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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 14

   Valm dreamt of producing an aeon and becoming immortal.

   He would live with Kush, and when the young woman would go into the Farplane to flower there, Valm would fall in with another summoner and would fight forever.

   He had often wondered what Aeon Cores dreamt about, and how their creature saw the world. He would never know it. He was going to die like an ordinary man.

   Gunshots had resounded behind him. A Bedohl in yellow, with a clumsy walk, had appeared suddenly. Smoke was still escaping from the barrel of the rifle he was tightening under his left arm. Valm did not know how many bullets he had fired. In the bedroom, everyone, except for the newcomer, was in a stupor. Then the hirsute Bedohl insulted his comrade vehemently. Kush stood up straight, screeched and fell again onto the bed. She could not stand, Ifahnal had to support her.

   Valm was going to faint. Kush was screaming, but Valm did not want to answer her. She was getting on his nerves. As for the high-pitched bawls of the Bedohls, they were wearing him out. The owner of the rifle was vociferating, his right arm raised... with no hand at the end. His stump was wrapped with a dressing soaked with blood.

   He has come to take revenge on me.

   Valm's life against the hand of the Bedohl. In the eyes of the Guard, the deal appeared to be hardly stable. Somehow like this story of hell and flowers.

   “How do you feel?” Ifahnal asked.

   Valm would have wanted to tell him how his question was stupid, but he could not speak anymore.

   “Are you in pain?”

   Valm was not suffering. His death was imminent.

   He directed his regard towards Kush, paralysed by stupefaction. Ifahnal was holding her in his arms. It was certainly one of the worst viewings that the Guard could bring along with him in his death, at the risk of turning himself into a terrifying monster.


   Just a whisper, but it was enough. Without releasing Kush's shoulders, the summoner leaned over to him.

   “Send me in the world beyond. I don't want to go into hell or become an affrayed creature."

   “Valm,” Kush spoke, “I... I am sorry.”

“Summoner Ifahnal, who bears the name of the god of beauty... perform the rite.”


   Kush burst into tears. He continued to ignore her. From now on, this was the only way to punish her.

   “Valm,” Ifahnal answered with a grimace, “you're mistaken.”

   Valm would have liked to listen to the rest, but the night was falling in his world. He closed his eyes.

   He had to get rid of his regrets; else he would turn into a monster. Hell was awaiting him. He had heard say of that in some cases, if the deceased was too angry, Sending rites could fail. He had to put himself in a favourable state of mind.

   “Hurry, Ifahnal...”

   “No!” Kush shouted.

   Valm did not understand her reaction.

   Why does she refuse me the ceremony? Does she want me to return as a monster? To go to hell?

   This is her who is punishing me...

   He had taken on the name of the god of order, but he had let himself get sucked into the chaos of passion. That was the source of all his errors. His place was indeed in hell.

   ‘I wonder what kinds of tortures are awaiting me over there…’ Valm thought – whose real name was Bria.

(Note: Bria is the French name for Briah.)
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 15

   Yuna woke up on a beach, Tidus beside her. Lying on her back, she was contemplating the sky. The light was strong, the sun at its zenith. They had not fainted for a long time. A slight noise made her head spin: Tidus' mouth was open and a little crab was trying to enter it. She got rid of it then stood up slowly. Thereafter, she caught hold of the young man under her shoulders and started to drag him to a shady place. She was moving backwards step by step, while encouraging herself in an undertone.

   The heels of the young man were digging two little furrows in the sand.

   Yuna was watching in turns these marks which extended as far as the sea, the beach behind her and, beyond, the trees and their shade. Without being discouraged, she kept hauling him.

   Her back was in pain and the sun was burning her skin.

   If only I had still my clothes!

   She remembered vaguely having removed them...

   Tidus moved:


   Yuna stopped immediately.

   “Are you hurt somewhere?”

   “Yes, under my shoulders. It's you who's hurting me.”

   She let go of him:

   “Is that so? In that case, you'll manage everything by yourself!”

   “I'm not complaining. If I'm in pain, then I'm alive. Can you keep hauling me?”

   “My waist is killing me.”

   “What a granny...”

   She let herself fall onto the sand, close to him.

   “May I, young man? I'm too old for this kind of stuff...”

   The phrase "a gift of Yevon" crossed her mind, but she remained silent. She used it less often from now on, but it was difficult to get out of a habit learned during her childhood.

   “Your shoulders must be suffering," Tidus noticed with compassion.

   She nodded to confirm it.

   If he was like she remembered, he was going to go on with an optimistic declaration.

   “But a tanned skin is very pretty!”

   She laughed.

   “Indeed, and Rikku is a relevant example for this. But me, I'm burning, and that's all. Without cream or sphere, I run the risk to end up grilled!”

   “Let's get ourselves in the shade then.”

   “That's what I was doing, but an uncooperative person stopped me.”

   Tidus burst out laughing. Yuna ran her hand over her red shoulder.

   “That's great. "If I'm in pain, then I'm alive", isn't it?”

   “I know a better way to make sure of that...”

   He leaned over Yuna, who moved back.

   “Hold on, young man!”

   “Really? We're in the clear, don't you think that's a cause for celebration?”

   He came close to her once again, his lips deformed in an exaggerated pout. Yuna giggled and pushed him away with a finger.

   “Someone may be observing us! Look at this orange tower, it's like in Besaid.”

   Tidus ceased to mess around and scrutinized the surroundings. He was showing the beginning of a path which sank into the interior.

   “That's right, we can expect the Aurochs to show up momentarily.”

   “Yet, we're somewhere else. The landscape is the same, but some details are missing."

   There were neither wood pontoons, nor stakes where the ships moored, nor rets stacked on the sand.

   “The storm! Tidus exclaimed. It might have blown away everything.”

   “I don't think so. The bleach would be crawling with people. They must be searching for us everywhere.”

   Before leaving the village, she had advised Wakka of her intention of getting on the Ace. Now, he must have been dead worried. She shook her head:

   “It's like Besaid, but it's a different island. I really wonder where we are...”

   “There's only one way to find it out. Let's go!”
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 16


   They took the path towards the inland and quickly reached a fork. If they were in Besaid, the right path would lead them to the ruins. But they struggled with a river they could have only crossed by swimming. The two young ones considered having spent enough time in water today and decided to turn around. They climbed a steep slope, and then they took the direction of the waterfalls' path. Thirsty, they were dreaming of the freshwater falling from the cliff.

   “It really does looks like Besaid...” Tidus noticed.

   “That's right. Yet, something is strange. I can see remnants of human occupation, but they evoke a people different from ours.”

   She stopped to examine a stone statue on the verge. It reached their knees and represented a man. But because of time and elements, the details had faded and the back had disappeared.

   “He has a beard and a staff. It's an old man,” Yuna said.

   “A High Summoner?” Tidus suggested.

   The young woman shook her head, as she was not convinced. They stood before the statue for a few moments, but did not discover anything about it. They set off and felt soon the atmosphere culling off. The rumble of the water finally reached them. They rushed forward at the double, while betting on the one who would get there first.

   The waterfall's path reached a cliff, in a place where a river was throwing itself into the void. The air was always fresh here, even in the middle of the hottest day. Of course, the description matched Besaid's one. But this unknown island did not disappoint them.

Under the thin rain, Yuna raised her face and opened her mouth. Tidus imitated her.

   “It feels so good!” the young woman rejoiced.

   The fresh water was dissipating the burning sensation on her entire body.

   “I feel like a new person,” her partner went further.


   “You think...” Tidus started, hesitant. “You think we've drowned?”

   “So we would be...”


   “I don't know, I never died,” Yuna answered.

   Tidus burst out laughing. Yet, the young girl had not wanted to mess around. A lot of factors allowed living beings to remain after their death.

   She was thinking about "Unsents" like Auron; the legendary guardian who, two years earlier, had guided them during their journey. Seymour and the Great Maester Mika had chosen this path too. Someone greatly attached to this world could continue to lead a life almost unchanged, and nobody would ever notice otherwise.

   Fayth, indispensable for every summoning, spent eternity between life and death. Aeons, deceased who appear in the hereafter, much like a good half of monsters; and even Sin, could be considered as "incarnate spirits". Death had not stopped.

   When the young girl finished her explanation, Tidus appeared to shiver:

   “I prefer not to think about all of this. Let's say we're really alive, and let's move on to something else!”

   “It's you who broached the subject, but fine. What do you want to talk about?”

   “For example, what about what you remember? Do you remember the shark, and our swimming?”

   “Yes. I've seen the island, far away, and I've hoped it was Besaid. Then, I've swallowed water, twice. I've spitted and I've wanted to vomit. I've been in pain for a moment, and then... nothing else.”

   Tidus was looking at her, visibly tense. She smiled at him:

   “I've woken up on the beach. I don't know what happened between these two moments.”

   He lowered his eyes and she wondered what he was thinking. When he raised his head, his face was serious.

   “I want to tell you something important: don't ever give up. Don't sacrifice yourself for my sake. Living without you, I don't want that.”

   “I have something to tell you too.”

   Her hands on her hips, she stared at him:

   “It wasn't easy. It never was. But you saved me so many times in the past and I don't want to call you for help anymore. I lived without you, and I don't want this to happen again. Well, I don't know what I'll do if it happens once again, but I'm sure of something: I refuse to request help from someone who disdains mine.”

   “What are you talking about?”

   “In the water, you were exhausted. And in the end, both of us drowned.”

   “I'm sorry.”

   “It will take some time for me to forgive you.”

   She shook her head so hard that her wet hairs fluttered around her. Then she left in the direction of the village - assuming they were in Besaid. Tidus followed in her steps whilst whispering new apologies.

   Yuna told him what was weighing on her, now she was feeling better.

   “And you, what do you remember?” she asked him.

   “I had the impression that my father had come to save us. He was huge!”

   He spread his arms to illustrate his words.

   “Maybe was it a hallucination,” he continued. “Anyway, we were very lucky.”

   For sure they were very fortunate. She decided to be grateful, without trying to know more about this. Two years earlier, she would have decided in a gift of Yevon.

   “But this sensation, the fact that it's impossible for us to say if it's real or imaginary...” Tidus continued. “I had the impression I was taken back two years, when Sin took me here.”

   She did not answer. After a few quiet moments, he started to talk more loudly:

   “What if it was the same thing right now? As if we were in Besaid, but from an otherworld?”

   “I don't know...”

   “It's an otherworld, I'm sure it is!” he repeated.

   Why not? After all, he had already witnessed a similar situation, and it had taken him some time to understand it.

   “In this case, can we go back home?”

   The question seemed natural for her, but surprise was written on Tidus' face. They were not in the same state of mind apparently.

   “I'm cold, let's move!” she declared joyfully, before setting off.

