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Re: The Novella: Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Price of Eternity~
« on: December 31, 2013, 10:58:31 am »
I apologize for the volatility of the information, but there's some new preliminary translations that are a bit more controversial.

Apparently, according to the novella and this new information, Tidus was resurrected by Yuna with the use of pyreflies, rendering his existence futile if he realizes he is the product of such.
This is presumed to be the reason Yuna is more standoffish to him throughout both the audio drama and the novella, as the Japanese reviews weigh shockingly taken aback of Yuna's unprecedented coldheartedness towards Tidus after the happiness of FFX-2's ending.

So now, Yuna is in full control of Tidus because he is made of pyreflies. Nobody knew why that was or how she did it, though.
However, recent details reveal Yuna did this by making him a fayth (questionable).

Information reported states to make a fayth, you must have sex with the intended fayth (unconfirmed).
Since Tidus's death is assumed sudden, as his head was blown up by a bomb, this leads to the conclusion of necrophiliac acts to bring him back (speculatory).

This leads to numerous conclusions:
- Tidus's death must have been relatively surprising and sudden in-world
- Yuna must have made him a fayth in order to control him (a la the aeons) POSSIBLE EXPLANATION
- The sex must have been postmortem POSSIBLE INCLUSION
- Tidus currently does not know why he is alive
- Tidus's fayth must be constantly being summoned by Yuna in order for Tidus to stay alive consistently

This also reveals the canonical evidence that fayth are created by the use of sex (unconfirmed for all fayth).
Whether or not the sex must be postmortem is arguable, however facts point towards it being a requirement as all past fayth were dead and Tidus is able to become a fayth through sex after death (speculatory).

Things are getting very warped, but we'll provide the best information we still can.
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