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Re: The Audio Drama: Final Fantasy X -Will-
« on: January 02, 2014, 12:58:09 am »
They're going to stress the tragic romance of this couple until the very end.
Looks like I'd have to deal with possible inevitable NTR in this game  :-X

So if the Final summoning actually uses the sex-fayth ritual then:

1)Jecht and Braska must've done it.
2)Isaaru, Maroda and Pacce were planning to defeat Sin by using the Final summoning and they're... siblings (luckily they quit halfway though).
3)Lulu and Lady Ginnem were on a pilgrimage but unfortunately couldn't make it.

Yunalesca never mentioned sex (understably, T-rated game), only Summoners have to sacrifice one of their Guardians to get the Final Aeon, unless the word sacrifice is actually an euphemism for the word sex.   :-\

Issues of homosexuality, incest and pedophilia are involved here. These issues may or may not land SE in hot water, remember how people were  making a big deal out of X-2 because of their skimpy outfits surely you jest as if X-2 is the only game to feature characters wearing skimpy outfits? Can't imagine X-3.

Well, that adds another question to the plot direction of X-3