   If they were in Besaid the village should not be too far. They just had to go through the ruins' path and come back down on the other side.

   She did not know if Tidus was right, but his theory had the advantage to clarify a muddled situation.

   They were walking in silence. Yuna would have wanted to comment on the characteristics of the landscape, but Tidus was staying several steps behind, as if he was upset. He had had to be delighted to be with her in this world. Not forever, of course, but until they find a way to return home. They could explore the island, exchange caresses and kisses. He did not think about those who were worried about them. He was not preoccupied with this.

   ‘I thought he knew me better than that... I am always concerned about others.’

   “Look Yuna, it's amazing!” he suddenly exclaimed, lively.

   She turned around, but he was showing a spot above her head. She turned around once again and discovered a sparkling orange tower.

   “It's so bright... it looks like a brand new one!”

 They were standing on the ruins' path. Yet, the construction in front of them could have been painted the day before.

   With a cry of surprise, Tidus rushed towards the foot of the structure.

   “That's from where Kimahri jumped!”

   He was right. It was indeed the same place. But yet...

   “Oh Yuna, it's working!”

   He beckoned to her, and she complied. Closely, we could indeed hear a slight whirring.

   “I wonder what it's used for...” she whispered.

   He shrugged to show his ignorance.

   “What about the village?” he said suddenly.

   He left at the double in the direction of it and she hurried behind him.

   Tidus was shuffling, waiting for Yuna.

   In Besaid, the pass where he had stopped overhung the village. A stele designed to protect travellers was supposed to be rising at the edge of the path.

   Yuna caught up with her partner and lowered her eyes. The village was not there, but   everything else here matched her memories.

   “Come over here!” he said.

   He was examining a stone statue that rose in place of the stele. It was depicting a young man, life-size, sitting on a pedestal. Even if its details had faded through time, the figure was still recognizable. The man who was represented had rather thin wrists and ankles and...

   “A chest!” Tidus noticed.

   “It's a girl.”

   “Her hands have disappeared, but I think she's praying, like this...”

   He turned talk into action. He guessed right. Yuna approached the statue in order to examine it closely.

   “She has wings,” Tidus said, now standing behind the statue. “And look, there's an inscription on the base.”

   Yuna came beside him.

   “Let's see... Luchera,” the young man continued. Maybe the name of the model who posed for this work?”

   “Probably. I wonder who she was.”

   “If people have erected a statue, she must have been famous,” Tidus noticed. “On the island, and elsewhere. But I don't know anything about Spira's history, so...”

   Yuna was more educated than him about this point, but the name "Luchera" did not ring a bell.


   He was pointing at the place where the village should have been.

   "It must be what Luchera is looking at. And she's praying. That means there's something down there.”

   From where they were standing, they could only see a forest.


   As Yuna guessed, they did not find anything special where the village should have been standing. Hair grass and dense trees constituted a forest typical of the southern islands, rustling with familiar insects.

   “It's the same island, yet different... I think you're right, Tidus.”

   “We must return to your world,” Tidus answered with a serious voice.


   “For a thousand years, machines have been forbidden by Yevon's teachings, right? However, we heard the tower working. The village doesn't exist, but the same goes for the shrine. What if Yevon's teachings had not reached it? Not at that time, at least.”

   She nodded slowly.

   “War was raging before the precepts, right?”


   “Rikku told me about Shuyin and Lenne. I wonder if we're in their time. So we’re a thousand years back in time.”


   “I don't ever want to find myself in the middle of fights. I heard say that summoners were sent to the front.”


   Since he had started to set out his theory, she was only answering with monosyllables. She was not able to think. His words were frightening her, because he was most probably right.”

   “Don't worry. There must be a way to return home.”

   “Are you sure about that?”

   If there was a way to return, she wanted to know it. Maybe would it manage to appease her anxiety?

   “If we can pass in one direction, we can do the same in another. Like Sin. It picked me up from Zanarkand and has taken me in your world, same goes for Auron. That must be why I saw my father before our arrival. He wanted me to understand that we could do the same thing in the other direction.”

   Yuna thought his logic was a bit fragile, but she was grateful towards him because he was trying to do his best to reassure her.

   “Thanks, that's kind of you...”

   He appeared to be relieved when he saw her accepting his reasoning.

   “So let's go!” he said.


   “Well, we're going to explore the island to find a way to return home.”

   One of the vaguest objectives... but she could not find anything better. Hence she followed in his footsteps.


   They were climbing back up the pass when Yuna let out a cry of exclamation.

   “What's wrong?”

   “This path, what is it? Where does it lead, since the village doesn't exist? Lots of people must have passed through to shape it!”

   “I hadn't thought of that... It could just have been some rambler? The place is kind of pretty.”

   “You think so?”

   “I don't know, it was just an idea.”

   He may be right once again...

   “Oh!” Tidus exclaimed.

   He hurried into the hair grass.

   “Come over here!”

   He had found another statue representing an old man, which had preserved more details than the previous one – this area was certainly safer against the elements.

   “He has a staff,” Tidus noticed.

   “And a bag on his back.”

   “He reminds me of O'aka!” he said while laughing.

   She imitated him. O'aka XXIII was a merchant they had met during their journey in Spira. People could see him in a lot of places and he devoted himself to keep his business running.

   “Maybe it's his island?” Tidus continued. After all, he was the twenty-third... look at his staff!”

   “It's not the same as the one on the other statue,” Yuna noticed.

   “Yes, this part, there...”

   He was pointing at a little horizontal bar, near the hand of the wrinkly. On one side a beak was engraved, and on the other a big cat tail.

   “This beak...” Tidus began.

   He followed the drawing with his finger before pointing at the direction indicated by the bar. Yuna only saw a clump of trees with big trunks – certainly centenarian. Tidus rushed towards them in order to examine them.

   “Everything seems right, but I wonder what the meaning of these symbols is.”

   Yuna looked around her. The copse in question was no different from the other ones. She cast her eyes over the statue again, and tried to remember the one they had found earlier.

   “Stay here, I'm going to make sure of something, I'll be back!”

   She rushed forwards on the path, in the direction of the waterfalls.

   “Where are you going?”

   “To find O'aka!”

   They passed the statue of Luchera and took the road for the ruins again.

   The first statue designing the old man looked like the one they had found near the forest.

   “They took the same model and slightly modified his posing,” Yuna concluded.

   “But isn't it O'aka?”

   “No. And we may never know who it is. But look, there, the beak...”

   It appeared that it was indicating the direction of the second statue, near the forest.

   “Let's go back and see!” she shouted.

   And she left in all haste, abandoning a taken-aback Tidus.

   “I didn't know you were so impatient, he said when he caught up with her.

   “I've spent too much time waiting.”

   “I only came back yesterday… You could be gentler with me.”

   “I would like to, but you spend your days complaining!”

   “Fine, I didn't say anything…”
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 17

   They held a meeting in the shade of the trees standing in the waterfall's path. Their priority was the meticulous exploration of the island. Assuming that they would meet inhabitants, they should show them they did not have the intention of doing something bad. The two young people also agreed to stay on watch and detect every hostile person, in order to take flight. If they were parted from each other, they would meet on the beach where they had washed up.

   “I think that's all...” Tidus concluded.

   “Those statues are intriguing me,” Yuna added. “If we find another one, I want to examine it.”

   Tidus acquiesced, and she resumed:

   “There certainly must be someone living on this island. I hope the populace is not hostile.”

   “Same here. But even if they're hostile, they'll definitely become milder when they'll see you.”


   He pointed out Yuna's body. The young woman was only wearing a black bikini.

   “I think I'll never get used to seeing you wearing that. It's... arousing. I hope you won't be mad with me being so frank.”

   “Why do you sound so proud?”

   He blushed.

   “To hide my embarrassment...” he confessed with a little laugh.

   They started to explore the island in every nook and cranny, without neglecting one path, even if it has just been traced by animals. They found other statues representing some old men, and all of them had a common trait:

   “The staff always indicates dead end paths: A cliff that overhangs the sea, a scree, a copse of trees too dense to go through..”. Tidus summed up.

   “That's right. I wonder if...”

   “It doesn't make sense. Why not show us the path to follow, rather than the obstacles to avoid? It would be more practical, really...”

   “But on such an island, people don't need signs. Therefore the statues must be there for the foreigners.”

   “Like us, for example? But if we follow the indications, it leads us to a cliff. What are we supposed to understand? That it's dangerous? It's a waste of time. Without taking into account the fact that we could fall at night and break our necks. What a deceitful old man!”

   “Those statues would be there to waste visitors' time, or lead them to fall from the cliff?” the young woman summarized.

   “I would like to have a weapon,” Tidus declared.

   “Clothes in my case. By dint of passing through the shrubs, I scratched myself everywhere.”

   “I'm afraid that those who could offer you their wardrobe would prefer to throw us in the sea.”

   “I think it's unlikely. I'm willing to think that those who live there are friendly, and that the statues warn us of danger. Maybe are they there to prevent kids from getting lost or hurting themselves while they're playing?”

   It was making more sense for her.

   “Well it's clear now,” she continued. “In your opinion, where can we find most people?”

   “We've only found trees where the village should have been,” he reminded her.

   “Maybe should we forget the Besaid we currently know?”

   “Okay, but at your home, inhabitants settled there for a good reason, I guess.”

   “The shrine has been built first, then the workers settled in around it.”

   “Why building it in this place?”

   “To prevent Sin from destroying it.”

   “But we've found no building on this island. Sin must probably not exist in this time. If we've been taken back a thousand years...”

   She pouted.   

   “I don't know if we can be certain about this date.”

   Tidus folded his arms and raised his eyes to Heaven.

   “I'd like to return to the place where the village should have been standing,” he said. “Is it okay for you?”


   “This dear Luchera is intriguing me. Why is she up there, turned to this specific place? I have the impression that she's more important than the old man.”

   “All right, let's go.”

   They were taking, for the second time, a path which led nowhere, when they noticed that another path broke away from it. Without conferring, they held hands and hurried to it.

   Yuna quickly discovered a piece of fabric fastened highly in a tree. A little farther down the path they found a second one, then a third one, and these hare and hounds led them deep into the forest.

   These fabrics had not been fastened at the same time. Some of them were washed-out and ripped, whereas others, newer, were green like the leaves.

   “Over there!” Tidus shouted joyfully, every time he found a new piece of fabric.

   He was running from one to another without caring about the branches which were smacking him. Yuna, in her case, wanted to find clothes more than ever. The scratches on her body were not painful, but irritating.

   “You're lagging behind, Yuna!”

   “I'm coming, I'm coming... she answered without enthusiasm.

   Tidus stopped himself and turned around.

   “Show a bit more enthusiasm: We're going to find someone soon, and the solution to all our problems!”

