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Re: Your own X-3 story...
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:00:03 pm »
Nah, this actually isn't a written fanfiction of mine. I just took the concept of the threat (Liquid Nightmare) that I made for another existing fanfiction of mine, and wrote it into a... canon-alternate-universe, I guess. This story inevitably has flaws (I kinda brainfarted at the explanation for Tidus' and Shuyin's similar appearances. I'll just stick with the reincarnation theory in X-2, thank you very much. :S) but to be honest, it is Final Fantasy X, a game that's lore is so complicated and weird, that some things even get lost in translation. Plus, I just don't have time to iron out the flaws and inconsistencies. This is a rough planning, after all.

If you want to read the fanfiction I made this for, I'll just post it here: (look at me taking advantage of the free advertising here. I'm such a stinker. XD)
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