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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 24

Yuna had decided to walk around the island, alone, because staying with Tidus was too difficult. She had returned to the starting point, the circular room, but had not found a solution to the problem. She wishes she would have been able to share the pain inside her with her partner, to give him some relief. Was she in the wrong? Maybe could she save him from this suffering.

But another problem was preoccupying her...

"Killing a young girl."

If she told Tidus about the request of the summoner, would her former guardian accede to it? Maybe, if he thought he could please Yuna. Egocentric thought, she was aware of that, but she knew that the young man was often eager to please her.

"No", she declared aloud, "he would never do that, even for me."

"Vous wanted to be alone?"

Kush was standing against the altar, under the gaze of the statues.

"No, but staying with him was too difficult for me. I'm bad at hiding, and he always manages to know what I think. His considerations are hard to bear..."

Kush shrugged and laughed quietly.


"He said the same thing. And he understands very well your need of solitude. Vous are very fortunate."

Yuna had the impression that Kush was making fun of her. She wanted to object, but changed her mind: after all, she was talking to a swarm of pyreflies.

She quickly came closer to the altar. The Aeon Core stepped backwards but Yuna grasped her hand and concentrated. Kush's skin began to shine.

"Is that your opinion, Summoner?"

Such aggressiveness.

"That's because you're unreasonable. You remind me of Yunalesca."

The Summoner Princess? You are offending me.

"Could you at least tell me your name?"

He did not answer.

Yuna turned towards the statues and began to enumerate them :

"Luchera, Guard, Alb, Valm, Kanaela, Sloan, Meiyoh, Mikka, Gekkoh, Romand, Anli, Ifahnal..."

Kush's silhouette trembled.

"Ifahnal ? 'Grant us beauty'?"

It does not look like me.

"Then what's your real name?"

Johit. From Muca.


South of the continent.

"Ah, Luca."


"Would you accord me an interview?" Yuna asked in the same respectful tone as Kush.

There was a silence, then a throat clearing.

Very well. But I am an Unsent, and I wish to disappear only when I will have decided it. Do I have your word?

"I promise you, I will not send you into the other world. Where do I have to meet you?"

Stay here, I am going to prepare the place of our meeting.

The illusion was so powerful that Yuna had forgotten everything around her was summoned. These events were unprecedented for her. Her and him practiced the same art, but they mastered very different techniques.

This is normal, Johit declared. We have contemplated a identical reality, but we have not understood it in the same manner, and each of us has believed in a distinct illusion.

Kush was fluttering like the scorching summer air, and was shining so strongly that Yuna had to protect her eyes.