Author Topic: !OUTDATED INFORMATION! -- The Novella: Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eternal Cost~  (Read 77142 times)

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The speculation regarding necrophilia with Tidus's corpse came about as a result of very vague preliminary details on the sex-fayth method's presence in the novella.

The only details people had at first were the facts of Tidus dying, Yuna resurrecting him, and the possibility to use sex to make fayth. Stringing these three together, an unreasonable conclusion was reached that Yuna must have **** Tidus's dead body to revive him by making him a fayth.

As more information came to light, however, some things pointed towards this being implausible. Tidus's body disappeared after he died (as he was made of pyreflies), which rendered sex impossible, and the sex-fayth was told in a separate narrative. There is no plausibility to this theory anymore, of what scant reason it had to being with.

The sex-fayth method was used by a female summoner a thousand years prior to the events in the novella, in Machina War-era Zanarkand. Her intention was to create a fayth without having to sacrifice her guardian lover.
That is the only application and knowledge we have of the sex-fayth method in the story as of now.