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Haha the names do sound feminine  :P Well anything goes for Leblanc FF I guess? surely you jest

(the more I look at Tidus the worse he looks to me)

The first few renders of Tidus looked so SCARY omg  :o Luckily his finalized model looks much much more tolerable though I kinda miss his duck lips surely you jest

If you get an episode complete for Besaid in X-2, Wakka will tell you the name of his newborn child, who happens to be a boy. Inami for the Japanese version, Vidina for the English version.

If you get an episode concluded then Wakka will stay indecisive in naming his newborn child.

The Japanese version is Inami -> AlBhed for Mirai I think? Edit: Another edit, and yeah, it's AlBhed for Mirai
The English version is Vidina -> AlBhed for Future

FFX General / Re: What thing did you like most about Final Fantasy X?
« on: January 10, 2014, 08:46:37 pm »
Blitzball! I remember spending a lot of time perfecting my Blitzball team

And the romance between Tidus and Yuna... even though they always gave give me random secondhand heartbreaks every now and then.

Like, I haven't seen too much footage from X-2

Well, that's one of the things we'd have to get use to huh the rest being X-2.5, X-3 and maybe the actual dialogues of LM

Exactly, now you've got it.

Haha yeah my issue was that I got confused about the 2009/2014 videos, at the time I was like 'Wtf how can there be different translations despite the same dialogues' so there must be a mistake on the subbing part (2009). Because I remember some years ago someone linked me the video, the supposed video mentioning Yuna's life with Tidus in LM.

I think she may mention him a couple other times, but these are the main ones.

THIS ONE! Finally, thanks.

The person who posted that HD Remake version of LM most likely didn't complete enough of the game

He didn't load any saves from X-2 when he started LM, that I'm aware of. I'm just puzzled about the translations part.

Instead, since the dialogue in LM depends on how you completed the game, "making up new foods to cook for him" and "walking on the beach with him" turns into generic "cooking food" and "beach walks" on abridged completions.

If it interests anyone, here's a video of Yuna cooking for... herself? Who knows maybe if the uploader actually loaded his perfect ending, the sub would change from 'cook meals' to 'cook meals for him'

Official and fan translations will almost always differ

Yeah. Now I'm wondering if 'Yuna watches the sunset with Tidus, Yuna cooks for Tidus' actually happened due to this translation bits. IIRC, the Last Mission script was translated by Marcelo X and I'm sure most people has referred to his translations on GameFAQ when trying to know the events of LM.

So having known that the official and fan translation differ, did

Is Last Mission even being taken into account at all? She seemed to enjoy every second with him and wanted time to stand still for them, and she boasted about being in the company of someone so passionate.

even happened?

There was no mistake made. Japanese is interpreted on the basis of the interpreter, and there are most likely separate scripts for English text. No text in language will be entirely transferred and ciphered to another.

Didn't see your post there, anyways, basically we just have to wait and see, right? Well I hope the English version keeps the fluff intact surely you jest.

Oh, okay, I see what you're saying. Yeah, if the the voice acting is identical in these two vids then I suppose someone must have made a mistake with that as you said.

Haha you get what I mean right? You mentioned:

but I remember an uploader had posted both versions of the scenes that take place, the ones with Tidus as well as the ones without.

Assuming the videos I posted are the ones without Tidus so how's the video with him being mentioned like (if you have seen it)?

Do you mean, does the first video translated from years back have the wrong subtitles by mistake?

Haha sorry about that and yup this is what I meant ^

I think it's right, it's just that the scenes are identical with different dialogue.

No, if you watch the first and second video, clearly the dialogues are the same but the subs/translations are different.

No, she does talk about Tidus, but it depends on your percentage completion of the game. This is what you get if you achieved the "normal" ending, not the 100% ending.

This is what I thought too, but looking at the videos, do you think the subber (the first video) accidentally subbed the translations on the wrong video?

Edit: If anyone can find the video of Yuna actually mentioning Tidus, link it to me.

I really feel the Novella takes place a few months after FFX-2 Final Mission because yuna talks about how happy she is living with tidus

You might want to check my post here

Is Last Mission even being taken into account at all? She seemed to enjoy every second with him and wanted time to stand still for them, and she boasted about being in the company of someone so passionate.

Ok, I just happened to watch the latest Last Mission cutscenes from FFX-2 HD and when I compared the latest cutscenes with the translated Last Mission cutscenes posted years ago...

Floor 30 from the supposed video mentioning Yuna's life with Tidus after X-2, posted in 2009

Rikku:  What?

Yuna:  Don't you find it magical?

Yuna:  I've been away from Besaid too long now.  I wonder if he's watching the
same sunset...

Rikku:  The same......huh?

Yuna:  But you know, even though we watch the same things, everyday, it's with
a new perspective.

Rikku:  Is that sooo?

Yuna:  It's just that......nowadays, it hurts to be away from him.

Rikku:  Ooohhhhh......

Paine:  So, Yuna, you're still in Besaid?

Rikku:  Yup yup!  But after a while, I know she'll get tired of it and return
to the Gullwings!

Yuna:  That's not going to happen!

Yuna:  Those time when he was gone, my life was so mixed up and lonely.

Yuna:  But it all changed in that moment when we came flying back to the

Floor 30 from the video posted in 2014, the Japanese phrases sound the same like in the video above

Rikku:  What is it?

Yuna:  It's strange, don't you think?

Yuna:  We're so far from Besaid, but the sunset looks the same

Rikku:  Hmm, yeah. The same... Well I guess you're right

Yuna:  But even though it looks the same things, it actually changes everyday

Rikku:  Is does?

Yuna:  It's just something I've been thinking recently.

Rikku:  Hmm...

Paine:  So, you've been staying at Besaid?

Rikku:  Yeah, she has. She's totally gone back to her life before she joined the Gullwings.

Yuna:  That's not true at all!

Yuna:  Back then I was  only thinking of someone I had lost.

Yuna:  I wanted a change from all that so I left the island.

As much as I hate to say it but it seems the translated bits of Last Mission (Yuna living with Tidus, cooking for him etc) posted on GameFAQ and on the old videos were inaccurate. Anyone can confirm this?

Is Last Mission even being taken into account at all? She seemed to enjoy every second with him and wanted time to stand still for them, and she boasted about being in the company of someone so passionate.

I'm not sure if I'm being extremely paranoid here or what but I fear SE could uncanon this just to make X-2.5 possible.
Instead of 'Yuna is living happily ever after with Tidus 3 months after X-2' we could be seeing 'Yuna seems to not enjoy to be in the company of Tidus and his childishness a few months after X-2'
But since we don't know the exact timeline of X-2.5 so I hope this isn't the case...

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