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Re: The Novella: Chapter Translations
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After Lulu went to her tent, Tidus spent more time with the Besaid Aurochs

Yuna was in front of the temple, but he couldn't reach her to talk to her even though he could hear her voice. Everybody wanted to talk to Yuna, so he didn’t want to disturb her.

もちろん彼女は何か理由をつけて席を外すこともできる。だが、そんな人情のないことはしな い。それがユウナだ。人の良さは長所だが、時に----今は疎ましい。
Of course, she could also find a reason to excuse herself. But she wouldn’t do such thing. That’s Yuna. Her kindness is a strength, but sometimes…now it was unpleasant.

Wakka said Yuna probably wants talk you [Tidus] and went to negotiate but the elders stubbornly didn’t want to let go of the High Summoner.

“Hey you, be cautious”

“Cautious... You know, I was one of Yuna’s guardians. I got results. I’m famous in my own way, am I not to be respected?

“If you say so yourself.”

When he turned to the voice filled with criticism, Rikku was there               

Her boldy exposed body was light brown tanned  and she was more fearless than in my/his memory.

「やっほー! ひっさしぶり!」
“Hey! Long time no see!”

As Rikku finished her noisy greeting, she looked back, and called to someone behind her. She was a woman with a dignified expression, with slicked back hair on both sides. Her whole body was covered from top to bottom in black. Compared to Rikku, she seemed grown up.

“This is Paine.  Here, Yuna and I joined her group.”

“I heard about you from Yuna. So much it started to get annoying.

Paine watched Tidus in judgement.

“It’s been about two years. And yet…”

Rikku stared at Tidus, and put her face close to touching the tip of his nose.

Two years… It’s been that long? The pit of my/Tidus’ stomach became heavy. From how the conversation was going, they were fairly prepared for this day.

“You haven’t changed at all.”

I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry at those words. Without making a decision, I/Tidus just laughed.

「そっちだって----」 変わっていないと言おうとしてリュックを見ると、彼女はいきなり身体をくわらせて両腕で胸を強調した。その向こうに、ユウナが見えた。
“Even then…” As he looked at Rikku, trying to tell her that he hadn’t changed, she suddenly emphasised her chest with both arms on her hips. On the other side, Yuna was visible.

“…I haven’t changed.”

He said without much thought. Like Yuna. Other than her taste in clothes, what’s changed?

「はい、こっち見て。今話しているのはわたし」 リュックは口を尖らせて言った。 「なんか、君、違っちゃったね」
“Yes, look here. My turn to speak.” Rikku said while pouting her lips. “Somehow, you seem different.”

“Didn’t  you just say I haven’t changed?”

“I’m talking about appearance. I have the feelin your personality has changed. Before, you seemed like an idiot/you were goofy,  but now …

“I can be.”

It was a serious objection, but Rikku didn’t seem to have noticed. After laughing for a while, she started telling what happened the last two years.

"真実運動" "スフィアハンター" そして "カモメ団" ----最初は質問を挟みながら聞いていたが、知らない名前や事件を愉快そうに語るリュックが、次第に憎らしくなった。
“The Truth Movement”, “Sphere Hunters”, and “The Gullwings”. At first I listened while asking questions,  but Rikku talked about funny incidents and names I didn’t know, so he gradually became irritated.

“It seems like  so much fun!”

「あれ? ちょっとトゲがある?」
“What? Are you a bit jealous?”

「俺には話せることが何もないんだ。それがちょっと悔しいっていうか----二年も会ってなかったってのに、話すことないんだぞ? 俺、何してたんだ?」
“I don’t have anything I can talk about. I mean, it’s kinda frustrating… Even though I haven’t seen her in two years, I don’t have anything to talk about What did I even do?”

“You had a break.”

Paine just sighed and laughed at the edge of her mouth.  It seemed to be joke. It didn’t seem they would understand even if I talked about it [?]

“But I’m glad it was fun. I felt responsible for everyone crying all the time because I dissappeared.”

As he said it lightly, Rikku furrowed her eyebrows.

“I mean crying... I was angry. What was that all about? What happened to you? Why did you disappear? I understood when I learned about it after it all happened.


「ユウナは----」 独り言のようにパインが口を挟む。 「カモメ団の活動を楽しんでいた。でも、全部が全部じゃない。無理していると思うこともあった。スフィアハントとかコンサートとか、あれはあれで本気だったと思うけど、結局目的は----あん詰だ。あんたに会うため。あんたを忘れるため。どっちか知らないけどな」
“Yuna…” Paine butted in, talking to herself. “She enjoyed the activities of the Gullwings. But not all of them, I thought that maybe we overdid it. Like Sphere Hunter or the concert, but I thought that she was serious about those, after all, that was the point… it was fulfilling. In order to find you. In order to forget you. I didn’t know which.”


