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Re: Your own X-3 story...
« on: April 02, 2014, 04:13:18 pm »
Since OP wants me to keep going, sure, why not?

More detail about Liquid Nightmare: the infection isn't actually contagious through physical contact, but by emotional means. Whenever someone displays a great amount of hatred and/or sin, the Nightmare is drawn to their actions. Nightmare alone is what turns the unsent into fiends due to their envy of the living, thus birthing 'unnatural' fiends with the mindset of an aggressive animal. However, in order to create Liquid Nightmare, the raw Nightmare energy has to both be awakened and warped by the influence of an intelligent host to the Liquid Nightmare. In this case, it was Rhiak. Since the fiends in the Fiend World were starting their bickering with the humans at the same time that Rhiak was sent, this created an army of Liquid Nightmare-infused fiends, giving them a great advantage over the humans in terms of power and dominance.

In order to create one of these 'intelligent hosts,' which are called 'Nightmare Cores,' the person will have had to make a pact with an existing Nightmare Core, either physically or spiritually. However, in order to do this, the person will have to have a purely malicious soul, such as being destined to cause chaos or freely deciding to follow a path of darkness. Nightmare Cores are therefore much more capable of handing their awesome potential in battle, and, despite their monstrous forms, have more human-like qualities than normal Liquid Nightmare fiends, such as being able to speak or plan strategies. Physical Nightmare Cores specify in hand-to-hand combat and bulk, whilst spiritual Nightmare Cores specify in magic and cognitive.

Rhiak was born a sheltered boy whose soul was instantly tainted by the sights of bloodshed over disagreements and sacrifices over broken relics. He grew up thinking that life was all about the satisfaction of man and fiendslaughter, and developed a hobby of collecting pyreflies from all around the bigoted city and beyond. Upon coming across a lone dead corpse of a man in a vast valley, a dangerous-looking black spirit rose from it, declaring Rhiak as 'the one who will proclaim death reborn'. Rhiak couldn't do anything as the spirit merged with him, and he eventually became the first Nightmare Core. Strangely enough, the corpse was still there, and was eventually found and sent.

Back to the story:

Tidus and Jecht said their farewells to the fayth, as they prepared to jump into a vortex. Valefor, who had become very close friends with Tidus, senses something strange, but is too late to warn them. Halfway through the dimensional vortex, Tidus and Jecht are suddenly ambushed by a very fast and very reactive monster with gigantic claws and a hollow body. Tidus, being the faster and more agile one, escapes most of the machine-like monster's attacks. Jecht isn't so lucky. After a few beating, the monster suddenly grabs Jecht and begins to swim through the walls of the vortex with him. Tidus desperately tries to save him, but ends up getting brutally impaled in the side, rendering him unconscious and slips out of the vortex, spiralling into an unknown area.

When he wakes up, he's in a forest-like area, surrounded by trees and flowers. Remembering what happened, he immediately springs to his feet, but the deep laceration knocks him back down. He looks at his wound. Heavy amounts of plasma (Farplane equivalent of blood) are flowing out, and a long metal part is wedged into him. He decides to walk around for help, but is promptly disapproved of by 'natural' fiends. Eventually, his consciousness slips out again. The last thing he hears and sees is a squawk, and a giant white two-legged bird kneeling before him.

All right, I'll stop here. It's getting kind of late. I'll post more, though.
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