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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 22

But where was Yuna?

The young woman had wanted to isolate herself. Tidus had insisted that Yuna does not move away too far, in order for him to hear her whistlings if need be. She had left just past noon. The sun was going to set, and she had not come back yet.

Tidus had settled himself in the room where they had regained consciousness. He followed the hallway and went out. Though the leaves of the trees, he was distinguishing the statue of Luchera. Another silhouette was standing near her.

"Yuna!" He shouted.

She turned and waved at him. But she was not looking at the right place. The trees were certainly preventing her from seeing him.

"Sir Tidus..."

Kushu appeared before him. He had understood that she was not a woman, but he did not know her true shape. Yuna cetainly knew, but she had not said anything, and he was refusing to ask her: he did not want to be unpleasant with her.

How about asking the right person?

"What are you, Kush ? Well, I mean..."

"Vous do not know ? I am an aeon."


"Lady Yuna did not tell vous about our request?"

"About what?"

"We asked her to do something, but our conversation was two days ago, and..."

"What do you want from us?"

"Not both of you. Only vous, Tidus," Kush answered with a smile.

Her dimples were very lovely.

"go ahead and ask me."
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