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Re: The Audio Drama: Final Fantasy X -Will-
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2014, 02:04:24 am »
You see, I'm hesitant to put up the classic canon method as being weaker because I'm not sure if that's for real or just inferencing based on the plot developments.

Nobody knows absolutely which methods are used for which, but we can assume the classic canon method was used for the pilgrimage fayth (excluding the final aeon), which are:
and Bahamut.

With that information, you can assume that since the final aeon is stronger than the pilgrimage fayth, the sex-fayth method must be a method that creates more powerful aeons.
However, people took these assumptions to the level that every final aeon was made with the sex-fayth method, which may or may not be true. All we know for sure is that in one case a millennium ago, a summoner had sex with another summoner to spare her beloved guardian the fate of a classical canon method's fayth.

Until we get information that links the sex-fayth method with that which makes the final aeon in more than one case, we'll say the sex-fayth method is an isolated, although perpetually optional, method.