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I understand the argument against  Auron, Jecht and Braska prequel, but really it's all about execution. There's enough unseen history  between the three characters to make a full game. Auron is obviously my favorite, but Braska is a very interesting unexplored character. It's too easy to say he was simply motivated by the death of his wife. He could have known far more about Yevon than he ever expressed in the Jecht spheres. Also Auron had a life before the pilgrimage with him rising through the ranks of the warrior monks. It sounds like he had a complicated friendship with Kinoc from the way he reacts to him at certain points in the game.They could deviate from traditional storytelling and make it a Russian roulette of perspectives between the three. 

Can I assume you guys didn't play FFVII: Crises Core? I'm not criticizing, a lot of people didn't despite it's critical acclaim due to the fact that it was on the PSP.

Crisis Core in my opinion is the best tale out of the compilation series, second only to the main story of Final Fantasy VII itself. There is a straightforward approach in the story telling for this game that was sorely lacking in the other installments.

One of the stand out appeals of this game is the fact that side quests are not designated. Being allowed to pick and chose your own "Missions" really do shave off a good deal of time that would other wise force you to perform tedious and (on some accounts) treacherous battles. For someone who isn't a hard core gamer this option is a delightful treat. Although, as any Final Fantasy fan will tell you, neglecting fights will cause you to lose the opportunity to level up. And make no questions about it, down the road such decisions will cost you dearly. 

The expansion of details regarding old characters is rather engrossing. Taking what little we knew of Solider First class Zack Fair from the original game and turning him into a solid protagonist with hopes, dreams, ambitions, and even love in the form of our favorite Flower Girl. In the case of Sephiroth, you actually find yourself having sympathy for (whom we were all lead to believe for years was) the devil. As for the first time it's explained how isolated, confused and betrayed he must have felt by the company that raised him. The establishment of the origin for Cloud is a well done surprise, stressing his weaknesses as well as his admiration and friendship with Zack. Square humanized Mr. Strife again, a factor that caused me to regain respect for the character, especially after the brooding hero plastic surgery that was performed on him for Advent Children.

The newcomers are equally as welcomed and are introduced and woven into the scene without being overbearing, complementing the old fan favorites well. Genesis is slightly  obnoxious, but Angeal will break your heart and youíll even run into an old familiar hidden character!

My point is you know what's waiting for you at the end of this game but it still tugs at your heart. Any game that can achieve that makes it worth wild.

I'm not
I thought FFX-3 had way more of a chance than a FF7 remake so it's definitely possible now!

Exactly! And hey, if folks are so deeply opposed to the original idea for X-3 the developers can always do a prequel game instead. Auron, Jecht and Braska fans unite 8) ;D

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet
« on: June 16, 2015, 01:35:56 am »
Because after years of denial this has just been announced

So I say to all my fellow FFX fans keep hope alive because it's probably already in development ;) .

I'm sure with the overwhelming negative response the novel is receiving there will be at least some characterization back peddling from SE. After all they want fans to keep pumping money into this and they don't deliberately set out to **** us off.

I wouldn't be too worried with Yuna and Tidus supposed break up. Yuna is acting like her old self again, which means more emotional vagueness. Odds are she dumped Tidus because she's in love with the Tidus who died on the beach and not this current incarnation. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it is revealed that Yuna is the one who accidentally summoned Sin in her clumsy attempt to get back Tidus. 

FFX-3 Speculation and Developments / Does Anyone Have a Link
« on: March 21, 2014, 12:39:41 pm »
to the english translated version of Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega? Now that I'm playing the game over again I just want to get some things cleared up.


as a game, this would be a waste of money for the production team. We all know what happens.

but it would be worthwhile as a DLC I think

I disagree totally and one only needs to play FFVII: Crises Core to know why. The whole game revolves around Zack, a minor character in FFVII who we only see in flash backs. In the prequel new characters are created that help define the originals. By seeing the story through their eyes rather than someone else we gain a new prospective on the events that took place and what influenced them to make certain choices. Although fans are aware of Zack's ultimate fate it becomes all the more heart breaking because we do see the extant of the progress of the characters involved.
While in FFX the Jecht Sphere's do outline the pilgrimage a game could do more than just fill in the blanks. After all Braska, Jecht and Auron obviously had interesting lives long before they got together to take down Sin.


Are you talking about FFVII or the overall Compilation of FFVII?

When I mentioned FFVII I meant the very first game before SE decided to make it a compilation series.

Donít be deceived by the torch I hold for FFX, I would love to see a real full blown sequel to FFVII just as much as anyone else but that is extremely unlikely. As Iíve stated in the past it all boils down to time. In order to create a game that depicts a sprawling planet without restriction that meet fans expectations as a true successor to the original game it would take a couple of years. Square Enix is seemly refusing to do this because it would detract efforts from the other games their producing chiefly FFXV. Basically the only way SE is going to touch VII (remake or sequel) is if they donít hit a home run with XV.

I think that is the reason why developers are laying the ground work to continue the story of X and draw old fans back in. Their saving Final Fantasy VII as their last resort.