   ‘He cannot be so naive!’ she thought.

   Whosoever hid so carefully deep into the forest did not welcome intruders with open arms.

   “You know, Yuna, Auron told me one day that you were difficult to read. However, your face reflects all of your emotions.”

   She pressed her hands against her cheeks.

   “Absolutely not!”

   “I'm sorry,” he continued. “I've only be complaining since my return. I'm too impatient.”

   He opened and closed his mouth several times before resuming with difficulty:

   “From your point of view, I've disappeared for two years. That's not insignificant... But yet, you've welcomed me as if we had been separated the day before. I must thank you.”

   As soon as I'm silent or tired, he thinks I'm mad with him and he becomes angry or apologises. I would like him to stop talking about this...

   He must have read what she was thinking about on her face, because he continued:

   “I'll be done soon, but I wanted to tell you that I intended to regain your confidence. And to do so, I must stop behaving like a spoiled child. I must pull myself together; become a good man, like Auron. Back then I thought he was a pain in the neck, but now I know I want to be like him. And if I manage to do so, you...”

   She acquiesced, but she wanted to laugh. He could have put into practice this resolution without saying such a thing, but he had done it to be sure that she knows what efforts he was going to produce.

   What a child!

   He was thirsty for recognition and safety, and she could not ignore his lack of maturity. This is why they had quarrelled several times while they had just met again.

   Two years...

   For two years, time had stopped for Tidus. Seventeen and nineteen years old. Twenty and twenty-two. Twenty-five and twenty-seven... For the moment their age difference was a problem, but if they stayed together for a long time it would fade away. He irritated her sometimes; despite everything she had not changed her mind: she wanted to age by his side.  This was her will since their first meeting.

   “What are you thinking about?” Tidus asked.


   “You're smiling.”

   “That's a secret...”

   “Yuna!” he answered with a begging tone.

   It was funny and moving.


   He rubbed himself on the back of his head before turning around. A balloon, similar to a blitzball, was rolling slowly at his foot.

   “I wonder who its owner is...” the young man was taken back whilst looking around him.

   He took a step forward to pick up the object, and Yuna felt tears stinging her eyes. Her legs were shivering. She squatted and folded her arms around her shoulders. She was suddenly overwhelmed by an unbearable sadness.

   A powerful roar sounded through the air, and the young woman was thrown backwards. An object fell beside her. No, not an object... it was Tidus. His face was showing an expression of surprise. But only his head was visible, his body had disappeared.

   Yuna lost consciousness.


Think of him. His name is Tidus, right?

An unknown voice was murmuring in Yuna's ears.

"Yes," she answered. "And you, who are you?"

I am... In this world, I may consider myself as a divinity.

"A god?"

The voice carried on after a silence:

Do not worry about me. You must only think about him.


It was an unfortunate accident.

"Excuse me?"

You do not know what happened, right? Tell me more about him, please. How did you meet?

"It was the day I became a summoner. It was the first time I was establishing a link with Valefor. When Tidus appeared, I knew immediately that he was different from the other men. No... I think he is a very normal man."

Tell me more. How much do you love him? Think about it.


Are you crying?

"I remember the day when I realised I could not tell him my feelings."

Think about happy moments, if there was any.

"Very well."

I will now use some of my magic, but it will not be easy.

"I understand."

I cannot erase your memories, only seal them. However, something may release them. Do you understand?


Great. Let us resume: you met him the day you became a summoner, then what?

Every moment spent with Tidus spread out in front of Yuna, and all of these memories flew past her like grains of sand, and into a tight fist.

"Whose is this hand?" the young girl asked.

Her question did not find an answer. The owner of the fist was hidden in the darkness. However, Yuna's mind was certain:

This is yours.

She grabbed it and put it against her cheek.
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 18

   “Yuna? Yuna!”

   Someone was shaking her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw Tidus, leaning over her. She did not recognize the ceiling above him.

   “You scared me,” he sighed. “You weren't responding at all; I thought you were dead!”

   “Dead?” Me or you?” she asked.

   A searing pain immediately manifested itself inside her head, and she held it in her hands.

   “You all right? You must have hit your head strongly,” the young man declared.

   She was not able to remember why she had asked this strange question about their possible death. She appeared to have a feeling about something atrocious related to Tidus, and about a will to save him...

   “I have more than anything the impression that I cried a lot,” she answered.

   He lay beside her.

   “Me either, I don't remember what happened, but I'm hurting all over.”

   “We've found rags in the trees, and we've thought they would lead us to a village.”

   “I remember now. We've wanted to explore the forest Luchera seemed to protect, and we... uh? I can't remember.”

   She searched inside her memories, but only found a vast sadness.

   “I ran after something,” Tidus said.

   Yuna stood up straight very carefully, in order to not awaken her headache.

   “We must stop thinking about this,” she declared.

   “Easier said than done. It's coming to my mind continuously.”

   “It's because we're stuck inside this little dark room. Let's go out!”

   She took the time to look around her: the walls and the floor were made of stone. A filthy smell was making her nauseous, but she did not know if it was coming from the room or the air itself. She got back on her feet slowly, and noticed she was dressed. She examined her new green dress, ornamented with geometrical patterns on the sleeves and the hem.

   They went out and found themselves in a hallway with a tortuous floor. They saw other places, similar to the one they had just left. The place was dilapidated, and they found no clue about its function. As they were exploring, the smell, still strong, was making Yuna retch more and more vehemently.

   They had no idea about the path to follow or what they were about to find there. Yet, they had to run this risk.

   “But what smells so bad?” she ended up asking. “I have difficulty in breathing.”

   “This is a very ancient smell. Don't be offended, but I smelt something similar the first time I entered the temple.”

   “In Besaid? But this is my home!”

   “That's why I asked you to not be offended. You always smell good, and I got used to the smell of the temple.”

   She understood quickly that he was right.

   “It's like the cloister of trials,” she noticed. “In Besaid, it leads to the chamber of the fayth, at the end of the temple.”

   “But of course, that's right!” Tidus exclaimed.

   Yuna, in her case, found every conclusion premature. Finding similarities with a place she was familiar with was appeasing her, but there were some differences too. The mysterious corridor was much bigger than the one in Besaid. They turned on a corner, and the impression of familiarity vanished immediately: this corner should not have existed.

   “It's too big, no?” Tidus asked.

   “Yes. But if the hallway and the rooms from now on were underground...”

   Would the place correspond to the temple in her mind? She was not sure about that.

   “It's bugging me!” she exclaimed.

   “What's wrong?”

   “I don't understand anything! How are we supposed to return home if I don't understand anything?”

   “You're asking too much, Yuna.”

   She felt anger building inside her, but he took her hand straight away and resumed:

   “I have a hunch that everything will be fine from now on.”


   “Because people living here rescued us. They wouldn't have done it if they had bad intentions.”

   Still hand in hand, the young people pushed the door on which revealed the hallway. It opened onto the top step of long stairs which went down towards a huge circular room.

   “Just like the temple in Besaid,” Yuna whispered.

   “But they're not High Summoners,” Tidus answered while pointing out at the stone statues lined up along the wall.

   ‘These people are all dead,’ Yuna thought without knowing the reason. She was feeling Tidus’ hand holding hers strongly.

   “Look, the statue of Luchera,” the young man whispered. “She's so sad.”

   “That's right. But why do you think that she's sad?”

   “Because of all people who died here. The past of this place contain so much pain...”

   “How can we be sure about this?” she insisted.

   “Someone wishes we understood him. Certainly the one who helped us.”

   “He may expect us to do something.”

   “But what?”

   “Let's look for it!”

   “You're right. You'll find it, I'm sure about it.”

   She gave him a severe look, but a smile stretched her lips when she answered him:

   “You sure are confident.”

   “In you? Always!”


   Their unease vanished as they were exploring. They started to examine the statues which were enlivening the circular room. Each of them was perched on a base which bore an inscription – probably the name of the represented person.

   Tidus quickly noticed the old man they had already met on the island. Supplied with a hat, a beard and a big bag, he was wearing a staff in his hand. The beak and the big cat tail were present too.

   “That's not O'aka,” he declared while laughing.

   He pointed out at the name engraved on the base:

   “Anli, god of travellers. May you guide us on earth and on sea. And look at this one!”

   He sidestepped to reveal another silhouette. Half naked but covered with an impressive armour, Luchera was holding a light sword in her hand.

   “Luchera, goddess of war. Give us bravery and wisdom in the middle of the battle. Protect us with your outspread wings."

   “Thus, this frail little girl watched over the place.”

   Tidus hurried Yuna to examine the statues of the other divinities.

   "Kush, goddess of abundance, give us our meal and the family to share it."

   "Guard, protector of the Farplane, grant us calm and explosion."

   "Valm, god of order, give us stability.”

   "Kanaela, goddess of the moon, protect us against darkness."

   "Sloan, god of vengeance, appease our resentment."

   "Meiyoh, god of the sun, steep us in your light."

   “It's like tales and legends. Or when we say: Victory smile upon us’.”

   Never would have Yuna thought that people had worshipped gods in the past. The only prayers she was aware of were reserved for High Summoners of Yevon or for the fayth who lay dormant in the holy of holies. Sometime, she had turned to the old man who had provided guidance to Yevon during its learning.

   “Maybe people worshipped divinities like these ones before the diffusion of the teachings.”

   “And Yevon would have supported that?” Tidus asked.

   Then, while imitating the voice of the Great Maester Mika, he exclaimed:

   “I forbid you to pronounce those names!”

   It seems that Tidus was the only one able to imitate him in this way, Yuna thought. He had a gift for that.

   “Look at that!”

   The young man was showing a large plate on which were written columns of text.

   “It's the list of the Guards of the summoners,” Tidus declared.

   Yuna felt her pulse beating faster.

   “"Summoners" is written on this plate?” she asked.

   “Come look for yourself.”

   She came closer and the young man resumed loudly:

   "Valm, Sloan..."

   “Aren't they god names?” Yuna asked.

   “Yes, but I'm just reading what is written here.”

   The young woman pouted.

   “And this story about summoners,” she resumed, “what does it mean?”

   “Summoners and their Guards – their guardians? - must have lived on this island and worshipped these gods.”

   “But summoning is a technique of Yevon.”

   “Maybe that's where you're mistaken,” Tidus answered with a pensive air.

   He appeared to feel uncomfortable.

   “Remember, this technique appeared way before the teachings and the foundation of the Church,” he continued. “You told me about of the story related to the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand. Summoners lived at that time, since Yevon sacrificed them...”

   “Another point I hadn't thought of. In my mind, Yevon had created fayths, but I was wrong. I feel like a fool. If I had pondered for a few moments, I would have understood that.”

