Author Topic: ~ FFX-2.5 : The Price of Eternity ~ French to English Translation  (Read 31902 times)


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 27

Tidus was huddled up and drifting in the darkness, when pictures started appearing in his mind. Was he actually seeing them, or were they only memories? He did not know. A young girl was standing in front of him. She was holding the hands of the boy in hers.

Her features looked like those of a teenager. Tidus knew her name. It was... it was Kush.

Find me. Someone named Briah knows my location. In case he does not, he will still be able to lead you to me. If you do so, I will send Yuna back to her world.

"All I need to do is meet you?"

Yes. I want you to push my shoulder.

"Excuse me?"

I am seated in front of a window. I am looking outside. I want you to gently push my shoulder.

"Which window? Where?"

I do not know, but Briah will. I am sure of it. Go and see him.

"Very well. But promise me to save Yuna."

I will.

"But how do I leave the island? Is there a boat?

By swimming. You can do it. Head for the open sea, as far as you can. Think of the place you want to go.

"I will end up exhausted. What should I do then?"

Kushu glared.

"What is that?"

A spell which will allow you to reach the place you seek. But be careful; do not be late. The first symptoms will be minor, but soon, even the things most important to you will disappear. Great care needs to be taken with those who know your existence. Hurry, before the spell vanishes.

His view was not obstructed any more: the limit between the darkness which was surrounding him and his own body had become clear. He felt pulled from chaos which was wrapping him.

"I'm coming!"

His feet propelled him with all their strength to the real world.He was coming closer to a boundary, the limit between "here" and "there". A luminous wall was appearing to blink. Was it a call, or the symbol of a radiant world? Tidus was swimming upwards, always upwards. He was a splendid swimmer.

"I'm back!"