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Re: The Audio Drama: Final Fantasy X -Will-
« Reply #60 on: April 03, 2014, 01:39:19 pm »
lul, I just realised something else.

Where the heck is Vidina? He isn't mentioned, or even referenced anywhere during the audio drama. I don't think it would be like Lulu to pass him onto a babysitter while she's out doing other 'mayoral' stuff. You think he'd be more well known since he's the son of two legendary guardians. And it definitely isn't like her to just embark on a potentially life-threatening journey without saying goodbye to her child, or anybody else for that matter. Unless Wakka stayed behind for some reason.

Maybe Nojima forgot about him or isn't important enough to include him. But then again in X-2, half of the story arc in Besaid revolved around Wakka going to be a father, and Vidina is even seen in the Good Ending.
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