   “It's because you've been raised with these faiths. After the war, the Church has certainly extended its power all over Spira. Nobody could be at variance with them anymore.”

   She thought of the Al Bhed, which didn't follow the teachings, and of the bad treatment they had had to endure.

   “This place sends shivers down my spine,” Tidus declared. “Let get out of here, okay?”

   Yuna acquiesced, and her partner headed for what should be the big door of the temple in Besaid. The young girl was about to follow in his footsteps when she surveyed the tiling.

   Summoners have treaded upon this floor...

   And summoners mean fayths.

   “Come, Yuna.”

   “Wait, I would like to check something, but we must retrace our steps.”

   “What's on your mind?”

   “I wonder if the fayth is still here.”

   “That's possible. In this case, you could use summoning...”


   “Splendid! But wait, if the war is still raging, you run the risk of being involved with it.”

   “No, I don't think so. I won't let it happen.”

   “So... Where is the fayth? Do you have an idea?”

   “If he's close and willing to provide me a summoning, I should be able to feel his presence. But right now, I can't.”

   “He must be in a farther place,” Tidus concluded.

   But Yuna was thinking of another possibility: he may not be prone to meet her. Few people knew that when it came to summoning, the initiative was not the job of summoners, but fayths.

   “You're right, yet,” she answered. “he's not here. His chamber must be located at the end of the hallway, quite near the room where we've woken up.”

   “Let's go!” Tidus said.

   He set foot on stairs which connected the circular room to the corridor.

   “No, wait!”


   “Before that, I want to know more about this place. We're not in the world of Yevon, and...”

   Yuna seemed to look for words. Tidus waited.

   “Summoner and fayth must establish an intimate link,” she continued. “Many ways exist to do so, even according to the teachings, and the method may be different, depending on the fayth...”

   Tidus put his forefinger on Yuna's lips:

   “I understand. You're scared?”

   She nodded slowly.

   “Then let's forget that. I don't like this story about intimate links. What if the fayth was a man?”

   He forced himself to laugh but without any real feeling.

   Her eyes aiming at the top of the stairs, Yuna sighed. Never would have she thought that she would fear a summoning. She had not practiced for two years. During this period of time, she had changed. She knew that if she failed the aeon could devour her mind. She did not want to run this risk anymore. Fear was tormenting her. But did she have the choice? She was just starting to foresee a way to go back to her world.

   Tidus opened a door located under the stairs, on the left. The number 1, barely visible, was written. In Besaid, it led to the cells of the monks.

   They were making out an inclined plane which sank into the dark. They could smell a strong metallic scent.

   They crossed the threshold and perceived a slight vibration. Yuna remembered the mechanic tower they had heard work on the path of the ruins.

   They arrived in a room even more vast than the one they had just left. The place was overflowing with unknown machines, positioned around a long table and a single chair. Furniture was crumbling under a piling up of tools. Everything was covered with a thick coat of dust, except for a narrow strip on the floor.

   “These machines were used to build other ones,” Tidus whispered.

   “It's a workshop,” Yuna acquiesced.

   Shinra had told her about those "workshops" or "factories". According to the boy, the ancient world must have been overflowing with places like this one, judging from the number of machines it had bequeathed to them.

   “What a smell!” Tidus grimaced. “Let's take a quick look and let's go out of this place. Look, there's a door at the end.”

   He rushed for it and opened it without hesitation:

   “I've found... beds!” he announced. “Bunk beds. The room is huge. A hundred people could sleep there. But there such a stench prevailing in this room!”

   He closed the lead with a pout of disgust and met Yuna. After a brief overview of the room, he pointed out another way out:

   “This way!”

--------------------------------------------- *--------------------------------------------------
“Come here, Yuna.”

   A simple glance in this room had been enough for Tidus to understand its function: it was an armoury. He did not know what was supposed to happen in the future, but he could not let escape such an opportunity.

   Three walls were hidden by shelfs which were displaying all kinds of swords. They entered and discovered points of arrows, top of weapon mallets and blades of axes. Yuna assumed that the handles, much as the other parts made of wood, had disintegrated.

   “Everything is rusty, but we can still use some of these weapons,” Tidus noticed.

   He was holding a rapier in his left hand and let his right one hanging around the shelfs, as if he was looking for a specific object.

   “You should choose a weapon,” he recommended to her. The young woman was not delighted at all by this, but a weapon may indeed be useful.

   “Ah, that's it!” Tidus exclaimed.

   He was brandishing a little cobblestone.

   “This's a whetstone,” he explained. “We must get rid of this rust.”

   “You've done it before?”

   “Never. But it must be like with kitchen knives, right?”


   They spend half an hour gathering and preparing their arsenal. Tidus had chosen a double-edged rapier equipped with a bell-shaped guard, and Yuna a dagger. It was a light weapon, with a magnificently polished handle. The young woman wrapped it in a long strip coming from the hem of her dress.

   “There you go!” Tidus exclaimed joyfully, while brandishing his rapier.

   But he was already frowning.

   “Something's wrong?”

   “I got carried away. In my opinion, I've sharpened it too much. I didn't know rust could penetrate the blade. I thought it was superficial.”

   “I see...” Yuna answered, who was ignorant of this too.

   She was anxious, because she was used to buying or receiving weapons, but that was not the case for assembly.

   “I hope we won't meet anybody,” she added.

   Me neither.”

------------------------------------------ *-----------------------------------------------------

   They left the armoury and, for lack of rooms to visit, went back up to the circular room.

   “Over here, now!” Tidus declared lightly before opening the door located under the stairs, on the right.

   Yuna read the number two on it.

   The lead was jammed: the young man had to pull with all his strength to make it move.

   “So, what's in there?” he continued.

   Yuna was recognizing him well right now. When he was anxious, he adopted a playful tone.

   “A refectory, I would bet my life on it,” he continued. “There are long metallic tables and chairs. And at the end, it seems to be a kitchen. You want us to explore it?”

   Yuna shook her head. She understood that her partner wanted to postpone their meeting with the fayth, and she appreciated it. But they had waited long enough. She turned towards the top of the stairs:

   “Let's go.”

   Tidus got in her way:

   “Don't you want to breathe fresh air before that?”

   Obstinate, she shook her head even more.
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 19

They had to brace on the door to unblock it. Then, they opened it carefully, and the warm air of the night came inside the building. The young man had managed to convince his partner.

Above them, the leaves of the trees were filtering the light of the stars.

"What's that?" Tidus asked.

He was pointing at metallic pillars as large as his fist, at regular intervals between stone slabs. Far above the two young people, the pillars were supporting a wire network on which leaves were clinging, like a creeper vine would. Yuna had never seen such a plant.

"This camouflage hides the building", Tidus said joyfully. "The place looks like any forest plot, from above. We've been completely taken in!"

Yuna was preoccupied with something else.

"Along the path, we've been led by the pieces of fabric to a specific place. We've encountered a problem, someone has come to rescue us, and we've woken up inside the building, is that correct?"

Tidus acquiesced, unsure.

"It's quite easy to recognize this entrance," he noticed while sweeping the place with his eyes. "We've never come here, so that means the place we're looking for is ahead of us."

"Which place?"

"The place of our accident."

He unseathed his rapier before resuming:

"Let's go take a look."

He set off with a careful step. Yuna followed him. She was trying to convince herself that everything would be fine. Even if they had encountered a mysterious difficulty, they had found some help to overcome it. The young woman, who was refusing to give in to panic, decided to be optimistic.

They progressed slowly for a few minutes, then Tidus stopped.

"Look," he whispered.

He was showing the hill they could observe through the leaves. In the light of the stars, the statue of Luchera was standing out from the landscape.

Tidus could not help shouting.


Impatient, they flung themselves along the path.

"That was a man?"

"No, a woman, I think."

They stopped suddenly and exchanged a incredulous look : "Luchera?"

On a part of the path, the relief of the ground hid the top of the hill. When they were able to see it again, they seemed to notice a silhouette. They set out again on the double.

Yuna was feeling safe. The unknown person did not mean any harm, she was sure of that. She had seen them swinging, slowly.

When they finally reached the top, the silhouette was still dancing.

"She's wearing the same clothes as you," Tidus noticed.

"Was it her who helped us?"

"That's a possibility. Look, isn't she performing a sending?"

In Tidus' mind, every dance was a sending.

"No," Yuna answered. "We can't see the souls of the dead. It would be fluttering in the night like a firefly."

Sometimes, it was difficult to discern it. But Yuna had never failed. For a summoner, the most important predisposition was the sensitivity to pyreflies.

"And the moves are different," Tidus added.

"That doesn't mean anything. The choreography is specific to the summoner, and some of them don't dance at all."

"Then why do you dance?"

"Because there exist people who can't see souls. In this case, how are they supposed to know if the one they love was sent correctly ? The dance of the officiate enables the concerned people to keep a strong memory of the ceremony. But a lot of people don't know that."

She kept quiet and put down her weapon on the ground. After a moment of hesitation, Tidus imitated her.

"We are sorry to disturb you," she began.

The silhouette stood still, then beckoned to them.

"Allow me to present me," Tidus said lightly

Yet, his expression was very serious.

He is overdoing it, Yuna thought. However, she decided to let him lead the conversation.

"Good evening," the unknown woman answered. "The stars are wonderful this night, are not they?"

She was little. In the middle of her thin face, flanked with black curls, her big eyes and her dimples drew attention. A wide dress, girded around the waist, was covering her thin body as far as the ankles. Her head reached Yuna's eyes in height.

No wonder I mistook her for a boy, from afar.

"I am Tidus."

"And I am Yuna."

The woman nodded :


Tidus let out an exclamation of surprise. Kush smiled, which illimunated immediately her face.

"Like the goddess of abundance?" Yuna asked.

"I do not look like her, I know," the young woman answered.

The young summoner stammered, embarassed.

"I have taken this name on," Kush explained. "I am not a divinity. This is a tradition, or a rule, to my people. After my death, someone else will become 'Kush'".

It made Tidus speechless.

"Who are your people?"

"The citizens of the holy Bevelle."

Yuna had never read a book or met someone mentioning Bevelle with this qualitative.

"Have you never heard of this place?" The frail young woman continued.

"The city is governed by gods?" Tidus asked. "But then... gods exist?"

Yuna feared that Kush got angry with them, but the young woman was smiling once again, and her dimples grew hollow.

"The city is on the authority of a religious government, which is mandated by gods. At least, that is what they affirm. As for the existence of divinities, the simple action of asking such a question could cause you serious problems."


Tidus looked around him, anxious.

"Do not worry. Nobody can charge you with blasphemy or heresy anymore. In my opinion, I do not trust in them. But faith allows people to find some common ground. In the course of the seasons and our lifes, we join in the same rituals, and we understand that we are linked with each other, that we live in the same world. This is what happens when we take the name of a divinity on too. Incidentally, yet again, a ceremony is celebrated."

