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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 15

   Yuna woke up on a beach, Tidus beside her. Lying on her back, she was contemplating the sky. The light was strong, the sun at its zenith. They had not fainted for a long time. A slight noise made her head spin: Tidus' mouth was open and a little crab was trying to enter it. She got rid of it then stood up slowly. Thereafter, she caught hold of the young man under her shoulders and started to drag him to a shady place. She was moving backwards step by step, while encouraging herself in an undertone.

   The heels of the young man were digging two little furrows in the sand.

   Yuna was watching in turns these marks which extended as far as the sea, the beach behind her and, beyond, the trees and their shade. Without being discouraged, she kept hauling him.

   Her back was in pain and the sun was burning her skin.

   If only I had still my clothes!

   She remembered vaguely having removed them...

   Tidus moved:


   Yuna stopped immediately.

   “Are you hurt somewhere?”

   “Yes, under my shoulders. It's you who's hurting me.”

   She let go of him:

   “Is that so? In that case, you'll manage everything by yourself!”

   “I'm not complaining. If I'm in pain, then I'm alive. Can you keep hauling me?”

   “My waist is killing me.”

   “What a granny...”

   She let herself fall onto the sand, close to him.

   “May I, young man? I'm too old for this kind of stuff...”

   The phrase "a gift of Yevon" crossed her mind, but she remained silent. She used it less often from now on, but it was difficult to get out of a habit learned during her childhood.

   “Your shoulders must be suffering," Tidus noticed with compassion.

   She nodded to confirm it.

   If he was like she remembered, he was going to go on with an optimistic declaration.

   “But a tanned skin is very pretty!”

   She laughed.

   “Indeed, and Rikku is a relevant example for this. But me, I'm burning, and that's all. Without cream or sphere, I run the risk to end up grilled!”

   “Let's get ourselves in the shade then.”

   “That's what I was doing, but an uncooperative person stopped me.”

   Tidus burst out laughing. Yuna ran her hand over her red shoulder.

   “That's great. "If I'm in pain, then I'm alive", isn't it?”

   “I know a better way to make sure of that...”

   He leaned over Yuna, who moved back.

   “Hold on, young man!”

   “Really? We're in the clear, don't you think that's a cause for celebration?”

   He came close to her once again, his lips deformed in an exaggerated pout. Yuna giggled and pushed him away with a finger.

   “Someone may be observing us! Look at this orange tower, it's like in Besaid.”

   Tidus ceased to mess around and scrutinized the surroundings. He was showing the beginning of a path which sank into the interior.

   “That's right, we can expect the Aurochs to show up momentarily.”

   “Yet, we're somewhere else. The landscape is the same, but some details are missing."

   There were neither wood pontoons, nor stakes where the ships moored, nor rets stacked on the sand.

   “The storm! Tidus exclaimed. It might have blown away everything.”

   “I don't think so. The bleach would be crawling with people. They must be searching for us everywhere.”

   Before leaving the village, she had advised Wakka of her intention of getting on the Ace. Now, he must have been dead worried. She shook her head:

   “It's like Besaid, but it's a different island. I really wonder where we are...”

   “There's only one way to find it out. Let's go!”
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