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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 16


   They took the path towards the inland and quickly reached a fork. If they were in Besaid, the right path would lead them to the ruins. But they struggled with a river they could have only crossed by swimming. The two young ones considered having spent enough time in water today and decided to turn around. They climbed a steep slope, and then they took the direction of the waterfalls' path. Thirsty, they were dreaming of the freshwater falling from the cliff.

   “It really does looks like Besaid...” Tidus noticed.

   “That's right. Yet, something is strange. I can see remnants of human occupation, but they evoke a people different from ours.”

   She stopped to examine a stone statue on the verge. It reached their knees and represented a man. But because of time and elements, the details had faded and the back had disappeared.

   “He has a beard and a staff. It's an old man,” Yuna said.

   “A High Summoner?” Tidus suggested.

   The young woman shook her head, as she was not convinced. They stood before the statue for a few moments, but did not discover anything about it. They set off and felt soon the atmosphere culling off. The rumble of the water finally reached them. They rushed forward at the double, while betting on the one who would get there first.

   The waterfall's path reached a cliff, in a place where a river was throwing itself into the void. The air was always fresh here, even in the middle of the hottest day. Of course, the description matched Besaid's one. But this unknown island did not disappoint them.

Under the thin rain, Yuna raised her face and opened her mouth. Tidus imitated her.

   “It feels so good!” the young woman rejoiced.

   The fresh water was dissipating the burning sensation on her entire body.

   “I feel like a new person,” her partner went further.


   “You think...” Tidus started, hesitant. “You think we've drowned?”

   “So we would be...”


   “I don't know, I never died,” Yuna answered.

   Tidus burst out laughing. Yet, the young girl had not wanted to mess around. A lot of factors allowed living beings to remain after their death.

   She was thinking about "Unsents" like Auron; the legendary guardian who, two years earlier, had guided them during their journey. Seymour and the Great Maester Mika had chosen this path too. Someone greatly attached to this world could continue to lead a life almost unchanged, and nobody would ever notice otherwise.

   Fayth, indispensable for every summoning, spent eternity between life and death. Aeons, deceased who appear in the hereafter, much like a good half of monsters; and even Sin, could be considered as "incarnate spirits". Death had not stopped.

   When the young girl finished her explanation, Tidus appeared to shiver:

   “I prefer not to think about all of this. Let's say we're really alive, and let's move on to something else!”

   “It's you who broached the subject, but fine. What do you want to talk about?”

   “For example, what about what you remember? Do you remember the shark, and our swimming?”

   “Yes. I've seen the island, far away, and I've hoped it was Besaid. Then, I've swallowed water, twice. I've spitted and I've wanted to vomit. I've been in pain for a moment, and then... nothing else.”

   Tidus was looking at her, visibly tense. She smiled at him:

   “I've woken up on the beach. I don't know what happened between these two moments.”

   He lowered his eyes and she wondered what he was thinking. When he raised his head, his face was serious.

   “I want to tell you something important: don't ever give up. Don't sacrifice yourself for my sake. Living without you, I don't want that.”

   “I have something to tell you too.”

   Her hands on her hips, she stared at him:

   “It wasn't easy. It never was. But you saved me so many times in the past and I don't want to call you for help anymore. I lived without you, and I don't want this to happen again. Well, I don't know what I'll do if it happens once again, but I'm sure of something: I refuse to request help from someone who disdains mine.”

   “What are you talking about?”

   “In the water, you were exhausted. And in the end, both of us drowned.”

   “I'm sorry.”

   “It will take some time for me to forgive you.”

   She shook her head so hard that her wet hairs fluttered around her. Then she left in the direction of the village - assuming they were in Besaid. Tidus followed in her steps whilst whispering new apologies.

   Yuna told him what was weighing on her, now she was feeling better.

   “And you, what do you remember?” she asked him.

   “I had the impression that my father had come to save us. He was huge!”

   He spread his arms to illustrate his words.

