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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 14

   Valm dreamt of producing an aeon and becoming immortal.

   He would live with Kush, and when the young woman would go into the Farplane to flower there, Valm would fall in with another summoner and would fight forever.

   He had often wondered what Aeon Cores dreamt about, and how their creature saw the world. He would never know it. He was going to die like an ordinary man.

   Gunshots had resounded behind him. A Bedohl in yellow, with a clumsy walk, had appeared suddenly. Smoke was still escaping from the barrel of the rifle he was tightening under his left arm. Valm did not know how many bullets he had fired. In the bedroom, everyone, except for the newcomer, was in a stupor. Then the hirsute Bedohl insulted his comrade vehemently. Kush stood up straight, screeched and fell again onto the bed. She could not stand, Ifahnal had to support her.

   Valm was going to faint. Kush was screaming, but Valm did not want to answer her. She was getting on his nerves. As for the high-pitched bawls of the Bedohls, they were wearing him out. The owner of the rifle was vociferating, his right arm raised... with no hand at the end. His stump was wrapped with a dressing soaked with blood.

   He has come to take revenge on me.

   Valm's life against the hand of the Bedohl. In the eyes of the Guard, the deal appeared to be hardly stable. Somehow like this story of hell and flowers.

   “How do you feel?” Ifahnal asked.

   Valm would have wanted to tell him how his question was stupid, but he could not speak anymore.

   “Are you in pain?”

   Valm was not suffering. His death was imminent.

   He directed his regard towards Kush, paralysed by stupefaction. Ifahnal was holding her in his arms. It was certainly one of the worst viewings that the Guard could bring along with him in his death, at the risk of turning himself into a terrifying monster.


   Just a whisper, but it was enough. Without releasing Kush's shoulders, the summoner leaned over to him.

   “Send me in the world beyond. I don't want to go into hell or become an affrayed creature."

   “Valm,” Kush spoke, “I... I am sorry.”

“Summoner Ifahnal, who bears the name of the god of beauty... perform the rite.”


   Kush burst into tears. He continued to ignore her. From now on, this was the only way to punish her.

   “Valm,” Ifahnal answered with a grimace, “you're mistaken.”

   Valm would have liked to listen to the rest, but the night was falling in his world. He closed his eyes.

   He had to get rid of his regrets; else he would turn into a monster. Hell was awaiting him. He had heard say of that in some cases, if the deceased was too angry, Sending rites could fail. He had to put himself in a favourable state of mind.

   “Hurry, Ifahnal...”

   “No!” Kush shouted.

   Valm did not understand her reaction.

   Why does she refuse me the ceremony? Does she want me to return as a monster? To go to hell?

   This is her who is punishing me...

   He had taken on the name of the god of order, but he had let himself get sucked into the chaos of passion. That was the source of all his errors. His place was indeed in hell.

   ‘I wonder what kinds of tortures are awaiting me over there…’ Valm thought – whose real name was Bria.

(Note: Bria is the French name for Briah.)
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