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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 17

   They held a meeting in the shade of the trees standing in the waterfall's path. Their priority was the meticulous exploration of the island. Assuming that they would meet inhabitants, they should show them they did not have the intention of doing something bad. The two young people also agreed to stay on watch and detect every hostile person, in order to take flight. If they were parted from each other, they would meet on the beach where they had washed up.

   “I think that's all...” Tidus concluded.

   “Those statues are intriguing me,” Yuna added. “If we find another one, I want to examine it.”

   Tidus acquiesced, and she resumed:

   “There certainly must be someone living on this island. I hope the populace is not hostile.”

   “Same here. But even if they're hostile, they'll definitely become milder when they'll see you.”


   He pointed out Yuna's body. The young woman was only wearing a black bikini.

   “I think I'll never get used to seeing you wearing that. It's... arousing. I hope you won't be mad with me being so frank.”

   “Why do you sound so proud?”

   He blushed.

   “To hide my embarrassment...” he confessed with a little laugh.

   They started to explore the island in every nook and cranny, without neglecting one path, even if it has just been traced by animals. They found other statues representing some old men, and all of them had a common trait:

   “The staff always indicates dead end paths: A cliff that overhangs the sea, a scree, a copse of trees too dense to go through..”. Tidus summed up.

   “That's right. I wonder if...”

   “It doesn't make sense. Why not show us the path to follow, rather than the obstacles to avoid? It would be more practical, really...”

   “But on such an island, people don't need signs. Therefore the statues must be there for the foreigners.”

   “Like us, for example? But if we follow the indications, it leads us to a cliff. What are we supposed to understand? That it's dangerous? It's a waste of time. Without taking into account the fact that we could fall at night and break our necks. What a deceitful old man!”

   “Those statues would be there to waste visitors' time, or lead them to fall from the cliff?” the young woman summarized.

   “I would like to have a weapon,” Tidus declared.

   “Clothes in my case. By dint of passing through the shrubs, I scratched myself everywhere.”

   “I'm afraid that those who could offer you their wardrobe would prefer to throw us in the sea.”

   “I think it's unlikely. I'm willing to think that those who live there are friendly, and that the statues warn us of danger. Maybe are they there to prevent kids from getting lost or hurting themselves while they're playing?”

   It was making more sense for her.

   “Well it's clear now,” she continued. “In your opinion, where can we find most people?”

   “We've only found trees where the village should have been,” he reminded her.

   “Maybe should we forget the Besaid we currently know?”

   “Okay, but at your home, inhabitants settled there for a good reason, I guess.”

   “The shrine has been built first, then the workers settled in around it.”

   “Why building it in this place?”

   “To prevent Sin from destroying it.”

   “But we've found no building on this island. Sin must probably not exist in this time. If we've been taken back a thousand years...”

   She pouted.   

   “I don't know if we can be certain about this date.”

   Tidus folded his arms and raised his eyes to Heaven.

   “I'd like to return to the place where the village should have been standing,” he said. “Is it okay for you?”


   “This dear Luchera is intriguing me. Why is she up there, turned to this specific place? I have the impression that she's more important than the old man.”

   “All right, let's go.”

   They were taking, for the second time, a path which led nowhere, when they noticed that another path broke away from it. Without conferring, they held hands and hurried to it.

   Yuna quickly discovered a piece of fabric fastened highly in a tree. A little farther down the path they found a second one, then a third one, and these hare and hounds led them deep into the forest.

   These fabrics had not been fastened at the same time. Some of them were washed-out and ripped, whereas others, newer, were green like the leaves.

   “Over there!” Tidus shouted joyfully, every time he found a new piece of fabric.

   He was running from one to another without caring about the branches which were smacking him. Yuna, in her case, wanted to find clothes more than ever. The scratches on her body were not painful, but irritating.

   “You're lagging behind, Yuna!”

   “I'm coming, I'm coming... she answered without enthusiasm.

