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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 20

Night fell, and Bria was walking around Besaid. He walked along the coast despite the boulders which were making the progression difficult, explored inaccesible caves and parts of the forest where nobody has ever gone before. He did not see anywhere the monstruous monk Lulu had told him about.

As a rule, he let them rest in peace. But there were two former guardians in the village, and those persons could draw decaying spirits out. The situation would be even more complicated if Yuna and Tidus were present. He wanted to solve this problem before their return.

He was coming closer to the hill. The Navel of the night was shining in the sky.

The Navel of the night, not Anli’s Eye.

The woman he had told that the star was called Anli’s Eye had been so fond of this name that she had named her little tavern that she inherited from her parents, after it. On the verge of bankruptcy, she had bet that it would have brought her luck. She lost that bet.

Several warrior monks had come to fetch her to take her to the fortress of Bevelle. She was eight months pregnant that day. She had never come back. A short time later, a warrior had come back to the tavern with a wood box containing a newborn who would not stop crying :  Bria’s daughter.

His wife had suffered a thousand tortures and, just before dying, had given birth to this child. The maesters of Yevon wanted to know where she had heard of the name “Anli’s Eye”, and would stop at nothing to find out. Until the end, she had protected Bria.

The warrior who had brought the child to him had offered his condolences, then had recommended him to run away.

He had told him his family owned an inn on the edge ofMacalania lake and was looking for a handyman. The warrior was named Gekkoh. Bria had taken an interest in the origin of his name and Gekkoh had glanced at him askance before telling him it originated from a famed ancestor.

Bria did not know why he had asked this question. Likewise, he did not understand how “Anli’s Eye” had come to his mind. To this day, he was still ignoring that.

Thanks to the recommendation of Gekkoh, Bria obtained the job at Macalania Lake. The mother of the innkeeper took care of the infant. Bria had named her Luchera. The name came to his mind instantaneously, and he had not managed to find another one thereafter.

But this name had posed a problem too.

One day, when the child was almost five years old, a monk had come from the temple of Macalania to ask some questions. Bria feared for his safety, but the innkeeper, who was a longstanding friend, interceded. Instead of sending a report to Bevelle, the monk demanded that Bria change the name of the child.

Bria was incapable of finding another name : he was convinced that, whatever he choose, it would bring misfortune to his daughter. In the end, the monk in question and the old woman who took care of her decided to name her Mohra. Bria found this name banal, but he hoped that it would provide a peaceful life to her child.

When Mohra was twenty, she was proposed to by a man. In the course of his visits, this regular customer had fallen in love with the young girl. She felt affection for the man too, and the union was encouraged. As long as her daughter agreed, Bria had no reason for being opposed to it. In order to explain the absence of her wife, he affirmed that she died because of a disease.

The banquet took place in the huge room of the inn. Many friends of the groom came, and went into ecstastics in the face of the beauty of the bride, who was wearing wonderful wedding garb. In the corner of the room, Bria was observing his daughter. He was torn between joy and sadness.

“You bastard!” The father of the groom had suddenly shouted.

He had come from Bevelle for the occasion and Bria still remembered his voice and his breath which reeked of alcohol.

“It’s you who killed Meroh!”

The man told the audience how Bria had duped the woman in Bevelle, had meddled with their family, and had managed to change the name of the establishment, which had caused the death of the lady, Meroh.

In the past, the man was a regular customer, and after the departure of Bria and his daughter, he had heard of this rumor.

Bria denied this. Some guests evoked the existence of a double, others thought it was just the delirium of a drunkard. But the man added :

“You’re fishy. It’s been twenty years, and yet you’ve not changed. I’ve lost my hair and I’ve got a paunch, but what about you? Nothing! What are you? A monster? An Unsent? For how long do you plan to stay in this world?”

Mohra burst into tears, and the innkeepers lowered their head.

Bria had always contented himself with a modest job and avoided appearing in public as much as possible.

He let his mustache grow, then shaved it, in order to give the illusion of change. But he did not age, and a attentive observer could not ignore it.

Out of respect for the innnkeepers, the neighbours had not said anything, but since her chilhood, Mohra found the situation hard to bear.

Bria left. He could not talk with her anymore, but he kept watching over her.

The marriage was cancelled. The next year, the mother of the innkeeper died. Three years later, the owner of the establishment and his wife left for a trip. Along the way, they were attacked by Sin, and none saw them again. That is right: at this time, Sin came back.

Against all odds, Mohra took over the inn. But the reputation of the place had been affected, and there were less and less customers. Forced to close the inn, the young woman got rid of it, came back to Bevelle, and entered holy orders.

Bria did not know what was inside the mind of his daughter and what was best for her. He had not the instinct of a father. He was not cut out for having a family.

Mohra led a long and fulfilling life. She rose in the ranks of the religious hierarchy, and when she passed away, at the age of eighty, her obsequies were spectular. Bria attended them from afar. He had not changed since her birth.

By a cruel quirk of fate, he was incapable of remembering the face of his wife. He only remembered the words of their first conversation. Sitting down in a shabby tavern, he listened to the other customers and that is how he learnt that the daughter of the innkeeper was named Meroh. She was a hard-working and conscientious young girl, morevover without specific charm. But Bria did not care about that, and he came back to see her, day after day, attracted by her name. He had the impression that this word contained the key to a secret buried in the depths of himself : why he did not age.

