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Re: Your own X-3 story...
« on: March 31, 2014, 07:58:59 pm »
Well, I might as well join in the initiative.

For X-3, I would've preferred a new threat that had ties to the old threat in some ways.
The idea of beckoning truthfully isn't a bad one, but I wouldn't want the ostensible big bad to be Sin-- it has ties to old political Spira which is too brash a move to play in the conceptualization of a second sequel.
I want Yuna and co. to be free, and having Sin as the enemy from the beginning restricts that a fair bit.

I'd imagine a snowballing of sorts within the Yevon system. The game would take place give or take ten years in the future, Tidus and Yuna can have a kid or two, everybody is getting along peacefully and happily, and a small problem rises up due to some new personalities in Bevelle.
They investigate this issue as Yuna has her motherlike quality to look over people and Tidus's insatiable curiosity, and that spirals into further depth as they come to understand the motives and role these people play in the large scheme of things.

Beckoning would be involved, because that could have ties later on to older enemies who would be orchestrating the whole thing.
Not that I'm feigning cowardice of a brave new idea to drive the antagonist, but I don't think there would be insurrection or calamity in Spira after FFX-2 unless somebody from the past was irrationally vengeful at new Spira or our cast.

and I want to see Seymour be a crazy fu.cker again.
It'd be a place for reflection and introspection between whatever main cast is had, seeing how old enemies harbour stale grudges against their changed personalities.

That's spitballing, though. It's how I'd imagine it go down; something favourably along these lines.
I'd play it, at least.