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I don't think this forum can go to waste. I mean, it's a part of internet history now. Anyone who looks up FFX-3 will come across these discussions. It's an open forum and people will add what they want. None of the threads are closed or anything, so the discussion is still open.

Just like what Nojima and Shinji said. NOTHING was set in stone, it was all just discussion. Of course as a company SE wanted to see demand for an X-3, but the truth is, the fans just aren't happy with the direction they decided to go with it. There is a small minority that are curious to see where it could lead, but a large portion of the fan base are horrified. I don't blame them.

I'm not sure they're planning, necessarily. I'd say they are definitely hoping. I wouldn't put it above them to sacrifice quality and their own dignity for a couple extra $$$ - they've done it before (can this crap with Lightning end already?)

But like I said, I love the characters and wouldn't mind seeing a Final Fantasy X-3 movie. I wouldn't consider it canon at all, just a harmless, probably stupid, addition surely you jest

I find it kind of adorable that SE thinks we're all dumb enough to believe that, but I don't blame them for making that statement. X-2 sold terribly worldwide for the HD Remaster, so it probably wouldn't be a great business move on their part to continue on with a third installment rofl

Final Fantasy X-3 isn’t in the cards any time soon, says Yoshinori Kitase – Final Fantasy series producer in an interview with Famitsu this week. According to him the 2.5 novel and -Will- audio drama were not created with the intention of creating a third FFX title. (yeah, right)

The magazine reached out to collect several blanket statements from prominent developers on upcoming titles on the topic of rumors that have recently flooded the Internet, including others from Square Enix.


So glad to hear this. It would be so terrible imo, like forget it. I would LOVE to see X-3 get the movie treatment though! That would be fun, I guess. And harmless, since considering it canon could feel more like a choice for the fans, rather than forced onto them.


I thought it was odd that no one even asked about him either. But then I stopped caring.

Alsooooo please don't post spoilers without stating them as such, some of us are completely new to the international content

the audio drama is a cute little bonus to peek into the characters, but I am not here for its intentions. I really do believe they're hoping 'Will' will be X-2's 'Eternal Calm' and lead to another game. I think enough is enough and it should stop while it's still good

However, I wouldn't be opposed to an X-3 movie! That way it feels more like it being canon or not is optional.

It's not necessarily the voice itself, but he definitely lost the accent. Living in Besaid and being around all of those people... it would be pretty unlikely it'd go away.

Regardless, I'm just super glad that he's the one who took on the role! It's nice to have the original VAs back ^^

I don't like Chuami (only because she's claiming to be Auron's daughter, go away), but the VA did great on her. Definitely an awesome job there. Kurgum sounded like a cliche anime voice. It just doesn't sound right out of context imo

lmao Wakka's accent is atrocious. Lulu sounds like a smoker.

I am so happy to hear Yuna's voice. The way she's written is perfect too; she's finally the character she was meant to be. You can tell she's comfortable in herself at last.

Quote from: from: LM_Nova
I had hoped if they ever did another sequel to FFX it would be about Braska's pilgrimage and we would learn more about Auron's younger days

as a game, this would be a waste of money for the production team. We all know what happens.

but it would be worthwhile as a DLC I think

Is there a way to subscribe to the chapter translations thread?

surely you jest i can't stop laughing at the edit in my op
who added that 'spin-offs are good i think sure you jest' part? so random

just gonna add this here, in case anyone's interested

ashimoto also shot down the idea of a Final Fantasy X-3, saying “Since we’re revisiting Final Fantasy X and X-2, which were released about 10 years ago, the series’ scenario writer Kazushige Nojima and character designer Tetsuya Nomura had a discussion and thought that the HD Remaster release would be a good opportunity for them to include this additional story episode [and expand upon the univese a little further]. But the audio episode’s inclusion wasn’t because we have any plans to develop a Final Fantasy X-3.


I agree, no bullets

instead, we should kill it with fire

This is why there is still hope.

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Re: Canonical Revalations - FFX-3
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surely you jest i can't stop laughing at the slutty outfit question
love it

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