She indicated the sky with a finger :

"What is the name of the brightest star?" She asked.

"The Navel of the night," Yuna answered.

"Blitz Star!" Tidus announced at the same time.

"We call it Anli's Eye, Kush replied. He is the God who protects travellers."

She laughed and Yuna could not help doing the same.

"We have grown up in different worlds, and we are now gathered. Is not that wonderful?"

They agreed at the same time, and she resumed :

"But that is not what you want to know."

She was not smiling anymore.

Yuna wondered which question, among all those in her mind, was the most important. Tidus forestalled her :

"Where are we?"

The two young women found the formulation of his question a bit strange.

"He means, on which island," Yuna precised.

"Ah, I understand. I am sorry, I cannot answer your question. We call it 'Board of the War – South Division', but I cannot reveal its position."

"Board of the War?" Yuna repeated, abashed. "South Division?"

(Remember Kush uses the polite 'vous')

"That is correct. Vous are a Summoner, are not vous?"

Yuna nodded in agreement.

"And vous are her Guard?"

The two young people exhanged a questioning look. Tidus had been the guardian of Yuna. He had escorted and protected her during her journey.

"That is correct," Tidus ended up answering. "The Summoner Yuna and her Guard Tidus."

For a short moment, Kush's eyes appeared to search through the night. Yuna turned round and discovered a stocky silhouette just behind here.

"Shinra?" Yuna asked.

The newcomer was taller than the Shinra she knew, but he was wearing the same clothes as him : a yellow suit and a old gas mask.

"It does not speak. And I rue this lack. It is a mecanical Bedohl. Formerly, they were more numerous, but on this day, it is the last one."

She turned her palm towards the newcomer.

"Everything is fine. They are not enemies. They are the two persons you carried a bit earlier, remember. Their names are Yuna and Tidus. You do not have to eliminate them."

"What? Elim..." Tidus began.

Kush interrupted him :

"Introduce yourlselves," she ordered them. "Its visual device does not work anymore, and it has to use its audition to identify its interlocutors. It may be an end-of-life Bedohl, I do not know enough about its mechanism to be certain of this. But the false Bedohls have been built to destroy our enemies, therefore it will attack you if it thinks you are one of them. Introduce yourselves each time you meet it, and do it now once again, for more safety."

"I am Yuna."

"And I'm Tidus."

The strange character nodded and amble back along the path.

"What is the meaning behind those clothes and this mask?" Yuna asked.

"That is a ruse. Every Bedohl wore a similar outfit. Thus, nobody could differientiate the false ones from the true ones."

"I don't understand," Tidus took part. "Why were there false ones and true ones? And what is a Bedohl, to begin with?"

"A inferior people which carries out work. In order to make their life easier, some of them create machines, including false Bedohls."

"They are really great," Tidus whispered.

"No, they are awful! It is their inventions which have triggered the war. We have had to control them closely. My government has used magic to affix a mark on the body of each Bedohl. In order to not let them mingle with the population, we have ordered them to only speak a specific language. We have put in place all those measures for their own good..."

Yuna wondered if the young woman was refering to the Machina War. What was this magic used by her government? As for the Bedohls, it was reminding her of the Al Bhed. She had Al Bhed blood. Did her people come from the world of Kush?

"What exactly is the mark affixed on them?" Tidus asked on a light tone.

"A spiral deep in the eyes. Thus, wherever they go, they cannot conceal their nature."

"She's talking about Rikku and the others!" Tidus exclaimed, angry. "They're not 'inferior'!"

"They reap what they have sowed."

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you may have noticed that I have this mark in my eye," Yuna spoke, respectfully. "That is because my mother is Al Bhed... or should I say, 'Bedohl'."

Yuna saw surprise appearing on Kush's face. At the same time, the body of the young woman gleamed like a pyrefly.

"Well! To each their own, I suppose. But tell me, Yuna, is there another summoner in your family besides vous?"

"My father. He was named Braska."

"Maester Braska?"

"You don't know him?" Tidus asked. "He was High Summoner."

"Please accept my deepest apologies."

If they were in a different world, it was natural that nobody heard of Braska, Yuna thought.

"Kush," the young woman began. "May I call you, Kush, m'am?"


"How have our two worlds met? When did they become separate?"

The young woman frowned but did not answer. For a few moments, she gleamed faintly, then became transparent. Tidus let out an exclamation of surprise, but she did not move. Calmly, Yuna held out her hand and touched Kush, who shone even more. But this time, instead  of disappearing, the gleam spread, more and more glaring, until the body of the woman break up into a myriad of pyreflies.

"The Summoner," Yuna whispered, "where is he?"

Kush was dispersing in the wind. Without letting herself become overwhelmed, the young woman shouted:

"Where is the Summoner?"

He was certainly close.

"I want to meet him and talk to him. We just want to go back to our world. If you know a way to do it, tell us. Please!"

Kush had disappeared, but the pyreflies were still there, around the two young people, more and more numerous.

"Watch out!" Tidus shouted.

He drew Yuna against him and embraced her. Now, the entire landscape was gleaming : the lights were still dancing in the breeze.

The island was the fruit of a summoning. It was the result of pyreflies. Yuna had not felt well because of this massive energy concentration. The phenomenon was no different from what you felt if you was too close to Sin. As the hours passed, she had been accustomed to it. Unless the Summoner had recently intervened...

I will now use some of my magic, but it will not be easy, a voice declared.

Yuna thought Tidus had spoken, but the sound appeared to come from the pyreflies. They were connecting everything, from now now. And that included Yuna and the Summoner as well.

He was a man, and Yuna had already met him. But he had obscured this fact.

"I cannot erase your memories, only seal them."

Yuna had never heard of such a advanced skill. This Mage certainly possessed a peerless power.

"Yuna..." Tidus whispered. "Let's run away!"



He held her hand and drew her away along the path, on the double. She followed him without enthusiasm. Running away made no sense, and was not necessary. Under the influence of emotion or embarrassment, the Summoner was not able to maintain the summoning any longer, that is all. She had to explain that to Tidus.

But she did not manage to let out her words. Just before her, the silhouette of Tidus was blending into the pyreflies.

"That's enough!"

Surprised, the young man stood still.

"Stop that!" Yuna yelled in front to the night.

She raised her eyes. The gleams were ascending in the sky. Far above them, a star was shining strongly. Yuna would have wanted it to be the Navel of the night. If so, none of this would have happened. She would have been ignorant of this.

"Yuna?" Tidus took apart.

He seemed worried. He was still holding her hand. She drew him against her, and embraced him strongly.

"What is happening?"

"Don't say anything. Close your eyes. Think of me, of a enjoyable moment, any one."

She loosened her grip.

"On your knees," she murmured to him.

She held Tidus' head in her hands and put it against her stomach.

"Yuna? It hurts!"

"Be strong!"

She did not want him to see himself. He had not understood yet.

"What are you thinking about? Tell me."

After a moment of silence, he answered, with a muffled voice :

"Your birthmark."

"You're the only one to know it."

She was attempting to send her consciousness after the pyreflies to find the summoner. It was the same technique she used when she gave an order to an aeon.

Will it be a success? The last time she had made use of her art, it was in order to defeat Sin...

A picture appeared in her mind. A strange group was walking in a forest. The forest of Besaid. Two Bedohls were holding two long poles which were supporting a plate on which was seated a woman with elegant clothes. Her thin hood let catch a glimpse of her black and bright hair.


A soldier was leading the way. An armor made of leather was covering his half-naked back, a sword was hanging on his hip.

A guardian?

Kush turned round, apparently surprised, and the setting of the vision changed. Yuna was seeing a little circular room. A spiral staircase was standing in the middle of the room, and the rim was almost entirely composed of windows. Inside the vision, Yuna came closer to them and discovered a cove through the panes. The young woman was overlooking the landscape. She recognized the port of Besaid, only the pontoon was missing. On the floor, several cushions were carefully stacked near a wood bowl filled with dried fruits and walnuts. She was feeling the sweet and bitter savors coming from it.

Our senses are in unison.

Suddenly, a atrocious pain hurt her chest. She was submerged by hatred, and by a so powerful love that it appeared to want to spring out of the pores of her skin. She was trapped by a storm of feelings.

A kick in the bowl, and the fruits scattered in the room.

Stop, a masculine voice ordered, old and hoarse, inside Yuna's mind.

"Where are you?" Yuna asked.

I accept to meet you, but on one condition. Accord me a favor.

"We will do our best."

My request can definitely be carried out , but the young man would achieve it more easily.

"I will tell him. What is it about?"

After a silence, the voice answered: killing a young girl.


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 20

Night fell, and Bria was walking around Besaid. He walked along the coast despite the boulders which were making the progression difficult, explored inaccesible caves and parts of the forest where nobody has ever gone before. He did not see anywhere the monstruous monk Lulu had told him about.

As a rule, he let them rest in peace. But there were two former guardians in the village, and those persons could draw decaying spirits out. The situation would be even more complicated if Yuna and Tidus were present. He wanted to solve this problem before their return.

He was coming closer to the hill. The Navel of the night was shining in the sky.

The Navel of the night, not Anli’s Eye.

The woman he had told that the star was called Anli’s Eye had been so fond of this name that she had named her little tavern that she inherited from her parents, after it. On the verge of bankruptcy, she had bet that it would have brought her luck. She lost that bet.

Several warrior monks had come to fetch her to take her to the fortress of Bevelle. She was eight months pregnant that day. She had never come back. A short time later, a warrior had come back to the tavern with a wood box containing a newborn who would not stop crying :  Bria’s daughter.

His wife had suffered a thousand tortures and, just before dying, had given birth to this child. The maesters of Yevon wanted to know where she had heard of the name “Anli’s Eye”, and would stop at nothing to find out. Until the end, she had protected Bria.

The warrior who had brought the child to him had offered his condolences, then had recommended him to run away.

He had told him his family owned an inn on the edge ofMacalania lake and was looking for a handyman. The warrior was named Gekkoh. Bria had taken an interest in the origin of his name and Gekkoh had glanced at him askance before telling him it originated from a famed ancestor.

Bria did not know why he had asked this question. Likewise, he did not understand how “Anli’s Eye” had come to his mind. To this day, he was still ignoring that.

Thanks to the recommendation of Gekkoh, Bria obtained the job at Macalania Lake. The mother of the innkeeper took care of the infant. Bria had named her Luchera. The name came to his mind instantaneously, and he had not managed to find another one thereafter.

But this name had posed a problem too.

