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Re: Your own X-3 story...
« on: March 30, 2014, 03:01:35 pm »
Oh boy! My time to shine!

So, uh... -ahem-... This isn't actually a 'chronological' X-3 that I have in mind. This is actually an 'alternate universe' story that I have going on that takes place during X-2.

And before you say, 'Oh boy, a story about bland, meaningless OCs and their bland, meaningless drama in a soon-to-be bland, meaningless Eternal Calm. Woo hoo.', nuh-uh. This story uses existing characters. In fact... it's not even set in Spira.

That's right. 'X-2 AU' is set in the realm of the Farplane, featuring your favourite dead heroes and mine: Tidus, Jecht, Auron and Braska; forced to abandon their peaceful afterlives and set off to fight for not only the safety of the world, but the balance of life and death itself.


Now, I haven't got a phonebook-sized script set out for all the events of the game, including everyone's dialogue. Heck, I don't have anything written down at all: I just keep vague ideas in my head. However, I have mostly fleshed out the actual 'villain' that I have in said mind. This is actually a threat that I made up for a fanfiction of mine, but I feel it could work just as well in a 'canon' game as fanfiction.

Liquid Nightmare.

Originally inspired by another fanfiction and also by the main disease in Trauma Team, Liquid Nightmare is a mutated form of a malicious energy found in pyreflies, which counteracts 'pure' energy to maintain a pyrefly's natural balance. Thousands of years ago, a pyrefly researcher from Bevelle (named Rhiak) had accidentally extracted the Nightmare (non-mutant) energy from a deceased spirit that had died of an unknown cause. Nightmare began to multiply in mass and take on a living body of its own, influencing the researcher and driving him to the point of insanity, and eventually to death. It was then that he turned into a fiend, but no ordinary fiend. It was a patterned black and purple fiend with ungodly destructive capabilities and intentions. He was sent after he was proven to be too much of a danger, but still maintained his fiendish form. For he was half-living and half-dead. That, and he wasn't actually sent to the Farplane, but the Fiend World: haven and homeland of the fiends.

Over the years, Rhiak went unnoticed as a carrier of Liquid Nightmare, but his condition started to subtly affect the fiends around him. They were displaying odd behaviours and having sudden urges to attack everything on sight. This was the Liquid Nightmare in Rhiak's body summoning other sources of Nightmare energy to conjoin with him, thus the Nightmare in foreign bodies were multiplying and quickly overtaking them. The sudden outbreak of Liquid Nightmare-infused fiends eventually led to the 'Monarchy War,' in which humans from Spira and monsters from the Fiend World fell out due to their different political opinions and began to turn on one another. Under orders from Aeshma: the king of the fiends and the Farplane's ambassador, the Fiend World was cut off from the rest of Spira due to the battle, and all the fiends on the battlefields were left behind in Spira to fend for themselves. Rhiak was the only Liquid Nightmare fiend left in Spira.

He was eventually found by a group of soldiers, whom recognised him from the war. Instead of helping him out, Rhiak was captured and imprisoned deep beneath Bevelle, where he couldn't harm anybody. Nobody exactly knows what happened to him, whether he died naturally or still lives to this day. Nobody has ever really gone down there to emerge with the truth.

Cut to the present day, two years after Sin's demise. Tidus and Jecht, the two remaining creations of the fayth and renowned slayers of Yu Yevon's terrifying Final Aeon, reside in a secret area of the Farplane along with the human forms of the fayth. One night, Bahamut calls for them, delivering a message from Ambassador Aeshma, inviting them to the annual festival celebrating their freedom from the thousand-year-old curse, set in the Central Farplane between the Djose Continent and the Wilderia Continent. They both agree to it, and having being supplied, set off to descend to the depths. However, the journey to the party would be much more than that...


I've been reading Beyond Reality, a really good FFX fanfiction, (greatly looking forward to the next chapter!) and the author posted notes on how the fanfiction would play like if it were a game. Honestly, I think his/her idea for a battle system is fantastic. I think it would fit in just right without making things too difficult.

Basically, the idea is to have a 'Tier' system. Each character will have set and exclusive jobs to themselves, and will unlock stronger and more complicated jobs the higher their Tier goes. For example, the author decided to have Tidus' 'Tier 1' job as a Warrior. Then for 'Tier 2-1,' a Dark Knight. Then for 'Tier 2-2,' a Dragoon. He/she also decided to include 'Bonus Tiers,' which in Tidus' case is a Dream Master. These are optional, fun little jobs which shouldn't make sense in a story narrative, but offer unique skills and abilities in battle.

I want to expand on this system, giving the Tier system a '1, 2, 3...' format to make it easier to understand, but also give the tiers two separate modes. These are 'Anarchy Mode' and 'Overworld Mode'. Anarchy Mode is used in combat and fighting areas, while Overworld Mode is used outside of battlefields, such as in towns, bases, open areas and inside houses. OM doesn't use weapons. AM and OM can be told apart by their slight differences in overall outfit. (OM could be sophisticated and friendly, while AM could be more free and threatening.) AM and OM could also, depending on what Tier it is, offer slightly different jobs and thus, different playstyles.

Let's take Tidus' Tier Tree, for example. I'll use a few jobs from Beyond Reality, but I'll decide the rest.

(Tier 1-AM: Warrior) (Tier 1-OM: Time Mage (Can speed up or slow time to make certain events happen))

(Tier 2-AM: Spry Striker) (Tier 2-OM: Thief (Can sneak into and loot from storages. Can also eavesdrop on people.))

(Tier 3-AM: Dragoon) (Tier 3-OM: Agile Treader (Can jump to hard-to-reach places. Can also sneak past fiends.))

Man, I spent too much time on this post. I'll post more if you want me to. :S
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