His former life, that is before he met Meroh, was bound to a mystery. As if his memory was nibbled by worms, composed of disjointed snatches. His twenty-five early years had been swallowed by a dark hole.

He thought that if he managed to fill this gap of memory, he would be appeased and could finally die.

As centuries passed, while he was feeling guilty because of what had happened with Mohra and Meroh, he kept believing that.

How long has it been since that time ? Maybe a thousand years.

Only fragments of memories remained in his mind.

He spent most of his time as a warrior-monk in Bevelle. As soon as a comrade noticed Bria did not age, he resigned and disappeared. He kept a low profile about fifty years, while waiting for those who knew him to die. Then he went back to military life, in Bevelle once again, because he thought he was closer to the key to the mystery over there. He was wrong. He must have had to come to Besaid much earlier.

"But this is not my first visit… Well, I don’t think so."

A memory of the temple of Besaid came into his mind. At that time, there were only two High Summoner statues.

"And that hill…"

He had climbed it so many times! The scupture of a young teenage-like girl was standing on the side of the path.

Bria closed his eyes.

Only two High Summoner statues. At that time, the one of the goddess had already disappeared.

No, they are two different periods. But howewer hard he tried to search his memories, he could not learn anything else from them.

Sometimes, days were so similar that it was difficult to remember the past. That was not the case for Bria. Someone had stolen his story.

Who could be so maleficent?

He decided to go back to the village to talk with the elders.

They always narrated to him the same anecdotes, and Bria could recite their entire life by heart. They had led humble lifes, in the shadow of the teachings of Yevon, but as days passed, Bria liked them more and more.

“Kuut ajahehk.”

Bria turned round and discovered beings with absurd faces. The one who had spoken was a blond-haired boy, who was wearing big protective eyewear, whilst night had fallen. Beside him, a man with a wild look was exhibiting his torso and stomach, naked and tattooed with flames. Some friends of Yuna.

“Kuut ajahehk.”

The tatooed man greeted him in his turn, in Al Bhed, indifferent. Bria trembled. Al Bhed had renounced the teachings of Yevon, but that was not what caused his hatred. He hated their language. It reminded him of sadness and anger. He turned his back on them, waiting for them to leave.

“Is he ignoring us?” The boy wearing glasses asked.

“Because we’re just dirty Al Bhed. Ra'c mucehk rec rayt,” the tatooed man spat.

Bria was feeling sick.

“Eh, wait a minute!” A feminine voice added. “What are you doing, Brother?”

Bria heard people approaching. Some friends of Yuna once again, he supposed. The girl who speaks loud and the calm and short-haired woman. His only wish at the moment was for them to quickly go on their way.

“This old man is disrespecting us,” the boy wearing glasses answered.

Bria turned round in order to apologize, but he found himself face to face with the tattooed man.

The Al Bhed was staring at him, scowling. He was so close that Bria could see the spirals in his eyes.

“Mind your manners, sickening Bedohl!” Bria exclaimed.

He spit in the face of the tatooed man, who stepped backwards. The Al Bhed seemed saddened.

“It was a joke!” He protested on a pitiful tone.

Bria stepped backwards in his turn. He was astounbed by his words. Where did they come from? Probably from the place where Anli’s Eye, Luchera and Meroh were imprisoned.

“Big bro behaved badly, but that isn't a reason to spit in his face!” a feminine voice said.

“Don’t interfere, Rikku!” The boy wearing glasses answered.

“It was a joke!” the tattoed man repeated.

“Our peaceful party comes to an end,” a child’s voice took apart.

Bria turned his head.

“A false Bedohl!” He exclaimed.

Under the influence of emotion, his sight became blurred. He did not know anymore what was standing in front of him.

These glasses, this gas mask, this yellow suit… there was no doubt about it.

Gunshots behind me. A Bedohl in yellow, with a clumsy walk. Smoke is still escaping from the barrel of the riffle he is tightening under his left arm. I do not know how many bullets he has fired.

Turning his nose up at the man wearing glasses and his tattoed comrade, disdaining the two women, he headed for the false Bedohl. But his legs were so weak that he lost his balance. He held himself up as he could. He must have been appearing very clumsy in their eyes. To think that these subhumans were going to laugh at him!

One of their people has killed me.

Submerged by anger, he unsheathed his dagger.

“He’s serious?” A voice exclaimed.

The short-haired woman stood in his way and, with a kick, took his dagger away from him.

She is not a Bedohl, he thought, just as he received a blow on the back of his neck.

He fell down.

“What are you talking about?”

The half-naked Bedohl kneeled down and lean on him. Under her slender muscles, we could barely make out her ribs. Bria suddenly felt a desire he had not experienced for a long time.

“Why?” He exclaimed.

For a Bedohl?

“That's my question! They just greeted you.”

She leaned on him even more closely.

“Pfft…” She let out with a scornful tone.

Embarrassed, he turned away. He looked at the false Bedohl, who was walking slowly towards him.

“You’ve been saying Bedohl since our meeting. What is that?”

“Don’t come closer!”

Bria was about to lose consciousness.

The Bedohl has slapped the woman. I have wanted to go for his throat, but Ifahnal has held me back.

Ifahnal ?

A second slap, and Kush has opened her eyes.

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