“Yeah, I mean, Yuna took the opportunity to get out of this village, because you appeared in a sphere.”


“Shuyin, the boy, and his sweatheart, Lenne. She was a summoner around 1000 years ago, and a popular singer at the same time. Something happened between the two of them, Shuyin looked just like you. Yuna even thought that the person might be you… she hoped to see you again… but he was different in the end.”

“Though he was different, we stuck our necks out, and had to fight against a machine weapon from 1000 years ago.”

“1000 years…”

He thought it was an amazing story. Spira’s common sense was very different from Tidus’ common sense. Tidus started to speak, but fell silent.

「そりゃ、わけわかんないって思ったけど、目の前で起こってることだから、受け入れるしかない。何々? どういうこと? なんて考えたら死んじゃうし」
“Well, that’s what I thought, but it all happened before our eyes, so we had to accept. What? What is this thing? I thought we were gonna die while thinking those things.”

Rikku strained her neck and stuck out her tongue.

“The giant mechanical weapon, Vegnagun was revived. It was pretty difficult, but we managed to take care of it…”

Paine looked at Tidus, narrowing her eyes.


“According to Yuna, as a reward for saving Spira, she was told the Faith would return you.”

“You mean, the fact that I’m back is thanks to the Faith?”

“No, Yuna was the one who [got you back]!”

Rikku chastised him loudly. Her voice could be heard all around. Conversations around them stopped, the silence spread like waves. All eyes gathered on them. The condemning glares of the elders surrounding Yuna were painful.

My eyes met Yuna’s.

Sorry… she mouthed the word. Consequently, “later”.

I was happy. But I felt I should convey the displeasure of feeling neglected , and shrugged my shoulders.  Then Yuna, oh so sincerely repeated it. An old woman looked back and forth at Tidus and Yuna, and furrowed her brow. As Yuna was scolded, I got impatient. Flustered, she nodded her head several times.

しかし、その 「あとで」 はなかなか訪れなかった。
But the “Later” couldn’t come soon enough.

Joined by people speaking harshly, Yuna was told by one of the old people that she should change her clothes, and led her away into the temple.  Tidus followed Lulu’s advice and helped with the preparation of the party. However, the whole village helped and soon there was no more work to do. Eventually, Tidus went back to Rikku with an ambiguous smile.

しばらく三人で話した。キマリ=ロンブの近況や 「あれから」 の話を聞いた。新エボン党や青年同盟、アルベド=マキナ派の話だ。
He spoke for a while with the three of them. He was told what has happened “since then” and what Kimahri Ronso’s been up to. They told him about the Al Bhed Machina Faction, the Youth League and New Yevon,

The more he heard about Yuna singing in a concert the more Tidus became irritated.

Tidus passed on that [?]. It was different from the serious urge towards death [during the pilgrimage]. They risked death, but it sounded like an exciting adventure.

「あれ? 不機嫌?」
“What? Grumpy?”

“Not really.”

“But I talked so enthusiastically”

Rikku got angry all of a sudden, and told them she was going back to the airship. Pain asked him to tell Yuna that they were going back in a few days, and Tidus half-heartedly waved them off.

The worst was feeling lonely while being surrounded by people busily moving around. [...] went into a tent, and went to lie down. As the sky over the tent became darker as he tossed and turned, fighting idle thoughts. The party was scheduled after nightfall. It must be starting soon. Tidus dreamt while holding the pillow, that Yuna apologetically came to get him.

But it was Wakka who appeared.

“When the fishing boat gets back, we‘ll help carry the fish. That’s the Aurochs’ job. You’re coming as well.”

On the way the Aurochs excitedly said they should play some blitzball until the boat arrives in the cove. Moreover, Keepa said they should race to the cove. He did so with a provocative expression. Tidus agreed, but as he quickly ran down the hill, the only thing he could only think about Yuna.

By now, she might be looking for me.  I should be in the village…

“Tidus, you’re slow!”

Someone shouted [this].

Tidus had run at full speed, but realized only Wakka was behind him.

「おーい、 もう夜だぁ! 転ぶぞ、無茶するな!」
Wakka: “Hey, It’s night already! You’ll fall, don’t be silly!”

「ワッカさん」 ずっと先を行くメンバーが答える。 「棄権してください。怪我しますよ」
“Wakka,” Answered a member up ahead. “Please stop. You’ll get injured.”

