right? Since Rikku mentioned that Yuna is almost 20 year old in LM IIRC.

It's said the trip was taken on the behest of Yuna, and that can be seen as her striving to spend some time alone with him in order to rekindle those past feelings towards him.

Perhaps the events in Last Mission served as a wake-up call for her that there is more to life than just love? Maybe something happened to T/Y after Last Mission that we don't know of yet... Man that's lame, considering the not-so-subtle Tidus/Yuna fluffs in that LM.

But didnt they break up? She would bury her feelings.

I don't think so, at least not in the novella, unless I'm missing something here.

But in the audio drama, at one point Yuna did break up with Tidus...

as soon as it gets here, the 1000 year old summoner page will be translated, abd I will try and clear up this sex-fayth and cold-hearted Yuna rumors(true or false).

Awesome! I feel anxious though. Your translations can either make me or break me :'( Nevertheless, I'll be looking forward to it :D

Thanks for the translation KaminaSan!  ;D Also surely you jest Tidus, I'm curious as to what Yuna is going to respond to his remark.

Did they show Seymour's mother in the game? (sorry I really don't remember if they did)

Yup. If you revisit Baaj temple after obtaining Fahrenheit (airship), not only you get Anima, you will also see cutscenes about Seymour and his mother.

As for the trio of the early sketch, I think one of them is Tidus, the other maybe Yuna and Kimahri

I've never came across early sketches of Baralai, Nooj and Gippal though

IIRC that was Seymour's mother

maybe they're sketches before they were finalize

Yup, the first and last pictures are from the earlier sketches.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Playable Characters
« on: January 02, 2014, 08:42:49 pm »
Its a bit odd that Rikku, Paine, Kimahri and the others hadn't been mentioned in the audio drama.

Perhaps if X-3 is to be made into a game, then they will appear as supports when the main party needs help, who knows :)

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