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Re: The Audio Drama: Final Fantasy X -Will-
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2014, 07:40:44 pm »
Do you guys think Square is even going to mention sex in X-3? I highly doubt it. It took them years to get two of their main characters just to kiss. Square has always purposely stayed away from anything of that nature. These novels with explicit material apparently come out all the time in Japan but most of the content is ignored in the actual games. I don't see the sex-fayth method being mentioned in X-3 at all, never mind them making a plot point about Yuna sleeping with Kurugum. I guess you can argue this can happen off screen but that means they would have to explain it at some point and I don't think they'll even do that outside the novel.

Well, to be fair, it is mostly conjecture and shoddy translation work at this point.

I wouldn't doubt it, though.
It's implied Cloud and Tifa had sex in FFVII, and seeing how FFX is a darker story than most in the franchise, saddling it's story with more mature concepts isn't too out of place.

The sex-fayth theory leads to possible developments in the third game if it's made, though, which I believe is the main purpose, whether or not they actually go through with using it.