One day, when the child was almost five years old, a monk had come from the temple of Macalania to ask some questions. Bria feared for his safety, but the innkeeper, who was a longstanding friend, interceded. Instead of sending a report to Bevelle, the monk demanded that Bria change the name of the child.

Bria was incapable of finding another name : he was convinced that, whatever he choose, it would bring misfortune to his daughter. In the end, the monk in question and the old woman who took care of her decided to name her Mohra. Bria found this name banal, but he hoped that it would provide a peaceful life to her child.

When Mohra was twenty, she was proposed to by a man. In the course of his visits, this regular customer had fallen in love with the young girl. She felt affection for the man too, and the union was encouraged. As long as her daughter agreed, Bria had no reason for being opposed to it. In order to explain the absence of her wife, he affirmed that she died because of a disease.

The banquet took place in the huge room of the inn. Many friends of the groom came, and went into ecstastics in the face of the beauty of the bride, who was wearing wonderful wedding garb. In the corner of the room, Bria was observing his daughter. He was torn between joy and sadness.

“You bastard!” The father of the groom had suddenly shouted.

He had come from Bevelle for the occasion and Bria still remembered his voice and his breath which reeked of alcohol.

“It’s you who killed Meroh!”

The man told the audience how Bria had duped the woman in Bevelle, had meddled with their family, and had managed to change the name of the establishment, which had caused the death of the lady, Meroh.

In the past, the man was a regular customer, and after the departure of Bria and his daughter, he had heard of this rumor.

Bria denied this. Some guests evoked the existence of a double, others thought it was just the delirium of a drunkard. But the man added :

“You’re fishy. It’s been twenty years, and yet you’ve not changed. I’ve lost my hair and I’ve got a paunch, but what about you? Nothing! What are you? A monster? An Unsent? For how long do you plan to stay in this world?”

Mohra burst into tears, and the innkeepers lowered their head.

Bria had always contented himself with a modest job and avoided appearing in public as much as possible.

He let his mustache grow, then shaved it, in order to give the illusion of change. But he did not age, and a attentive observer could not ignore it.

Out of respect for the innnkeepers, the neighbours had not said anything, but since her chilhood, Mohra found the situation hard to bear.

Bria left. He could not talk with her anymore, but he kept watching over her.

The marriage was cancelled. The next year, the mother of the innkeeper died. Three years later, the owner of the establishment and his wife left for a trip. Along the way, they were attacked by Sin, and none saw them again. That is right: at this time, Sin came back.

Against all odds, Mohra took over the inn. But the reputation of the place had been affected, and there were less and less customers. Forced to close the inn, the young woman got rid of it, came back to Bevelle, and entered holy orders.

Bria did not know what was inside the mind of his daughter and what was best for her. He had not the instinct of a father. He was not cut out for having a family.

Mohra led a long and fulfilling life. She rose in the ranks of the religious hierarchy, and when she passed away, at the age of eighty, her obsequies were spectular. Bria attended them from afar. He had not changed since her birth.

By a cruel quirk of fate, he was incapable of remembering the face of his wife. He only remembered the words of their first conversation. Sitting down in a shabby tavern, he listened to the other customers and that is how he learnt that the daughter of the innkeeper was named Meroh. She was a hard-working and conscientious young girl, morevover without specific charm. But Bria did not care about that, and he came back to see her, day after day, attracted by her name. He had the impression that this word contained the key to a secret buried in the depths of himself : why he did not age.

His former life, that is before he met Meroh, was bound to a mystery. As if his memory was nibbled by worms, composed of disjointed snatches. His twenty-five early years had been swallowed by a dark hole.

He thought that if he managed to fill this gap of memory, he would be appeased and could finally die.

As centuries passed, while he was feeling guilty because of what had happened with Mohra and Meroh, he kept believing that.

How long has it been since that time ? Maybe a thousand years.

Only fragments of memories remained in his mind.

He spent most of his time as a warrior-monk in Bevelle. As soon as a comrade noticed Bria did not age, he resigned and disappeared. He kept a low profile about fifty years, while waiting for those who knew him to die. Then he went back to military life, in Bevelle once again, because he thought he was closer to the key to the mystery over there. He was wrong. He must have had to come to Besaid much earlier.

"But this is not my first visit… Well, I don’t think so."

A memory of the temple of Besaid came into his mind. At that time, there were only two High Summoner statues.

"And that hill…"

He had climbed it so many times! The scupture of a young teenage-like girl was standing on the side of the path.

Bria closed his eyes.

Only two High Summoner statues. At that time, the one of the goddess had already disappeared.

No, they are two different periods. But howewer hard he tried to search his memories, he could not learn anything else from them.

Sometimes, days were so similar that it was difficult to remember the past. That was not the case for Bria. Someone had stolen his story.

Who could be so maleficent?

He decided to go back to the village to talk with the elders.

They always narrated to him the same anecdotes, and Bria could recite their entire life by heart. They had led humble lifes, in the shadow of the teachings of Yevon, but as days passed, Bria liked them more and more.

“Kuut ajahehk.”

Bria turned round and discovered beings with absurd faces. The one who had spoken was a blond-haired boy, who was wearing big protective eyewear, whilst night had fallen. Beside him, a man with a wild look was exhibiting his torso and stomach, naked and tattooed with flames. Some friends of Yuna.

“Kuut ajahehk.”

The tatooed man greeted him in his turn, in Al Bhed, indifferent. Bria trembled. Al Bhed had renounced the teachings of Yevon, but that was not what caused his hatred. He hated their language. It reminded him of sadness and anger. He turned his back on them, waiting for them to leave.

“Is he ignoring us?” The boy wearing glasses asked.

“Because we’re just dirty Al Bhed. Ra'c mucehk rec rayt,” the tatooed man spat.

Bria was feeling sick.

“Eh, wait a minute!” A feminine voice added. “What are you doing, Brother?”

Bria heard people approaching. Some friends of Yuna once again, he supposed. The girl who speaks loud and the calm and short-haired woman. His only wish at the moment was for them to quickly go on their way.

“This old man is disrespecting us,” the boy wearing glasses answered.

Bria turned round in order to apologize, but he found himself face to face with the tattooed man.

The Al Bhed was staring at him, scowling. He was so close that Bria could see the spirals in his eyes.

“Mind your manners, sickening Bedohl!” Bria exclaimed.

He spit in the face of the tatooed man, who stepped backwards. The Al Bhed seemed saddened.

“It was a joke!” He protested on a pitiful tone.

Bria stepped backwards in his turn. He was astounbed by his words. Where did they come from? Probably from the place where Anli’s Eye, Luchera and Meroh were imprisoned.

“Big bro behaved badly, but that isn't a reason to spit in his face!” a feminine voice said.

“Don’t interfere, Rikku!” The boy wearing glasses answered.

“It was a joke!” the tattoed man repeated.

“Our peaceful party comes to an end,” a child’s voice took apart.

Bria turned his head.

“A false Bedohl!” He exclaimed.

Under the influence of emotion, his sight became blurred. He did not know anymore what was standing in front of him.

These glasses, this gas mask, this yellow suit… there was no doubt about it.

Gunshots behind me. A Bedohl in yellow, with a clumsy walk. Smoke is still escaping from the barrel of the riffle he is tightening under his left arm. I do not know how many bullets he has fired.

Turning his nose up at the man wearing glasses and his tattoed comrade, disdaining the two women, he headed for the false Bedohl. But his legs were so weak that he lost his balance. He held himself up as he could. He must have been appearing very clumsy in their eyes. To think that these subhumans were going to laugh at him!

One of their people has killed me.

Submerged by anger, he unsheathed his dagger.

“He’s serious?” A voice exclaimed.

The short-haired woman stood in his way and, with a kick, took his dagger away from him.

She is not a Bedohl, he thought, just as he received a blow on the back of his neck.

He fell down.

“What are you talking about?”

The half-naked Bedohl kneeled down and lean on him. Under her slender muscles, we could barely make out her ribs. Bria suddenly felt a desire he had not experienced for a long time.

“Why?” He exclaimed.

For a Bedohl?

“That's my question! They just greeted you.”

She leaned on him even more closely.

“Pfft…” She let out with a scornful tone.

Embarrassed, he turned away. He looked at the false Bedohl, who was walking slowly towards him.

“You’ve been saying Bedohl since our meeting. What is that?”

“Don’t come closer!”

Bria was about to lose consciousness.

The Bedohl has slapped the woman. I have wanted to go for his throat, but Ifahnal has held me back.

Ifahnal ?

A second slap, and Kush has opened her eyes.

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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 21

He suddenly opened his eyes while shouting "Kush", and then he lost consciousness once again. What is wrong with him? Rikku asked.

Wakka was not looking at Bria, but Lulu, who was silent.

"Was it necessary to tie him up?" He asked with a careful tone.

Lying before the stele standing on the top of the hill, bound hand and foot, Bria was still uncouscious.

"Whose side are you on?" Rikku responded to him.

"He's not a poor sod," Wakka protested. "I've only known him for one month, but he doesn't content himself with his work at the temple. He takes part in the chores of the village. And the elders like him. If they were to see him in this state... it makes me shudder."

"Yes, but..." Rikku started to protest.

"Originally, it was Brother who provoked him," Paine declared calmly. "Admittedly, he got out a knife but I don't think it was intented for one of us. I've had the impression he was seeing someone else. He was... staring into space."

"He was completely out his mind. This guy is dangerous."

"Say, Lu, what do we do?" Wakka asked.

"Something is wrong with him," Lulu said, "but we can't leave him here, in public view. The elders like him... We should take him to his room. Over there, we'll be able to examine him."

She nodded, resolute, and turned towards Buddy and Brother, who, seated on the ground, were listening in silence. They immediately leapt to their feet.

"You two, take him to the room."

"Ihtancduut," Brother shouted, standing at attention.

"Let's go," Wakka said, "I'm worried about Vidina."

"Why?" Lulu asked.

"Because I left him with the grandmothers!"

"I trust them more than you to take care of him..."

"You're unfair!" Wakka exclaimed, indignant.

Paine laughed quietly.

"No laughing when Yuna's not here!" Brother added, who was helping Buddy to stand Bria back up, and left him untied from now on.


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 22

But where was Yuna?

The young woman had wanted to isolate herself. Tidus had insisted that Yuna does not move away too far, in order for him to hear her whistlings if need be. She had left just past noon. The sun was going to set, and she had not come back yet.

Tidus had settled himself in the room where they had regained consciousness. He followed the hallway and went out. Though the leaves of the trees, he was distinguishing the statue of Luchera. Another silhouette was standing near her.

"Yuna!" He shouted.

She turned and waved at him. But she was not looking at the right place. The trees were certainly preventing her from seeing him.

"Sir Tidus..."

