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Okay guys, I was browsing Mognetcentral today, and I came across, I think, this Japanese person who is attempting to speak English. He has a friend who has read chapters 3, 4 and 5, and has provided crudely translated summaries on their contents. I quote:

chapter 3

- Talking about new character Vakum (male) and Summoner Kushu (female). It's began when they woke up after they have sex.... (Oh... Nojima) They're on top floor of 1号吸排気ダクト.

- Kushu said there's man walking at the coast. He's picking up the ball from bag while looking at Kushu. Valum shouted that it's bomb!!

- The bomb exploded. Valum and Kushu escaped from the explosive range. Valum thought that he must kill that man, and the heretic mage... (who?)

For some reason, 号吸排気ダクト isn't translated. Valum and Kushu might be the guardian and summoner from the Boy's Side of the novel. Obviously, this is foreshadowing the use and existence of the island's bombs, and this other mysterious character.

chapter 4

- Gullwing gang're chatting on Celcius. From the radar, they saw the big storm that coming to southern of Besaid island. They tried to communicate with Yuna, but the communication device's unworkable with no reason. Shinra said he can't fix it because "I'm just a kid".

- Paine told everone that they must go to Besaid and tell villagers about the storm.

- Aniki (Rikku's brother) 's crying. He loved Yuna. But now Tidus came back... so there's no chance for Aniki anymore. Aniki refused to come to Besaid. He don't want to see Yuna with Tidus.

- Paine hesitated, she thought that the villagers may used to the storm. While they are chatting, suddenly the radar's unworkable.

- Shinra told that this engine had made 1,000 years ago, so it could be broken anytime. Nowadays Al-Bhed can't make a powerful engine like this. Their ancestor didn't leave any blueprint for them.

Back to the present time, a strong storm is approaching Besaid, and Shinra can't get a signal with Yuna. Of course, Aniki (Brother)'s jealous, and Shinra tells them that the Celsius is 1000 years old, and more powerful than any airship today.

Now guys, this is where it gets weird for me:

chapter 5

- Tidus's coming to explore the ship "Aurochs-Ace". He come to ship' cabin and found that room's luxury just like the room in hotel. (Others Besaid Aurochs member have decorated it for him and Yuna.) Tidus napped in that room.

- He woke up in the night. When he looked out through the window, he couldn't see Besaid coast. The ship had sailed out for a long way. That's shocked him.

- Tidus ran to the deck, Yuna in kimono's the one who controlled the ship. Yuna said sorry to keep you waited. At first Tidus's angry, but Yuna said she's the one who should be angry because she had waited for him 2 years! Tidus accepted and said sorry to her.

- Yuna said that his team (Besaid Aurochs members) told her to use this ship to stay with Tidus tonight. She said with shyness, Tidus also.

- Yuna said the storm's coming, they should moor the ship somewhere. Tidus tried to help Yuna control the ship, he had many knowledge about ship. He remembered the time when he was in Zanarkand, that he lived in the ship.

- But... from the aroma that he scent from Yuna's hair, it's turn him onnn!!! He invited Yuna to go to the cabin. Yuna tried to refused because they should moor the ship somewhere first, but Tidus still dragged her to the cabin anyway.

Tidus and Yuna are on their ship, and apparently Yuna can now pilot boats. Woo, more things that Yuna can do out of nowhere. At least they acknowledged that Tidus has experience with driving ships since he used to live on one. Also for some reason, the Besaid Aurochs said to Yuna to use the ship to spend some time with Tidus. Also, the first sign of Yuna being 'angry' with him, and Tidus' first sign of 'constant apologising'.

The last bullet point is what gets me the most, though... Tidus tries to help her pilot the boat, but he can't because... he's aroused by the scent of Yuna's hair. Then he drags her to the cabin for some most likely private time, ignoring the fact that they're in the middle of the ocean current and could get swept away. Tidus, for a supposed experienced sailor, you sure don't remember the basic safety rules.

So... yeah. The reason they got shipwrecked and went through all that swimsuit-blitzbomb sexy-fayth resurrection stuff... is because Tidus got **** because of Yuna's hair.

God, Tidus. What have they done to you?

Obviously, the best resort is waiting for KaminaSan and Pixel to provide their sides of the story, but given that this person is most likely Japanese, I think we've had a shot of what's to come and be expected.
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