   “Maybe was it a hallucination,” he continued. “Anyway, we were very lucky.”

   For sure they were very fortunate. She decided to be grateful, without trying to know more about this. Two years earlier, she would have decided in a gift of Yevon.

   “But this sensation, the fact that it's impossible for us to say if it's real or imaginary...” Tidus continued. “I had the impression I was taken back two years, when Sin took me here.”

   She did not answer. After a few quiet moments, he started to talk more loudly:

   “What if it was the same thing right now? As if we were in Besaid, but from an otherworld?”

   “I don't know...”

   “It's an otherworld, I'm sure it is!” he repeated.

   Why not? After all, he had already witnessed a similar situation, and it had taken him some time to understand it.

   “In this case, can we go back home?”

   The question seemed natural for her, but surprise was written on Tidus' face. They were not in the same state of mind apparently.

   “I'm cold, let's move!” she declared joyfully, before setting off.

   If they were in Besaid the village should not be too far. They just had to go through the ruins' path and come back down on the other side.

   She did not know if Tidus was right, but his theory had the advantage to clarify a muddled situation.

   They were walking in silence. Yuna would have wanted to comment on the characteristics of the landscape, but Tidus was staying several steps behind, as if he was upset. He had had to be delighted to be with her in this world. Not forever, of course, but until they find a way to return home. They could explore the island, exchange caresses and kisses. He did not think about those who were worried about them. He was not preoccupied with this.

   ‘I thought he knew me better than that... I am always concerned about others.’

   “Look Yuna, it's amazing!” he suddenly exclaimed, lively.

   She turned around, but he was showing a spot above her head. She turned around once again and discovered a sparkling orange tower.

   “It's so bright... it looks like a brand new one!”

 They were standing on the ruins' path. Yet, the construction in front of them could have been painted the day before.

   With a cry of surprise, Tidus rushed towards the foot of the structure.

   “That's from where Kimahri jumped!”

   He was right. It was indeed the same place. But yet...

   “Oh Yuna, it's working!”

   He beckoned to her, and she complied. Closely, we could indeed hear a slight whirring.

   “I wonder what it's used for...” she whispered.

   He shrugged to show his ignorance.

   “What about the village?” he said suddenly.

   He left at the double in the direction of it and she hurried behind him.

   Tidus was shuffling, waiting for Yuna.

   In Besaid, the pass where he had stopped overhung the village. A stele designed to protect travellers was supposed to be rising at the edge of the path.

   Yuna caught up with her partner and lowered her eyes. The village was not there, but   everything else here matched her memories.

   “Come over here!” he said.

   He was examining a stone statue that rose in place of the stele. It was depicting a young man, life-size, sitting on a pedestal. Even if its details had faded through time, the figure was still recognizable. The man who was represented had rather thin wrists and ankles and...

   “A chest!” Tidus noticed.

   “It's a girl.”

   “Her hands have disappeared, but I think she's praying, like this...”

   He turned talk into action. He guessed right. Yuna approached the statue in order to examine it closely.

   “She has wings,” Tidus said, now standing behind the statue. “And look, there's an inscription on the base.”

   Yuna came beside him.

   “Let's see... Luchera,” the young man continued. Maybe the name of the model who posed for this work?”

   “Probably. I wonder who she was.”

   “If people have erected a statue, she must have been famous,” Tidus noticed. “On the island, and elsewhere. But I don't know anything about Spira's history, so...”

   Yuna was more educated than him about this point, but the name "Luchera" did not ring a bell.


   He was pointing at the place where the village should have been.

   "It must be what Luchera is looking at. And she's praying. That means there's something down there.”

   From where they were standing, they could only see a forest.


   As Yuna guessed, they did not find anything special where the village should have been standing. Hair grass and dense trees constituted a forest typical of the southern islands, rustling with familiar insects.

   “It's the same island, yet different... I think you're right, Tidus.”

   “We must return to your world,” Tidus answered with a serious voice.


