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Title: Last Mission (English dubbed)
Post by: CrystalOfLies on March 29, 2014, 04:41:40 am
Finally, the localisation we've all been waiting for for ten years!

Japanese name: Yadonoki Tower (Yadonoki is Japanese Al Bhed for 'Maboroshi,' which translates to 'phantom' or 'illusion.')

English name: Iutycyr Tower (Iutycyr (pronounced you-ta-seer) is Al Bhed for 'Eidolon.')




1st - 10th Floor + Cutscene:


11th - 20th Floor + Cutscene:


21st - 30th Floor + Cutscene:


31st - 40th Floor + Cutscene:


41st - 50th Floor + Cutscene:


51st - 60th Floor + Cutscene:


61st - 70th Floor + Cutscene:


71st - 80th Floor (Final Boss) + Cutscene + Ending:

Title: Re: Last Mission (English dubbed)
Post by: Ananda on April 01, 2014, 08:53:17 pm
Wish i could listen Yuna talking about Tidus.
Title: Re: Last Mission (English dubbed)
Post by: CrystalOfLies on May 04, 2014, 07:59:53 am
Bad news, guys.

Apparently, it doesn't matter what save file you use in this version. The PS3 version cuts out the feature of importing a 100% storyline completion file to be used in Last Mission, so all the scenes play out the same, regardless of what percentage you have.

So it seems like the secret dialogues regarding Tidus in the PS2 version have been rendered completely inaccessible in the remaster. The only mention we get of him is in the Floor 30 cutscene, in which Yuna says she 'met someone,' which might not even be Tidus potentially. (Rikku very vaguely mentions that 'he's back,' but still. She might be saying that they could use Tidus to pilot the Celsius or something. XD)

So yeah, the cutesy fluffy thoughts that Yuna had of Tidus in the PS2 Japanese version have been replaced by shallow wonky dialogues which are about Yuna's life in the English PS3 version. I'm sorry to disappoint you all.

Poor Vidina's been left out, too.