Wakka laughily said they should cut it out

“You guys, stop!” [I think it’s Wakka saying this]

どう足掻いても追いつけないので、チームの足を止めようとしたらしい。ワッカの姑息な作戦 に便乗してティーダは速度を落とし、やがて足を止めた。
How hard Tidus [ or maybe Wakka] tried,  he couldn’t keep up with the team, and because of this he seemed to try to stop them.  Tidus took advantage of Wakka’s makeshift strategy, slowed down and eventually stopped.

“Wakka, so you really did retire.” [Suggesting Wakka is too slow]

Tidus was teasing him. The sweaty Wakka nodded as he tried to catch his breath, and started walking.

“You joined us for the tournament in Luca… two years ago… It was my plan to retire after that.

話したよな? 実際、引退したつもりで、あれからコーチとしてチームを見ていた。
That’s what I said right? In reality, I was planning to retire and looked after the team as a coach afterwards

Then, we lost pretty badly in the next tournament. It not like I thought about the time we would lose all the time, but the defeat was really regrettable.

Not just me, everyone. Thereupon, we trained a lot. Every day was filled with practice.

Even the guys in the village decreased the allotment of jobs, and let us give unidivided attention to Blitzball

Thanks to that, we rapidly improved.

While watching Datto and [some guy, Letti?], I started to think I too wanted to return to the game.

However, at that time Yuna suddenly joined the Gullwings, went around Spira, Lulu got really pregnant, on top of that I became some sort of island manager... my motivation was really great, I still have some time left. But...

Wakka shrugged his shoulders “You understand, right?”. It seems like his indecisive nature hadn’t changed.

“But, I get scolded by Lu everyday.”

Wakka shyly scratched his head. The Aurochs were far ahead, they couldn’t be seen anymore.

失われ佳二年間を思いながら歩いていると、ワ ッカが遠慮がちに肩を抱いてきた。
While thinking about the lost 2 years, Wakka held his shoulder hesitantly


Did he have such a close relationship with Wakka, Tidus wondered.

記憶を探りながらその腕に促されるままに "滝の道" と呼ばれる、島の外周を巡る道を下った。
While he searched his memory, he walked down the road called “the waterfall’s road”, which circled the outskirts of the island.


Tidus got soaked by the water being scattered like light rainfall by the waterfall falling down from the top of the cliff.  Before long Wakka’s hand moved to his head and he ruffled Tidus’ hair. It was kind of weird.


Tidus swung his hands wildly.

My bad, I just wanted to check.

Wakka made an apologetic face.

「おまえ、本物なんだよな? 異界のアレみたいに、幻じゃないんだよな?」
“Are you real? You’re not an illusion like one you can see at the farplane?”

“I don’t think so. Of course I’m a real person.”

So you must be!

Wakka said this with a lively voice and laughed out loud.

だが、ティーダは "異界のアレ" のことが気になっていた。
But Tidus became worried about [the words] “a thing from the Farplane”.

The farplane-- A place where you can see a dead person and even talk to him if you think about him.

初めて異界へ行った時のことを思い出す。促されるままに母親のことを考え、確かに母親の姿を見た。自分も、あの時の母親と同じ "異界のアレ" ----そんなことがあるだろうか?
He thought about the first time he went to the farplane. When he thought about his mother, sure enough she had appeared. Was he, like the appearance of his mother, a thing from the farplane?

“So, it is an illusion after all?” [They are talking about the people you can see at the farplane]

“It’s something as real as an illusion.”


Wakka: “Real, dream, I had never thought about those things”

“But, now, the way I understand is that during a farplane visit the pireflies respond to whatever is inside a person’s mind and form in the appearance of the person you wish to see.”

“You know, you can create an illusion that’s able to speak as you please. “

“Because of this, the illusion can only say what you want to hear. If you want to be cheered on, they do so. If you want to be scolded, they severily scold you. “

“Really?/I see”

Very unlike Wakka, the explanation was easy to understand. Tidus suddenly understood [everything].

His nice/friendly, but not very flexible older friend had come to learn the teachings of Yevon he had believed in ever since he was a child were a lie.

But even so, life continues. Even if there is no support from/in the heart [?], you have to continue living.

Wakka tried to understand the world without the teachings of Yevon in order to continue the rest of his life.

That was the true reason behind his clear answer.

「ここはビサイド。異界じゃないだろ? ってことは、俺は本物ッス」
“This place is  Besaid. It’s not the Farplane right? Meaning, I am real.”

While saying that, Tidus pinched Wakka’s side. While letting out an unnatural scream, Wakka started running.