   “For a thousand years, machines have been forbidden by Yevon's teachings, right? However, we heard the tower working. The village doesn't exist, but the same goes for the shrine. What if Yevon's teachings had not reached it? Not at that time, at least.”

   She nodded slowly.

   “War was raging before the precepts, right?”


   “Rikku told me about Shuyin and Lenne. I wonder if we're in their time. So we’re a thousand years back in time.”


   “I don't ever want to find myself in the middle of fights. I heard say that summoners were sent to the front.”


   Since he had started to set out his theory, she was only answering with monosyllables. She was not able to think. His words were frightening her, because he was most probably right.”

   “Don't worry. There must be a way to return home.”

   “Are you sure about that?”

   If there was a way to return, she wanted to know it. Maybe would it manage to appease her anxiety?

   “If we can pass in one direction, we can do the same in another. Like Sin. It picked me up from Zanarkand and has taken me in your world, same goes for Auron. That must be why I saw my father before our arrival. He wanted me to understand that we could do the same thing in the other direction.”

   Yuna thought his logic was a bit fragile, but she was grateful towards him because he was trying to do his best to reassure her.

   “Thanks, that's kind of you...”

   He appeared to be relieved when he saw her accepting his reasoning.

   “So let's go!” he said.


   “Well, we're going to explore the island to find a way to return home.”

   One of the vaguest objectives... but she could not find anything better. Hence she followed in his footsteps.


   They were climbing back up the pass when Yuna let out a cry of exclamation.

   “What's wrong?”

   “This path, what is it? Where does it lead, since the village doesn't exist? Lots of people must have passed through to shape it!”

   “I hadn't thought of that... It could just have been some rambler? The place is kind of pretty.”

   “You think so?”

   “I don't know, it was just an idea.”

   He may be right once again...

   “Oh!” Tidus exclaimed.

   He hurried into the hair grass.

   “Come over here!”

   He had found another statue representing an old man, which had preserved more details than the previous one – this area was certainly safer against the elements.

   “He has a staff,” Tidus noticed.

   “And a bag on his back.”

   “He reminds me of O'aka!” he said while laughing.

   She imitated him. O'aka XXIII was a merchant they had met during their journey in Spira. People could see him in a lot of places and he devoted himself to keep his business running.

   “Maybe it's his island?” Tidus continued. After all, he was the twenty-third... look at his staff!”

   “It's not the same as the one on the other statue,” Yuna noticed.

   “Yes, this part, there...”

   He was pointing at a little horizontal bar, near the hand of the wrinkly. On one side a beak was engraved, and on the other a big cat tail.

   “This beak...” Tidus began.

   He followed the drawing with his finger before pointing at the direction indicated by the bar. Yuna only saw a clump of trees with big trunks – certainly centenarian. Tidus rushed towards them in order to examine them.

   “Everything seems right, but I wonder what the meaning of these symbols is.”

   Yuna looked around her. The copse in question was no different from the other ones. She cast her eyes over the statue again, and tried to remember the one they had found earlier.

   “Stay here, I'm going to make sure of something, I'll be back!”

   She rushed forwards on the path, in the direction of the waterfalls.

   “Where are you going?”

   “To find O'aka!”

   They passed the statue of Luchera and took the road for the ruins again.

   The first statue designing the old man looked like the one they had found near the forest.

   “They took the same model and slightly modified his posing,” Yuna concluded.

   “But isn't it O'aka?”

   “No. And we may never know who it is. But look, there, the beak...”

   It appeared that it was indicating the direction of the second statue, near the forest.

   “Let's go back and see!” she shouted.

   And she left in all haste, abandoning a taken-aback Tidus.

   “I didn't know you were so impatient, he said when he caught up with her.

   “I've spent too much time waiting.”

   “I only came back yesterday… You could be gentler with me.”

   “I would like to, but you spend your days complaining!”

   “Fine, I didn't say anything…”
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