   Tidus stopped himself and turned around.

   “Show a bit more enthusiasm: We're going to find someone soon, and the solution to all our problems!”

   ‘He cannot be so naive!’ she thought.

   Whosoever hid so carefully deep into the forest did not welcome intruders with open arms.

   “You know, Yuna, Auron told me one day that you were difficult to read. However, your face reflects all of your emotions.”

   She pressed her hands against her cheeks.

   “Absolutely not!”

   “I'm sorry,” he continued. “I've only be complaining since my return. I'm too impatient.”

   He opened and closed his mouth several times before resuming with difficulty:

   “From your point of view, I've disappeared for two years. That's not insignificant... But yet, you've welcomed me as if we had been separated the day before. I must thank you.”

   As soon as I'm silent or tired, he thinks I'm mad with him and he becomes angry or apologises. I would like him to stop talking about this...

   He must have read what she was thinking about on her face, because he continued:

   “I'll be done soon, but I wanted to tell you that I intended to regain your confidence. And to do so, I must stop behaving like a spoiled child. I must pull myself together; become a good man, like Auron. Back then I thought he was a pain in the neck, but now I know I want to be like him. And if I manage to do so, you...”

   She acquiesced, but she wanted to laugh. He could have put into practice this resolution without saying such a thing, but he had done it to be sure that she knows what efforts he was going to produce.

   What a child!

   He was thirsty for recognition and safety, and she could not ignore his lack of maturity. This is why they had quarrelled several times while they had just met again.

   Two years...

   For two years, time had stopped for Tidus. Seventeen and nineteen years old. Twenty and twenty-two. Twenty-five and twenty-seven... For the moment their age difference was a problem, but if they stayed together for a long time it would fade away. He irritated her sometimes; despite everything she had not changed her mind: she wanted to age by his side.  This was her will since their first meeting.

   “What are you thinking about?” Tidus asked.


   “You're smiling.”

   “That's a secret...”

   “Yuna!” he answered with a begging tone.

   It was funny and moving.


   He rubbed himself on the back of his head before turning around. A balloon, similar to a blitzball, was rolling slowly at his foot.

   “I wonder who its owner is...” the young man was taken back whilst looking around him.

   He took a step forward to pick up the object, and Yuna felt tears stinging her eyes. Her legs were shivering. She squatted and folded her arms around her shoulders. She was suddenly overwhelmed by an unbearable sadness.

   A powerful roar sounded through the air, and the young woman was thrown backwards. An object fell beside her. No, not an object... it was Tidus. His face was showing an expression of surprise. But only his head was visible, his body had disappeared.

   Yuna lost consciousness.


Think of him. His name is Tidus, right?

An unknown voice was murmuring in Yuna's ears.

"Yes," she answered. "And you, who are you?"

I am... In this world, I may consider myself as a divinity.

"A god?"

The voice carried on after a silence:

Do not worry about me. You must only think about him.


It was an unfortunate accident.

"Excuse me?"

You do not know what happened, right? Tell me more about him, please. How did you meet?

"It was the day I became a summoner. It was the first time I was establishing a link with Valefor. When Tidus appeared, I knew immediately that he was different from the other men. No... I think he is a very normal man."

Tell me more. How much do you love him? Think about it.


Are you crying?

"I remember the day when I realised I could not tell him my feelings."

Think about happy moments, if there was any.

"Very well."

I will now use some of my magic, but it will not be easy.

"I understand."

I cannot erase your memories, only seal them. However, something may release them. Do you understand?


Great. Let us resume: you met him the day you became a summoner, then what?

Every moment spent with Tidus spread out in front of Yuna, and all of these memories flew past her like grains of sand, and into a tight fist.

"Whose is this hand?" the young girl asked.

Her question did not find an answer. The owner of the fist was hidden in the darkness. However, Yuna's mind was certain:

This is yours.

She grabbed it and put it against her cheek.
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