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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 28

Under the deck, Yuna discovered a warehouse. The hold had been divided into several sections, which contained a pile of diverse objects. The young woman recognized several of them: some weapons she had seen in the armory, the dress she was wearing when she woke up, her cover, and several statues representing divinities. In the engine room, she discovered, not without surprise, a Choboco. The animal was sleeping and when she brushed it, he began to gleam. Had Johit summoned it?

She left the room and came upon a silhouette in the dark hallway. The man was heading towards her. No, not a man she corrected herself, a mechanical Bedohl. It appeared that it had seen her because it stepped up its pace.

"Yuna. I am Yuna."

He stopped and, with a little waving, turned around and walked away. On his back, he was holding a bag, made of rope, which contained a ball.

Suddenly, memories came back into Yuna's mind: the balloon which rolls on the path, Tidus leaning on it to pick it up... his head, at the foot of the young girl.

And I have revived him. With the help of this old Summoner. I have used all my energy, all my knowledge, and I have extracted Tidus from... who? From what?

Suddenly dizzy, she held her arm out towards the partition in order to catch hold of it. But her hand touched down on a door, and she entered involuntarily a new room.

The smell allowed her to quicky know what she was going to find.

She counted seven Fayths or Aeon Cores according to Johit. Three men and four women.

"They are all Bedohls," the Summoner behind her explained. "We were stuck on the island, and only death was awaiting us. We wanted to leave. It over a thousand years ago. Along with the Bedohls, I have waited for the day of our escape. Fortnightly, a ship came to resupply us. We had decided to steal it. But at the end of the first week, our base had been violently under attack. Those two chaotic days killed so many people... At the morning of the third day, our aggressors left, and the ship duly berthed. We roamed the seas, but the enemy was everywhere. We have resigned ourselves to coming back to the island. Then, we lived peacefully for some time : the base had been abandoned. Thereafter, Yevon spread out its power in the world, and a team came to build a temple. We thought we could mingle with them, but as soon as they arrived, they began to hunt the Bedohls. Being captured meant death. They turned them into Aeon Cores, until their death. You know about my method. In the eyes of the others, this was without doubt ridiculous. Or ominous."

She could detect sadness in his voice. She was commiserating with him, but she was concentrated on her hand, on the fingers which had touched down the partition in order for her to keep her balance, on her skin which could feel the wood grain down to the smallest detail. She remembered that Johit had difficulties in maintaining his summonings when he was beset by powerful emotions. Yet, nothing was gleaming.

"This boat is real?"

The summoner nodded to confirm it, and Yuna rushed towards the deck.

She was still seeing the island, and now the cove too. A detail drew her attention...

She let out a cry of exclamation when she noticed that the mechanical towers which stood out of the forest seemed washed out because of the bad weather.

She had come back to Besaid.

Where is Tidus ?

She thought that he was waiting for her in the Aeon-island. But currently, Johit was not summoning anything. In that case, where was her partner?

The old man emerged slowly from the hold.

"Where is Tidus?"

"I told him that it was for your own good, and he immediately agreed."