Author Topic: ~ FFX-2.5 : The Price of Eternity ~ French to English Translation  (Read 31902 times)


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 21

He suddenly opened his eyes while shouting "Kush", and then he lost consciousness once again. What is wrong with him? Rikku asked.

Wakka was not looking at Bria, but Lulu, who was silent.

"Was it necessary to tie him up?" He asked with a careful tone.

Lying before the stele standing on the top of the hill, bound hand and foot, Bria was still uncouscious.

"Whose side are you on?" Rikku responded to him.

"He's not a poor sod," Wakka protested. "I've only known him for one month, but he doesn't content himself with his work at the temple. He takes part in the chores of the village. And the elders like him. If they were to see him in this state... it makes me shudder."

"Yes, but..." Rikku started to protest.

"Originally, it was Brother who provoked him," Paine declared calmly. "Admittedly, he got out a knife but I don't think it was intented for one of us. I've had the impression he was seeing someone else. He was... staring into space."

"He was completely out his mind. This guy is dangerous."

"Say, Lu, what do we do?" Wakka asked.

"Something is wrong with him," Lulu said, "but we can't leave him here, in public view. The elders like him... We should take him to his room. Over there, we'll be able to examine him."

She nodded, resolute, and turned towards Buddy and Brother, who, seated on the ground, were listening in silence. They immediately leapt to their feet.

"You two, take him to the room."

"Ihtancduut," Brother shouted, standing at attention.

"Let's go," Wakka said, "I'm worried about Vidina."

"Why?" Lulu asked.

"Because I left him with the grandmothers!"

"I trust them more than you to take care of him..."

"You're unfair!" Wakka exclaimed, indignant.

Paine laughed quietly.

"No laughing when Yuna's not here!" Brother added, who was helping Buddy to stand Bria back up, and left him untied from now on.