And if you don't think being terminally ill yourself, feeling useless because you can't help your terminally ill child and being wracked with guilt over two other people you love being dead are valid reasons to brood -- well, I don't know what to tell you. It's going to be pretty impossible for us to have a constructive conversation if those emotions amount to being "whiney" in your eyes.

My negative feelings towards Cloud in the way he is being portrayed in the progressing story of VII does not limit my capacity to hold a constructive conversation. But thatís not what our discussion is about. We were debating the validity of another FFX sequel.
The fact of the matter is at the end of both games (VII and X) the stories were complete. All the central conflicts involving the protagonist were solved.

However, thatís the point of sequels, to expand characters and put them in new situations and conditions that allow them to grow and change. The different on screen dimensions they face breathe new life into familiar territory. We as fans may react begrudgingly to the changes but ultimately they make the characters more complex and interestingÖ.if only to **** and moan about them. ;)

One big example is the FFX FFVII connection. In FFX-2 it was heavily implied that Spira is in fact the same world that FFVII takes place in. The boy genius of the Gullwings who bears the future company's name was last spoken of working on a major project with entrepreneur extraordinary Rin. Remember when Shinra stated that it was possible to harness vast amounts of energy from the Farplane and Yuna envisioning a huge city of lights? It could be the major point of contention in FFX-3. After all in the game Rin was shown to have flexible morals when it came to ensuring the progress of machina.

Speaking of the Farplane thatís another unsolved mystery. During all of FFX-2 the Farplane was said to be unstable resulting in it being non accessible. I do recall a NPC explaining that the only people that could fix the problem were the Guado, but due to the fact that they weren't in Guadosalam at that point it couldn't be done. Just what was the problem exactly? How was it, if ever, resolved?

Square is playing a "coy game" because they want to be as certain as possible that fans are going to buy another FFX sequel before they invest time and money into making a full-fledged game. They won't waste time if fans are lukewarm to the idea. I think they finally got the message with Lightning; if fans don't find the character engaging theyíre not going to care about them no matter how "cool" they look on the surface.  Final Fantasy is Square Enix flagship game series, but due to poor direction its lost serious clout over the years. It's to the point where even their most loyal fans are leery of anything new they put out. So yeah, the developers are going to be inclined to go back to the well and expand the story of past successful games because fans are invested in those character and they want to woo folks back.
On the issue of VII you canít compare it to X in regards of a concluding the story because it was done in Advent Children. Square went off on some wild tangent in Dirge Of Cerberus. Also, and I think many share my opinion; Square Enix (not Square) has all but ruined Cloud. I donít know who this whining, brooding emo poser is but MY Cloud dressed in drag, went on awkward dates and said ďletís moseyĒ.

In all fairness FFVII got more attention than any other FF game ever produced, a theatrical sequel and two platform games (three if you count Before Crises). Pretty much all the main questions about the game have been addressed where as in FFX there's still much that is unexplained. In that aspect a prequel could make more sense than a sequel. Look at Crisis Core, we all knew how that game was going to end and it was still great! The developers seemed less concerned about catering to fan service unlike FFX-2 which was mainly a giant mini game with the girls running around in skimpy outfits. And there were times when it deliberately avoided giving explanations to pressing mysteries.
There is lots of money to be made here still and if we get some great material out of it I'll be thrilled.

Dirge of Cerberus' was a hot mess, fans in the east and west agreed on that one. FFX has a solid core of loyal fans who would be all to eager to revisit the world of Spira especially in light of the disappointing string of games that have been released in its wake. But given Square Enix history to veer left (i.e Dirge Of Cerberus) maybe the introduction of Chuami would be a launching pad for Auron to get his own game! Now I'd pay good money to play that  ;D

Also remember that FFX-2 started much in the same fashion, with the additional ending in the International game. Square Enix had said than too that there were no plans for a sequel but fan response was so overwhelming that they pursued it. The reason why FFX was so approachable versus doing a sequel to other games like VII, VIII, or IX was because the world was already built and all they had to do was reincorporate the characters (this was there stated reason). This in mind one has to conclude that releasing the game in HD is setting the stage for a another sequel on another platform.

Don't despair just yet kids. While it might  be a few years off I still believe this game has a decent shot of being made. Why? Why the hell would SE go through the changes of not only re-releasing the game and its sequel in HD, a written novel, and a audio drama (which they've gotten the original English voice actors for) if they weren't going to make another game. Why waste time and money stirring up interest? Like someone at the company stated early on "the fans have to demand it". People shout loudest for what they can't have and this could very well be a marketing strategy. Nobody gives a damn about Lightning; people freakin' return copies of FFXIII and FFXIII-2 in droves and Square Enix doesn't seem the least bit detoured. This is a story however that people are at least invested in.

Fans want Auron back in the storyline but he needs a solid reason for being there. If the only scenario SquareEnix can conjure up is the long lost daughter routine I'll take it. Besides if they approach it correctly it won't be a bad idea.

My main request is that they improve Chuami voice actress, as it stands right now, she is indeed annoying.

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