Kushu appeared before him. He had understood that she was not a woman, but he did not know her true shape. Yuna cetainly knew, but she had not said anything, and he was refusing to ask her: he did not want to be unpleasant with her.

How about asking the right person?

"What are you, Kush ? Well, I mean..."

"Vous do not know ? I am an aeon."


"Lady Yuna did not tell vous about our request?"

"About what?"

"We asked her to do something, but our conversation was two days ago, and..."

"What do you want from us?"

"Not both of you. Only vous, Tidus," Kush answered with a smile.

Her dimples were very lovely.

"go ahead and ask me."
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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 23

They took Bria to his cell, in the temple, and tied him to a pillar. Then Wakka and the Gullwings went back about their business. Bria was not really unconscious, but rather in a deep sleep. The monk who lived in the temple was looking after him. Lulu, hanging back, swept the room with her eyes, greeted the clergyman and went out in her turn.

This man had arrived in Besaid about ten years earlier, and was currently in charge of  welcoming the public, both the inhabitants of the island and the tourists. This mission guaranteed him very busy days, but apart from that he hardly spoke. Therefore, it was difficult to know more about him, yet Lulu trusted him. After the fall of Yevon, he had responded to the anxiety of the oldest villagers. She had observed him for a long time, therefore she knew that he was open-minded and practical.

He had reassured everyone, explaining that it was the teachings which were at fault, not the villagers.

At that time, there was another monk living in Besaid, but he had turned into a monster. Before that, he was a man in the prime of life, whose head was divided by two thick eyebrows. More than a clergyman, he was an dogged scholarly person. When he was not in his cell surrounded with his books, you could find him in the holy of the holies that he cleaned and watched, zealous.

Since Yuna had defeated Sin, people had caught sight of him hanging around here and there on the island.

I wonder what he was doing, Lulu thought.

He had arrived at the temple three years earlier, and had spent all this time between these walls.

After the fall of Yevon, he has maybe discovered an interest for the outside world.

Two months earlier, she had learnt he had to return to Bevelle. Bria had come to replace him. A short time afterwards, the monk had disappeared in the dead of night. Witnesses had caught a glimpse of him, late at night, and early morning, he was no more. It would have been impossible for him to return to the Citadel in the meantime. Not to mention he had not gathered his things, and had left his belongings behind him.

Not surprising, since he has turned into a monster!

Lulu had seen him with her own eyes, trampling while letting out this strange cry : "Bria Bria Bria". This was not an auditory hallucination, she was sure about that.

She turned round to gaze one last time at the door of the cell.


Hidden behind the temple, Shinra saw Lulu returning to her tent. Then he whispered in al bhed :

"She's finally gone."

"Let's end this," Brother answered in the same language.

"Okay, you deal with the monk while I talk with Bria."

"I want to talk with him too!"

"No, you make too much noise," Shinra responded to him.

"You damn brat!" Their leader protested.

"Shh! There's no time to lose."

"All right. Gullwings, men's section, let's go!"

They slipped to the entrance. Hardly had they crossed the heavy leaf when the monk noticed them.

"Did you forget something?"

Brother nodded and headed to the door located under the stairs.

"This is the room of the High Summoner," the monk informed him.


Brother changed direction and came closer to the other door.

"You did that on purpose, right?" Buddy teased him.

"Zip it!"

"Anyway," Shinra took apart, "there's no point in all three of us meeting with Bria. That's not what we agreed to do."

"All right, I don't like to seem rude, but I don't have the choice," Buddy pointed out before throwing himself on the monk.

The monk tried to run away, but the Al Bhed was faster. He caught him up, grasped him round the waist and joined his hands together around the man. The monk could not move at all. Straight after, Brother removed the polarizing glasses Poto was wearing and put them on the face of the clergyman.

Ignoring the protests of the victim, he burst out laughing when he saw the long eyelashes and the big eyes of Buddy. Straight after, he increased the light filtration of the glasses to the full.

"I can't see anything ! What did you do?"

"It's necessary for the time being," Buddy explained. "Now, go for the mouth!"

Brother gagged the monk with his big hand.

"I will let you take care of him," Shinra declared before crossing the door which led to the cells.

He heard what may be a noise of struggle, but he had just entered Bria's room, and he was petrified by a piercing look.

"Close the door behind you," the prisoner ordered quietly.

No, alone, I am not up to it, I need some help, the boy thought.

Yet, he complied obediently.

"Good Bedohl."


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 24

Yuna had decided to walk around the island, alone, because staying with Tidus was too difficult. She had returned to the starting point, the circular room, but had not found a solution to the problem. She wishes she would have been able to share the pain inside her with her partner, to give him some relief. Was she in the wrong? Maybe could she save him from this suffering.

But another problem was preoccupying her...

"Killing a young girl."

If she told Tidus about the request of the summoner, would her former guardian accede to it? Maybe, if he thought he could please Yuna. Egocentric thought, she was aware of that, but she knew that the young man was often eager to please her.

"No", she declared aloud, "he would never do that, even for me."

"Vous wanted to be alone?"

Kush was standing against the altar, under the gaze of the statues.

"No, but staying with him was too difficult for me. I'm bad at hiding, and he always manages to know what I think. His considerations are hard to bear..."

Kush shrugged and laughed quietly.


"He said the same thing. And he understands very well your need of solitude. Vous are very fortunate."

Yuna had the impression that Kush was making fun of her. She wanted to object, but changed her mind: after all, she was talking to a swarm of pyreflies.

She quickly came closer to the altar. The Aeon Core stepped backwards but Yuna grasped her hand and concentrated. Kush's skin began to shine.

"Is that your opinion, Summoner?"

Such aggressiveness.

"That's because you're unreasonable. You remind me of Yunalesca."

The Summoner Princess? You are offending me.

"Could you at least tell me your name?"

He did not answer.

Yuna turned towards the statues and began to enumerate them :

"Luchera, Guard, Alb, Valm, Kanaela, Sloan, Meiyoh, Mikka, Gekkoh, Romand, Anli, Ifahnal..."

Kush's silhouette trembled.

"Ifahnal ? 'Grant us beauty'?"

It does not look like me.

"Then what's your real name?"

Johit. From Muca.


South of the continent.

"Ah, Luca."


"Would you accord me an interview?" Yuna asked in the same respectful tone as Kush.

There was a silence, then a throat clearing.

Very well. But I am an Unsent, and I wish to disappear only when I will have decided it. Do I have your word?

"I promise you, I will not send you into the other world. Where do I have to meet you?"

Stay here, I am going to prepare the place of our meeting.

The illusion was so powerful that Yuna had forgotten everything around her was summoned. These events were unprecedented for her. Her and him practiced the same art, but they mastered very different techniques.

This is normal, Johit declared. We have contemplated a identical reality, but we have not understood it in the same manner, and each of us has believed in a distinct illusion.

Kush was fluttering like the scorching summer air, and was shining so strongly that Yuna had to protect her eyes.


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 25

"My memories are back!"

Bria was lying on the floor, tied up, but still impressive. Shinra had never met such a man.

More than ever, the boy was delighted to have chosen one day to hide behind his glasses and his mask and to join the Gullwings. His lack of experience, because of his young age, was a problem that his brilliance did not manage to resolve. Worse still, he had been the chosen victim of mocking and bullying. His getup hid his distress or his tears, but he could not prevent his voice from trembling.

He decided to stay silent until he regain his composure. Fortunately, his interlocutor appeared to not care about being the only one to talk.

"Numerous memories have come back into my mind. Yet, a conversation between a Bedohl and myself seems like a new experience, currently. A brat, to be sure."

Shinra shrugged. He did not feel up to do more.

"But I've lost comrades because of underestimating a child due to his youth, so..."

Bria shook his head, as if to show that he will not repeat this error. He wriggled to sit up straight, cross-legged. On his guard, Shinra was waiting for the next move of the prisoner. Was he going to tell him how his comrades had died? If he was going to do so, there was a good chance that he would lose his temper, and the situation could become dangerous...

But the man changed the subject.

"You don't intend to call for help ?"

Shinra shook his head. Bria grumbled and stayed quiet. Relieved by his mutism, the boy began to examinate him. His hair and his mustache were hiding his face, and it was difficult to discern his expression. His faded look seemed to hide a secret. Shinra did not trust this man, and he knew it was the same for Lulu.

For a moment, Bria stared at Shinra in turn, before lowering his eyes.

"Leave me alone," he whispered.

His back suddenly stooped, as if the arrogance that had been supporting him so far had disappeared.

It was the perfect time to leave the room, the boy thought.

"What is a  Bedohl? Why do you call me that, sir?"

Shinra had spoken with a tone more polite than the prisoner deserved, and he regretted it. But rephrasing it was not an option: that would lead him to admit that he had made a mistake.

The man sit up straight with a sour laugh

"All the Bedohls were like you. Now, people say "Al Bhed". In the past, a man named "Alb" was their leader. Some people called them "Alb's Bedohls" or "Albedohls". It's the Church who's decided to call you "Al Bhed". A name easier to spew out, I guess. It's just a simple patch, like all the teachings of Yevon."

"I didn't know. Nobody has told us about this."

This admission was not showing his best light to to the prisoner, but he paid that no mind. His main objective was first to draw his interlocutor out. Bria nodded kindly.

"Since it's origin, this world was governed by beings endowed with supernatural abilities. Those who have predispostions to magic and mastered it have always been given an advantage, and they have jealously guarded it until now. The daily life of the destitute people has been cruel for a long time. Think carefully: back in the days, magic was the only way to produce a flame. The Bedohls are the ones who have turned the tide. Their inventions have been called "machines" or "machinas" and have spread out all over the world. Of course, the people in charge did not appreciate that. But they knew the Bedohls were useful. Instead of forbiding them, they tried to find a way to take advantage of them. 'To coexist and to prosper', that was their motto."

Shinra was hanging onto Bria's every word. In the boy's mind, Spira's history had always begun with the Machina War. It was the first he was hearing talk of events preceding  this conlict.

"But the faults are on both sides. The Bedohls have become more and more audacious, and the governments more and more tyrannical. Your ancestors carried on creating machines, but they were considered inferior to livestock from then on."

"But if that's the case, why..."

"Why did they carry on creating their machines ? Because if they refused to do it, they were killed. They have designed, built and maintained the weapons of the conflict. Rather than refusing and dying, they have chosen to live," Bria explained in a serious tone, before letting out a new sour laugh. "The Bedohls were really strange. They had created a hierarchy between them : those who had the monopoly on construction, those who could only use basic techniques, those who were restricted to physical work..."

The prisoner suddenly appeared to be sad.

"You're the descendants of the most destitute Bedohls."

"And what happened to Alb? You said we owed our name to him..."

"Let's say there was no room for him in the world of Yevon. I didn't even have to kill him."

"Excuse me?"

