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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 23

They took Bria to his cell, in the temple, and tied him to a pillar. Then Wakka and the Gullwings went back about their business. Bria was not really unconscious, but rather in a deep sleep. The monk who lived in the temple was looking after him. Lulu, hanging back, swept the room with her eyes, greeted the clergyman and went out in her turn.

This man had arrived in Besaid about ten years earlier, and was currently in charge of  welcoming the public, both the inhabitants of the island and the tourists. This mission guaranteed him very busy days, but apart from that he hardly spoke. Therefore, it was difficult to know more about him, yet Lulu trusted him. After the fall of Yevon, he had responded to the anxiety of the oldest villagers. She had observed him for a long time, therefore she knew that he was open-minded and practical.

He had reassured everyone, explaining that it was the teachings which were at fault, not the villagers.

At that time, there was another monk living in Besaid, but he had turned into a monster. Before that, he was a man in the prime of life, whose head was divided by two thick eyebrows. More than a clergyman, he was an dogged scholarly person. When he was not in his cell surrounded with his books, you could find him in the holy of the holies that he cleaned and watched, zealous.

Since Yuna had defeated Sin, people had caught sight of him hanging around here and there on the island.

I wonder what he was doing, Lulu thought.

He had arrived at the temple three years earlier, and had spent all this time between these walls.

After the fall of Yevon, he has maybe discovered an interest for the outside world.

Two months earlier, she had learnt he had to return to Bevelle. Bria had come to replace him. A short time afterwards, the monk had disappeared in the dead of night. Witnesses had caught a glimpse of him, late at night, and early morning, he was no more. It would have been impossible for him to return to the Citadel in the meantime. Not to mention he had not gathered his things, and had left his belongings behind him.

Not surprising, since he has turned into a monster!

Lulu had seen him with her own eyes, trampling while letting out this strange cry : "Bria Bria Bria". This was not an auditory hallucination, she was sure about that.

She turned round to gaze one last time at the door of the cell.


Hidden behind the temple, Shinra saw Lulu returning to her tent. Then he whispered in al bhed :

"She's finally gone."

"Let's end this," Brother answered in the same language.

"Okay, you deal with the monk while I talk with Bria."

"I want to talk with him too!"

"No, you make too much noise," Shinra responded to him.

"You damn brat!" Their leader protested.

"Shh! There's no time to lose."

"All right. Gullwings, men's section, let's go!"

They slipped to the entrance. Hardly had they crossed the heavy leaf when the monk noticed them.

"Did you forget something?"

Brother nodded and headed to the door located under the stairs.

"This is the room of the High Summoner," the monk informed him.


Brother changed direction and came closer to the other door.

"You did that on purpose, right?" Buddy teased him.

"Zip it!"

"Anyway," Shinra took apart, "there's no point in all three of us meeting with Bria. That's not what we agreed to do."

"All right, I don't like to seem rude, but I don't have the choice," Buddy pointed out before throwing himself on the monk.

The monk tried to run away, but the Al Bhed was faster. He caught him up, grasped him round the waist and joined his hands together around the man. The monk could not move at all. Straight after, Brother removed the polarizing glasses Poto was wearing and put them on the face of the clergyman.

Ignoring the protests of the victim, he burst out laughing when he saw the long eyelashes and the big eyes of Buddy. Straight after, he increased the light filtration of the glasses to the full.

"I can't see anything ! What did you do?"

"It's necessary for the time being," Buddy explained. "Now, go for the mouth!"

Brother gagged the monk with his big hand.

"I will let you take care of him," Shinra declared before crossing the door which led to the cells.

He heard what may be a noise of struggle, but he had just entered Bria's room, and he was petrified by a piercing look.

"Close the door behind you," the prisoner ordered quietly.

No, alone, I am not up to it, I need some help, the boy thought.

Yet, he complied obediently.

"Good Bedohl."