Shinra had thought that the man, passionate about history, liked to show off his knowledge. But he was apparently crazy. The boy knew that the mentaly ill could sometimes describe with realism a world which only existed in his mind. Maybe this was the case for Bria?

"The Alb I have known was just one of those who had taken on the name of the god of workers. His life and his death have probably changed nothing in history..."

He was appearing to stare into space. Shinra would not have been able to say if he was distracted or lost in his memories.

"Eh!" Bria let out with a familiar tone. "What is your name?"


"Can you untie me, Shinra?"

"No, I can't."

"If you can't untie the knots, you can at least cut the cord."

"Hey! I'm not a kid!" The boy protested.

Howewer, Bria had not talked mockingly.

"Your airship is rooted to the post, right?"

"I don't see what..."

"And what if I tell you I know how to repair it?"

"You can do that, really?"

Those machines are designed so that they stop working after some time."


"For two reasons. First, you need to proceed to regular inspections. But if a machine still works without these inspections, nobody takes the time to do it, until an accident happen. And of course, the Bedohls would be given the blame for this. So, the mechanisms stop from time to time in order to maintain them. Furthermore, only Alb and his Bedohls knew how to put them back in working order. Thanks to that, they were indispensable. The governement could not eliminate them if they wanted to use their machines."

"This plan was not really great..."

"They couldn't plan ahead that the whole world was going to fall in the grip of a man determined to drop all technology."

Bria laughed, as if indifferent to the past events.

"How can you repair the airship ? You're not Bedohl."

"I've worked in Bevelle. Do you know what it looks like, from the inside?"

"A machine?"

"Exactly. And since the Bedohls are forbidden to enter the citadel, several persons had to learn how to maintain it. I'm a part of these initiated persons. I can't repair a damaged or broken mechanism, but I can restart it after a programmed stop."

"And you know the architecture of the machines? Like the engine, for example?"

"It depends on the model."


"I've been forbidden to inscribe these knowledges, but everything is still in mind."

"Excellent! That's great!"

The boy untied the prisoner quickly.

"Let's hurry Bria, The Fahrenheit is waiting for us!"

Behaving like a excited child,  the boy was bouncing up and down.

"Thanks, Shinra..."

Bria stood up straight slowly, and suddenly gave a knee-strike to the chest of the young man. He had aimed at the stomach, but too bad: his victim was lying on the floor, inert. The man was not feeling guilty at all. Shinra was admittedly a child, but a Bedohl above all else.

"And don't call me Bria. I'm Sloan."

The time had come for him to take on the vengeful name that his comrade had himself taken on in the past.

From now on, he knew that he was an incarnate spirit. He held out his hand before him. It seemed that he was seeing it gleaming. Since he had discovered his condition, how long was he going to be able to maintain his body and his mind?

"I should hurry."


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 26

Yuna was seated on a wooden crate, on the pontoon of a boat devoured by rust. The hull had been repaired in several places. The boat was as big as the S.S. Liki, which shuttled back and forth between Besaid and Kilika. Yuna recognized the person represented on the figurehead: Anli, god of travellers.

Yuna turned around. Her skiff was floating on a sea of oil. On the starboard, she recognized the silhouette of an island.


She spun round. An old thin man was seated on another crate.

"Nice to meet you Summoner Ifahnal. Or maybe do you prefer Johit?"

"Yes, please."

His white hairs, mustache and beard were contrasting with the black color of his robe. The edge of his hood was hiding his eyebrows. When he moved, Yuna noticed that they were white too.

"I have lived for ninety years. I have become an Unsent because I had to carry some things out, but..."

He shrugged, tired.

"I have only understood after my death that it would have been better for me to die much earlier. It must be a little unpleasant for you to meet an old man like me. I may not look like much, but when I was young, I dyed my hair in red... I was really stupid."

He stayed silent.


"I prefer that you call me Sire Johit."

"Naturally," she answered despite her irritation. "Sire Johit, have you also summoned this boat?"

"Well, yes. Unfortunaly, I am not close anymore to the Aeon Core – that which you call "Fayth" -, therefore I can only recreate some places she knows well. The island is my strong point. If summoning is the materialization of the close link between Summoner and Aeon Core... let us say that I am using a distant link. Do not laugh. That is what happens when you create too many Aeon Cores, but I was ignorant of that fact."

"Summoners create the Fayths?" Yuna was surprised.

"That is how summoning worked in former times. The technique you use now has been altered in order to satisfy the Church of Yevon. You work with the fayth you were assigned, in order to create only what he wants. By forwarding your thoughts to him, you increase the power of the Aeon. An adaption certainly executed in order to facilitate the task during a battle."

"I can't believe it..."

"What is surprising you?"

"Everything I believed to be true was a lie."

"Somehow, it was. You have lived while being convinced of something... This has become your reality."

"I thought Aeons had disappeared from Spira forever, since Fayths are no more. And I didn't want to pratice anymore. I was convinced that summoning was just a weapon. But if it's not the case, if I can create islands and boats... I'm able to do a lot for everyone else, more than just dispense advice to them and send them into the other world after their death."

Johit put his hand on Yuna's. The body of the old man gleamed, and the young woman felt a consciousness – no, a knowledge – moving from Johit to her. He was passing down to her the technique to create a Aeon Core.


What she saw made her blush.

"Sorry. That is how I proceeded. If you manage to achieve a similar state, you can do it differently. Thereafter, I developed a simpler method. But since this method skips some steps, there is a lack of power. This is a crual technique, to use sparingly. I advise you against resorting to it because you need a boat."

He shrugged and turned towards the island. Yuna imitated him.

"How many fayths do you need to summon this island?" She suddenly asked.

Countless persons had been required to recreate the city of Zanarkand.

For a moment, the man lowered his eyes. Yuna looked at the deck he was contemplating, before understanding. A shiver crossed along her spine.

"Do you want to see?"


"I insist. Else, I will not listen to your request," he answered with a serious tone. "Your wish is to go back to your Besaid, is it not?"

She raised her eyes. Johit was pointing out at a hatch, in a corner of the deck. He stood up straight and opened it, revealing stairs which sank into dark. A smell of rust and death assailed Yuna.


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 27

Tidus was huddled up and drifting in the darkness, when pictures started appearing in his mind. Was he actually seeing them, or were they only memories? He did not know. A young girl was standing in front of him. She was holding the hands of the boy in hers.

Her features looked like those of a teenager. Tidus knew her name. It was... it was Kush.

Find me. Someone named Briah knows my location. In case he does not, he will still be able to lead you to me. If you do so, I will send Yuna back to her world.

"All I need to do is meet you?"

Yes. I want you to push my shoulder.

"Excuse me?"

I am seated in front of a window. I am looking outside. I want you to gently push my shoulder.

"Which window? Where?"

I do not know, but Briah will. I am sure of it. Go and see him.

"Very well. But promise me to save Yuna."

I will.

"But how do I leave the island? Is there a boat?

By swimming. You can do it. Head for the open sea, as far as you can. Think of the place you want to go.

"I will end up exhausted. What should I do then?"

Kushu glared.

"What is that?"

A spell which will allow you to reach the place you seek. But be careful; do not be late. The first symptoms will be minor, but soon, even the things most important to you will disappear. Great care needs to be taken with those who know your existence. Hurry, before the spell vanishes.

His view was not obstructed any more: the limit between the darkness which was surrounding him and his own body had become clear. He felt pulled from chaos which was wrapping him.

"I'm coming!"

His feet propelled him with all their strength to the real world.He was coming closer to a boundary, the limit between "here" and "there". A luminous wall was appearing to blink. Was it a call, or the symbol of a radiant world? Tidus was swimming upwards, always upwards. He was a splendid swimmer.

"I'm back!"


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Re: ~Eternal Cost~: French to English Translation
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Chapter 28

Under the deck, Yuna discovered a warehouse. The hold had been divided into several sections, which contained a pile of diverse objects. The young woman recognized several of them: some weapons she had seen in the armory, the dress she was wearing when she woke up, her cover, and several statues representing divinities. In the engine room, she discovered, not without surprise, a Choboco. The animal was sleeping and when she brushed it, he began to gleam. Had Johit summoned it?

She left the room and came upon a silhouette in the dark hallway. The man was heading towards her. No, not a man she corrected herself, a mechanical Bedohl. It appeared that it had seen her because it stepped up its pace.

"Yuna. I am Yuna."

He stopped and, with a little waving, turned around and walked away. On his back, he was holding a bag, made of rope, which contained a ball.

Suddenly, memories came back into Yuna's mind: the balloon which rolls on the path, Tidus leaning on it to pick it up... his head, at the foot of the young girl.

And I have revived him. With the help of this old Summoner. I have used all my energy, all my knowledge, and I have extracted Tidus from... who? From what?

Suddenly dizzy, she held her arm out towards the partition in order to catch hold of it. But her hand touched down on a door, and she entered involuntarily a new room.

The smell allowed her to quicky know what she was going to find.

She counted seven Fayths – or Aeon Cores according to Johit. Three men and four women.

"They are all Bedohls," the Summoner behind her explained. "We were stuck on the island, and only death was awaiting us. We wanted to leave. It over a thousand years ago. Along with the Bedohls, I have waited for the day of our escape. Fortnightly, a ship came to resupply us. We had decided to steal it. But at the end of the first week, our base had been violently under attack. Those two chaotic days killed so many people... At the morning of the third day, our aggressors left, and the ship duly berthed. We roamed the seas, but the enemy was everywhere. We have resigned ourselves to coming back to the island. Then, we lived peacefully for some time : the base had been abandoned. Thereafter, Yevon spread out its power in the world, and a team came to build a temple. We thought we could mingle with them, but as soon as they arrived, they began to hunt the Bedohls. Being captured meant death. They turned them into Aeon Cores, until their death. You know about my method. In the eyes of the others, this was without doubt ridiculous. Or ominous."

She could detect sadness in his voice. She was commiserating with him, but she was concentrated on her hand, on the fingers which had touched down the partition in order for her to keep her balance, on her skin which could feel the wood grain down to the smallest detail. She remembered that Johit had difficulties in maintaining his summonings when he was beset by powerful emotions. Yet, nothing was gleaming.

"This boat is real?"

The summoner nodded to confirm it, and Yuna rushed towards the deck.

She was still seeing the island, and now the cove too. A detail drew her attention...

She let out a cry of exclamation when she noticed that the mechanical towers which stood out of the forest seemed washed out because of the bad weather.

She had come back to Besaid.

Where is Tidus ?

She thought that he was waiting for her in the Aeon-island. But currently, Johit was not summoning anything. In that case, where was her partner?

The old man emerged slowly from the hold.

"Where is Tidus?"

"I told him that it was for your own good, and he immediately agreed."